Looking back.


Working on organizing things in the studio again today. In particular, photos that are out of place. I have piles around here. One of the biggest advantages of digital is that I have no piles of photos. Only disks and a notebook with the contact sheets. A happy maker.

My other photos from pre-digital are kept in their envelopes in linen photo boxes from Target by year (or half year for 2004). I took all the negatives out and store them, along with the Costco proof sheet, in small photo notebooks (hold 2, 4x6 per page) also from Target. This makes easy reference when I want to go back and either use the photo or have an enlargement made from the negative.

On my to-do list today is to burn my current photos to disk. Not so much the fun task...but oh so smart. I am also going to burn my iTunes playlist as well...if you lose your music it is gone. No love from iTunes if you have computer problems. Put it on your to-do list NOW.

Going through photos today I came across this gem of Simon at the beach in the summer of 2003. This is one of my all-time favorites. Many of my favorites have come from the beach...something about the light and the magic of being in that element. This one in particular really captured a moment. And the shadows complete the story...almost foreshadowing the boy he is becoming. Cool.

Off to burn :).

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