And more creating...

told you I was in the mood today.

Here is what I put together for my Christmas Art Journal cover and first page. I am going to use this as a daily record of the holiday and then use the other one I already put together (with the circles) for the great photos to come...


For the first page I painted a small film reel and attached it using ribbon. Added in some Basic Grey ribbon and some KI accents. The little tree stamp in the bottom will be repeated each day as a way to unite the whole book together.




58 thoughts

  1. joanna

    2005-12-01 16:49:57 -0500

    That little tree stamp is adorable!!

  2. vivian

    2005-12-01 17:25:33 -0500

    genius! that tree made me giggle - so so cute!

  3. LisaG

    2005-12-01 18:05:27 -0500

    Ali, this totally knocked my socks off. The cover is absolutely stunning. I love it all! WoW

  4. Donna

    2005-12-01 19:06:24 -0500

    Wow Ali, that looks amazing. I love everything you do - I just want to copy it all!!! Is the green christmas art journal album another Heidi Swapp album? I love the cover photo and that tree stamp - just gorgeous! Where did you get a mini film reel?

  5. Ines

    2005-12-01 22:29:49 -0500

    Ali, your work is not from this world! Stunning!

  6. Flo

    2005-12-01 23:14:47 -0500

    so cool!!!!

  7. Megan

    2005-12-02 00:47:32 -0500

    Amazing is all I can say! You are so talented - your ideas are so inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing - makes me want to get creating a Christmas journal of my own! :)

  8. steph

    2005-12-02 01:14:59 -0500

    Ali... This is just SO fabulous! Love it!

  9. traci

    2005-12-02 01:17:14 -0500

    Just amazing, Ali! You rock!!

  10. marie cox

    2005-12-02 02:08:56 -0500

    a freaking film reel???? i love damn creative.

  11. Lu

    2005-12-02 02:49:35 -0500

    That is so damn cute!!

  12. JennyRebecca

    2005-12-02 02:53:35 -0500

    Oh that is so wonderful! I didn't think about numbering each of my pages, I might have to sorta scraplift that repeated pattern idea with a different stamp or something...hmmmm...
    Thanks so much for posting about the Christmas Journal class in your blog Ali, I never would've found it otherwise!

  13. cindy

    2005-12-02 02:54:07 -0500

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it ALL!!! You are SO amazing!! The little "made by" at the bottom of the that a stamp or rub on?? Thank you SO much for sharing all of your work. It is truly inspiring!! ps. LOVE your stuff in the gallery this month. It is SO great to see you posting!!

  14. sarah

    2005-12-02 03:34:36 -0500

    Ali! How freakin' cool are you! That is just so amazing...creative, inspiring...just freakin' cool! I just wanna come create stuff with you, even just watch you create...I only live 45min away, ya know! ;)

  15. Jenn N

    2005-12-02 03:55:18 -0500

    I am just lovin the direction your work is going in lately - LOVE IT! I am so happy to see that scrapbooking is really taking off in to a more "altered" and...I'll say "artsy" type of style. Thank you for bringing this to people as you definitely have a great influence on many!
    Keep posting the journal - it's so awesome!
    Jenn N

  16. Susan

    2005-12-02 04:25:56 -0500

    Your Christmas Art Journal idea is wonderful - and the cover is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your life so openly with everyone. You are an inspiration!

  17. margie

    2005-12-02 05:07:31 -0500

    Girl, your work like you... is Awesome...Thoughtful...Simple...Real...LOVE!
    I look forward to peeking in each day!
    kiss kiss

  18. Rebecca Cooper

    2005-12-02 05:26:41 -0500

    Wow! So amazing!

  19. mary

    2005-12-02 05:57:17 -0500

    this is totally incredible ali! love the way your creative mind works. girl you are just so awesome! m~

  20. tania willis

    2005-12-03 12:28:33 -0500

    your designs never cease to amaze me! thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration to so many ali!

  21. beth

    2005-12-06 10:07:01 -0500

    Your designs are just fabulicious!!! I definately live on the wrong coast - no film reels here! I'm so bummed I just might have to make my own!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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