Bringing the inside out.


This is so much of what it is all about for me. Bringing the inside out. Losing it enough to let it out from the inside. Even the everyday stuff.

Donna and I had a good joke going last weekend that she is the outside and I am the inside. We want to do a class someday where she creates the exterior and I create the interior of an album. She thinks I am deep. I think I am just me. Whatever the heck that means.

This page here is an example of how I work to get myself out of a rut. I play. I needed to just do. I make myself make something. Even if it feels yuck and I think it sucks. Even if it is so not coming together. I keep at it. Screwing with it until something comes out. Whatever it is that needs to get out so that I can move forward.

Tonight it began with the idea of do. It morphed from there. The stream-of-consciousness journaling along the bottom:

Sometimes I think I forget how to create. How to just be me. TO get off the computer and just play. Freakin' play. I see so much. I have so much to say. So much about just bringing the inside out. Come out come out wherever you are. Where are you? Inside waiting. And percolating. Jamming to internal tunes. On the inside. I am going to draw you out. Bring it home. On the outside. Front and center.

And so it goes. I feel better. Like I did get something out. And now I can move on to the next.

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  1. Kristin

    2005-07-27 04:33:34 -0400

    I just had to laugh at the "freakin play!" text on the layout! That definitely sounds like the words that go on in my head!

  2. Jen G

    2005-07-27 04:50:12 -0400

    Great lo, Ali. Sometimes a kick in the pants in the right move -- "freakin' play" is right!

  3. Kristi the Fashionista Effer

    2005-07-27 04:59:41 -0400

    This is good stuff...letting it all come out. Spilling. And can I just state for the record, I am SO SO happy that you said "freakin" cause it restores my faith in the scrapping world...not all scrappers are uptight and fake. Whew!! I was nervous for a minute.

  4. Jill S.

    2005-07-27 05:05:13 -0400

    Simply beautiful Ali. And BTW - when you and Donna decide to do the Inside/Out class (hopefully on the West Coast :) , sign me up. I'll be the first to support your endeavor. Hopefully today you're taking a rest in the beautiful sunshine to prepare yourself for the travels to come. Time for YOU.

  5. Shelley

    2005-07-27 05:22:33 -0400

    Just exactly where I feel I need to go. Searching inward, and then letting it spill out. Haven't connected lately with that "deep" part of me, my creative side. Great that you can go there and find that place.

  6. jessica m

    2005-07-27 06:03:29 -0400

    Love you Ali!
    Love your ideas.
    Love your thoughts.
    Love your creativity.
    Love your growth.
    Love your self insights.
    Love YOU!

  7. Jenny L.

    2005-07-27 06:10:31 -0400

    So cool Ali!

  8. Nicole

    2005-07-27 07:30:55 -0400

    very cool! love your thought process and your art ;)

  9. Melanie

    2005-07-27 08:12:30 -0400

    Bring the inside out... what a great way to describe this concept! I'm always thinking about how I can get in "there," into those thoughts, that creativity! Very cool indeed!

  10. Jackie

    2005-07-27 08:18:11 -0400

    It is amazing to read the comments to this post. Amazing to see the sense of connection that can be developed in this forum. Amazing to know that there are so many women sharing the same feelings. Thanks for always telling it like it is.

  11. melissa (momteacherwriter)

    2005-07-27 08:23:06 -0400

    You are so incredible, Ali!
    This page is epitomizes my feelings at the moment.
    Sometimes, I just need to stop worrying about
    everything being perfect and just CREATE!
    Thanks for your constant inspiration!

  12. Jessica K

    2005-07-27 08:27:50 -0400

    Just heard you (just caught the end - urgh!) on Diva Talk Live and I can't wait for the next book! You're right, your voice does sound deeper than one would think. Ok, I'm off to find the show in the archives now...

  13. Deanna B.

    2005-07-27 09:01:59 -0400

    Just got through listening to you on Diva Talk...
    It was good to hear you. :)

  14. Jenny L.

    2005-07-27 10:08:22 -0400

    Hey Ali. I just heard you. I sent an email to you, but I'm doutful that it went through. Anyways, I loved your tips! So true, and you totally sounded like I thought you would, very down to earth. A new book from you?! I'm just too excited-WooHoo! You rock.

  15. Dee

    2005-07-27 10:21:33 -0400

    This is just so inspiring. I need a bit of inspiration this week. Im working on OVERLOAD!!
    thanks for sharing with us!

  16. donna

    2005-07-27 11:30:02 -0400

    YOU...complete ME!!!
    love u

  17. May

    2005-07-27 12:04:43 -0400

    OH YEAH!!!! So rockin. This is what I am working on now. Getting the inside to show on the outside. Thank you {again} for inspiring me.

  18. Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

    2005-07-27 12:23:29 -0400

    She may be kind of goofy but that Donna chick is pretty wise too. ;) She knows what she's talking about.

  19. Krista Goodwin

    2005-07-27 13:06:37 -0400

    Awesome page, Ali! It may seem deep, but it is nice to know that there is something deep and centered in you...

  20. Lisa Martin

    2005-07-27 13:50:27 -0400

    Your voice sounded just like I thought it would!!

  21. candi

    2005-07-27 14:04:19 -0400

    love this...I can so relate!
    love your stuff!

  22. Sherry

    2005-07-27 14:08:33 -0400

    Oh WOW! This totally blew me away!!! Is this for your art journal class? Are those flower rubons or stamps? This is just too cool!!! GREAT JOB!
    And yes, you and Donna should do a book together!

  23. Lisa H.

    2005-07-27 15:31:41 -0400

    This rocks! Totally how I'm feeling today. TFS.

  24. Crystal

    2005-07-28 12:55:04 -0400

    Great use of the HS mask! I used mine with acrylic paint, but it has edges. What did you use, so it dosen't have the edges just the image?

  25. Linda

    2005-07-29 00:06:27 -0400

    Wow...this one defintely hit it with me.
    Freakin' play! - Love it!!!
    You do play so well!

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