That dare...

that I mentioned yesterday : so cool. It was all about sexy. And that we are all sexy. And empowering women to embrace what is sexy about themselves.

I think these kinds of pages are a cool representation of who we are, how we feel, who we want to be, etc. Taking a closer look at myself always opens me up to the next thing...something that is just waiting out there to come on in...or something that is already in there just waiting to come out.

So I did a page: about what I think is sexy. Some of the things are within me: following my passion, motherhood, embracing imperfection. Some of them I want to posess or work towards or focus on: peace, contemplation, taking it to the next level. Some of them just make me feel sexy: ripped jeans, green olives, sharing laughter.

Someone asked recently if I ever get to do pages just for is one just for me.

I totally encourage you guys to take this one on yourselves.


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