"Spiritually Awake."

From Everyday Simplicity: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Growth by Robert J. Wicks:

Spiritual Tenet 2: Stay "spiritually awake"

This means avoid having expectations of what should happen in your life. Instead open your eyes and let yourself be surprised by all of life. Such a discipline takes practice. Every morning make a vow to stay awake and remind yourself several times during the day to pay attention to "the now."

This is a great little spiritual book I picked up a couple years ago and have reread a couple times when the time was right. It is cool because you can read just a bit here and there and be touched and inspired to make some adjustments in your attitude and find your true self "in the midst of all the craziness."

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  1. melanie

    2005-05-17 09:35:08 -0400

    ...find your true self "in the midst of all the craziness." so needed that reminder.

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  2. Kate

    2005-05-17 09:37:34 -0400

    Wonderful quote for today Ali- hits home!! Thanks!

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  3. kristi

    2005-05-17 09:40:35 -0400

    The Preciuos Perfect Moment. Right Now.

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  4. Rachel

    2005-05-17 09:45:34 -0400

    I so need to 'awaken' my spiritual life. good quote!

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  5. Robyn

    2005-05-17 10:00:00 -0400

    Thanks for sharing Ali...great quote!

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  6. emily ruth

    2005-05-17 10:20:12 -0400

    i love "let yourself be surprised by all of life"...super cool...thanks...

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  7. Deb

    2005-05-17 13:38:11 -0400

    I am also very much into simplicity and I think you would enjoy Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It is something to think about for each day. Thanks for inspiring me.

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  8. Felecia

    2005-05-17 15:01:22 -0400

    This is a yummy little tidbit! THANKS!!!

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  9. cathy

    2005-05-17 16:52:33 -0400

    Can i still take naps? because that would give me the chance to wake up and make the vow twice? huh? oh yeah baby!

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  10. maureen

    2005-05-17 23:57:56 -0400

    speaks to my heart right now....love that!

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  11. Leslie

    2005-05-18 02:08:22 -0400

    Ooh, that quote is very "in line" with things going on in my life right now. Thanks for sharing. It is a great reminder!

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  12. Melissa C

    2005-05-18 03:16:43 -0400

    This is just wonderful, Ali...thanks for such great inspiration.

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  13. shannon montez

    2005-05-18 05:21:27 -0400

    very cool quote. So true.

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  14. Heather

    2005-05-23 16:44:22 -0400

    That is a fantastic quote! Will have to look up that book! ;)

    * edited 08/11/14 11:16AM
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