Looking back.


Working on organizing things in the studio again today. In particular, photos that are out of place. I have piles around here. One of the biggest advantages of digital is that I have no piles of photos. Only disks and a notebook with the contact sheets. A happy maker.

My other photos from pre-digital are kept in their envelopes in linen photo boxes from Target by year (or half year for 2004). I took all the negatives out and store them, along with the Costco proof sheet, in small photo notebooks (hold 2, 4x6 per page) also from Target. This makes easy reference when I want to go back and either use the photo or have an enlargement made from the negative.

On my to-do list today is to burn my current photos to disk. Not so much the fun task...but oh so smart. I am also going to burn my iTunes playlist as well...if you lose your music it is gone. No love from iTunes if you have computer problems. Put it on your to-do list NOW.

Going through photos today I came across this gem of Simon at the beach in the summer of 2003. This is one of my all-time favorites. Many of my favorites have come from the beach...something about the light and the magic of being in that element. This one in particular really captured a moment. And the shadows complete the story...almost foreshadowing the boy he is becoming. Cool.

Off to burn :).

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  1. Rita

    2005-05-15 11:02:40 -0400

    I love looking back at pictures of Miss M when she was a baby. I can't believe how time flies, those moments still feel like yesterday (which is great because that means my memory is still intact). I need to burn the pre digital photo days soon too. Such a long process but at the same time vital. I don't know what I would do if I lost everything.
    Great picture of Simon. Very cool.

  2. Shelley Rankin

    2005-05-15 11:18:11 -0400

    holy cow do you sound organized with your pictures. But I expected no less! I need to get at mine so bad and since I have gotten my digital it is simply overwhelming. A "contact sheet"! Now that makes alot of sense! :)
    Love that picture of Simon! So great!

  3. Angelique

    2005-05-15 11:47:24 -0400

    I have been doing the same thing today- going through and organizing new and old photos. I have them in boxes, books, envelopes, etc- so I decided to get better organized and put them at least in two locations instead of 10. I bought the new photo storage boxes from creative memories and it is great. It holds like 2500 pictures. (even 5x7 size fits), and it has an easy to travel solution too (for crops). So, now i have 1/3 of them in that and i need to buy another one. Plus i keep the most recent in photo books for people to enjoy around the house. I love the selection of books at Target!
    Looking through the photos today brought back so many great memories- and WOW how they grow up SO FAST! It sort of makes me a little sad how fast the time has gone by.
    Have a great rest of the day!

  4. Trina

    2005-05-15 11:51:55 -0400

    I'm with you on the backing up of photos....I learned the hard way when we first got our digital. We hadn't backed up our photos yet and then our computer crashed and we lost over 500 photos! Still chokes me up just thinking about it! It's a mistake I will never make again, let me tell you.
    Love those beach photos, too. Growing up at the beach in sunny So. California, they have a special place in my heart. There's just something about the sand, the sound of the ocean, and the endless horizon that I just love. It will always have a special hold on me and I cannot wait until we are back there for good. I miss the beach and all that come with it....
    Love the photo of Simon....priceless!

  5. Danielle Côté

    2005-05-15 12:14:26 -0400

    This photo of Simon on the beach is just AWESOME ! I love the play of light and shadows. Just beautiful !

  6. shannon montez

    2005-05-15 12:33:02 -0400

    Cool photo, but your point of the shadow being a foreshadow of future Simon...WAY cool.

  7. cathy

    2005-05-15 12:57:45 -0400

    man ali... i so need to back up iTunes and my photos. I got caught up with my digital back up through december. I've never backed up iTunes. I have 195 songs that i've purchased through iTunes. I should definitely back up.
    thanks for the reminder!

  8. missy s

    2005-05-15 13:03:38 -0400

    thanks for the reminder..just burned my photos and it took only a few minutes..
    have you tired senuti to backup your ipod? you can google it and get the downloads, they are free. but i think it is more if your ipod breaks then the computer

  9. Amy

    2005-05-15 14:23:40 -0400

    thanks for the tid bit about Itunes... I just got an ipod for mother's day and had no idea ;) THANKS!

  10. Vicki O

    2005-05-15 14:54:51 -0400

    That is great advice. I really need to back up my photos. thanks for the reminder.

  11. joy madison

    2005-05-15 20:52:15 -0400

    do you print your own contact sheets for your CD's or do you get them done somewhere? We got a Nikon D70 in Nov and have more than 3500 pics already....that's a lot of contact sheets!

  12. KimP

    2005-05-16 04:10:15 -0400

    I really want a new scanner so I can digitize my slides and negatives... Thanks for the organizational tips - I can always use reminders.
    Love that beach photo of Simon too!

  13. Molly

    2005-05-16 10:50:51 -0400

    What a great photo of Simon! I am reorganizing today, too! Fun stuff I tell ya!

  14. Amy J.

    2005-05-16 14:19:22 -0400

    I'm with you on the digi-photo burning. I burn mine once a month--previous month's worth all onto one cd. I've learned from experience that even though you can put a LOT of photos on a cd, waiting for so many to load at the photo kiosk at Kits, Costco, or wherever can be mind numbing--especially with a child in tow--not to mention the dirty looks from those in line behind you. Just my two cents if you're just starting in on this process.
    One other thing--my dh bought me a firesafe for to store all our negatives & photo cds too. (Good man!) Something to think about--if your photos and negs are together and something happens...well, you know. (Don't mean to be a pessimist--but my dad's a retired fire fighter!) And look at it this way, sometimes there's comfort to be found in the mundane have-to-do stuff. :)

  15. Melissa

    2005-05-16 16:06:12 -0400

    Love the beach shot of Simon - cool pic - I am a big fan of beach pics, too.

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