Bringing the inside out.


This is so much of what it is all about for me. Bringing the inside out. Losing it enough to let it out from the inside. Even the everyday stuff.

Donna and I had a good joke going last weekend that she is the outside and I am the inside. We want to do a class someday where she creates the exterior and I create the interior of an album. She thinks I am deep. I think I am just me. Whatever the heck that means.

This page here is an example of how I work to get myself out of a rut. I play. I needed to just do. I make myself make something. Even if it feels yuck and I think it sucks. Even if it is so not coming together. I keep at it. Screwing with it until something comes out. Whatever it is that needs to get out so that I can move forward.

Tonight it began with the idea of do. It morphed from there. The stream-of-consciousness journaling along the bottom:

Sometimes I think I forget how to create. How to just be me. TO get off the computer and just play. Freakin' play. I see so much. I have so much to say. So much about just bringing the inside out. Come out come out wherever you are. Where are you? Inside waiting. And percolating. Jamming to internal tunes. On the inside. I am going to draw you out. Bring it home. On the outside. Front and center.

And so it goes. I feel better. Like I did get something out. And now I can move on to the next.

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