Standup_1 Had a bit of time tonight to play with my art journal. It has been neglected as I travel and work on other, more linear, projects for the magazine.

Man, this medium is addicting. I love it. Sometimes I want to live it. I love the sense of play and experimentation and just slap-that-down-
there-and-go-for-it. I also love the layers. The depth of meaning that is translated through all the "stuff" mixed onto the page. Or, it can mean nothing at all. Existing for the pure joy of play. Cool.

This page was assigned to begin with the word stand - and where I went from there was up to me.

Journaling: In the face of everything we get up each day and put one foot in front of the other. Standing up and moving forward...just moving at whatever our pace. It is simply in the standing up that we survive. In the midst of it all...we stand. We may feel like crawling. And yet, we stand. One foot in front of the other. Moving. Going. Maybe just standing still. Such is the life we encounter. The process of getting up, standing, moving forward.

It may be awhile before I can do another page. But I love that it is there. Waiting for me.

And I just have to say thanks again to Shimelle for putting together this amazing art journal adventure. Not sure you will ever truly know the impact this has made on my own journey. Hope our paths cross in person one of these days.

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