we are here


                                                            we are here
                                                            we are going there
                                                            where is here or there
                                                            where your heart is
                                                            in the moment here
                                                            or there
                                                            on the road again
                                                            here or there
                                                            and neither
                                                            there nor here
                                                            yesterday and today
                                                            where the heart is
                                                            do you know
0160;     here or there
                                                            there or here
                                                            where the heart is
                                                            should be
                                                            together in the middle
                                                            passing here
                                                            going there
                                                            where the heart is
                                                            take me

Main rectangle content created in Photoshop and printed on a transparency (including type, images, handwriting). Additional items placed under transparency. Paint and ink around edges.

33 thoughts

  1. tt

    2005-05-25 01:41:48 -0400

    Wow, Ali! Your art journal is so inspirational! You are SUCH an artist! (Love the new look to your home page, too--very cool stuff.)
    (to access my blog...Username: monkey Password: wagon )

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  2. Rosemary

    2005-05-25 02:46:18 -0400

    Methinks you and art journaling are a natural fit.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  3. julie

    2005-05-25 02:47:04 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    I love your layout....
    But, I'm writing because I just saw a cover piece on Autism at sfgate.com. It's the San Francisco Chronicle site. I haven't read it yet... but, I wanted to get it to you in case it is of help or interest.
    Take care, God bless,
    P.S. I'm just a lurker, but I love to visit.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  4. heidi

    2005-05-25 03:28:19 -0400

    your pages in your journal are unbelievable...I love to look at them...makes me want to kick myself for not joining the clas...

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  5. carie

    2005-05-25 03:32:24 -0400

    BRAVO!!! I am getting so inspired by you girl! Thank you so much! You have opened up a whole new art form for me that my soul is celebrating! I had my coffee this morning while looking quietly through Sabrina Ward Harrisons
    "Spilling Open" and feel so inspired by her art and found her site which was amazing
    www.sabrinawardharrison.com and then to see your blog this morning! So exciting!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  6. renee

    2005-05-25 03:33:28 -0400

    very expressive, ali. i can see your sense of creative freedom growing with every journal page you complete. bravo!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  7. RobynL

    2005-05-25 04:12:42 -0400

    wow, such a feeling of letting go here. Really speaks to where i am right now too.thanks:)

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  8. jessica m

    2005-05-25 04:14:29 -0400

    Love this. Love the train of thoughts I can follow that you are thinking.
    Love YOU!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  9. Melanie

    2005-05-25 04:33:19 -0400

    I think is my favorite of all the journal entries you have posted so far. The stream of thoughts reminds me of a poem. Love the type font, handwriting, and image mix too!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  10. kristi

    2005-05-25 05:10:08 -0400

    Fabulous! I like your interpretation of the prompt... I think I am deciding NOT to do this week's challenge b/c my thoughts of home are so conflicting and "non-homey".

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  11. emily ruth

    2005-05-25 05:10:56 -0400

    so great...love 'together in the middle'...love it...

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  12. Marcy

    2005-05-25 05:13:46 -0400

    This journal page really touched me.
    It really speaks everything that you have been writing about lately in your blog - Simon and doing the best for him, loving SLC and thinking of moving there, and most importantly...finding quiet space that belongs to you.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  13. Angela

    2005-05-25 05:31:09 -0400

    Love, love, love this...thanks for inspiring me to create again. It's been so hectic this week. You remind to slow down and take it all in...

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  14. Jenny L.

    2005-05-25 05:46:48 -0400

    Beautiful, Ali!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  15. Chris

    2005-05-25 05:47:00 -0400

    Holy smokes that's good! Especially the poetry.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  16. beth

    2005-05-25 06:14:54 -0400

    You have so inspired me to go right home from work and get started on my AJ Challenge!! Your interpretation is beyond awesome!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  17. Tina

    2005-05-25 06:16:57 -0400

    Love this. Reminds me of a page I did for your book. I remember what I wrote. Home is where the people that you love, live.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  18. Gina

    2005-05-25 07:20:18 -0400

    Hey, Ali,
    Check out SFGate.com today. There is an article about a 3-year-old autistic boy who appears to have been cured through chelation therapy. I'm always thinking of you, C and S.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  19. Jen

    2005-05-25 07:48:22 -0400

    Ali, I just love your art journal entries. You have such a way with words - in addition, of course, to your stunning visual creations. Thank you for sharing. -Jen

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  20. Brek

    2005-05-25 09:09:50 -0400


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  21. cathy

    2005-05-25 09:10:45 -0400

    man...i suppose i should start getting back on track with this art journal, huh?

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  22. Kelli S.

    2005-05-25 10:23:45 -0400

    Love this one! Have to say it's my favorite also, and not just because I can SO relate (moving in about a month). Cool that Chris checked in. Has to be nice to get that "wow" comment from someone who sees your work on a regular basis.
    That's it...I'm signing up for Shimelle's course, even though it'll have to wait a couple more weeks. I've actually been pondering it for a while now (Collage Discovery Workshop and Artists Journals and Sketchbooks ordered and as of today on their way!) So Heidi, it's not too late!
    As an aside...go Bo Bice!!!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  23. jennifer

    2005-05-25 12:43:41 -0400

    in my next life, i want to be you. you are too cool.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
  24. Kim

    2005-05-28 15:02:49 -0400


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  25. Angelique

    2005-05-29 11:20:56 -0400

    I love this!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:15AM
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