One of my favorite words: rummage. As in rummage sale.

After I took Simon to school yesterday morning I noticed a sign...Rummage Sale 9am. Be still my beating heart. I zoomed home. Said, "Mom. Rummage Sale 9am." The time was 8:50am. Always a willing participant and co-rummager, she grabbed her coat and we were headed towards our destiny.

This particular Rummage Sale was at a church. Those are always goodies. We walked in and I could feel it was going to be fruitful. And what to my wondering eyes should appear?

Remember this drawing? My new dream for my studio?

Dreamstudio_2A chest of drawers. With a $7.50 price tag. No joke. No kidding. $7.50.

I was telling the people there that I loved them.

It is old. It has character. Nicks and scratches and dings. Someone used to put things in there. Someone built it. It is damn cool.

Found a few other treasures: a wood lazy susan-thing that is now sitting on my table, four very large (like Costco size) glass jars at $.75 a piece - now holding ribbon of course, and a couple other things. Oh yea, and three FREE little goodies: a bottle opener (classic keyhole shape), a cheese cutter with a very taught wire, and a "thing" that creates the cool edge on pies - also cool to use in stamping.

Grand total for this rummage adventure: $14.00.

And here, my friends, is the beginning of my dream studio:

Chest_1 My plan is to use this to house things such as my mounted stamps and create drawers for different manufacturers. I am always trying to find a better way to organize my stuff. And simplify as much is possible for someone who creates.

My goal is to get rid of any plastic containers I have and move to an "all-oldie-&-goodie" system of containment and organization. This has been a slow process. But fun. Picking up things here and there. I have lots of cool wire things - like the container you see here. Found that for free last summer at an estate sale out in the country.

And of course, we will be moving here soon when the house sells. Then the process will begin again of finding a home with a space for me and all my stuff. My treasures.

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