Artjournal_weektworiskThis is really good for me. This something different. This expression. This possibility.

Just a bit about how I put this together. I started off using oil
pastels on canvas paper for the background. Using Golden Matte Medium
(per Claudine Hellmuth’s book, Collage Discovery Workshop), I adhered
the canvas to my book and then brushed another coat on top. This mixed
up the colors on the background – making it muddier than was my
intention, but I went with it.

Next I added on some Texture
Magic dimensional paint with a black “thing” – I have no idea what it
is called – that comes in the Making Memories distressing kit. It is
what created the ridges in the yellow dimensional paint.

Everything else is pretty much either rub-ons (from Foofala)
or scraps of paper collaged on with the matte medium. It makes such a
great surface to write on once it is dry. For the pieces of paper I
brushed the medium on first, let it dry, and then wrote on top. Worked
like a charm. The numbers going down the side is ribbon from Rachel.

thoughts on the topic of risk center around the theme of going deeper in a variety
of aspects in my life…taking risks to take things to the next level. Living more. Getting off auto-.jpglot. Allowing myself to let go. And to feel. And to be healthy.

Not to late to join in on the Art Journal Challenge if you are feeling so inclined. Maybe it would be a risk for you...maybe it is your time...

Also, someone asked the other day about what photo program I am using - that would be Photoshop 7. Photoshop CS2 is the latest edition of the professional image editing program. If you are looking for a good general program, check out Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.

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