Christmas Art Journal Day 4


One of my favorite products of the season are the Christmas ornaments from Basic Grey. You punch out a bunch of circles (that are already scored), glue them together, and you have these fabulous little ornaments. I put some together yesterday and got them up on our tree. So cool.

So as I was punching out the circles I was thinking...this packaging would be cool to use for something in this Christmas art journal. I put it aside and hoped that I would be able to make it work with the prompt for today. And yep, it worked. 

I took photos around the house yesterday and when we went to get the tree. Uploaded them, resized to 2x2, and adhered behind the Basic Grey packaging. Added on an "e" from a KI Memories alphabet soup can + my daily tree and I was good to go. And I can't forget the peace on earth stamp (also from Memory Box - I get my Memory Box stamps from Art House in Portland, Oregon).

There was a question in the comments yesterday about my other 2005 Christmas album. The circles I used for that book were punched out and simply adhered right onto the cardstock.

Other than playing and doing the tree thing yesterday we watched a great movie/documentary called Murderball last night. Don't be freaked by the title - it is totally worth a watch. Hoping to watch Born Into Brothels tonight.

Gotta get back to work on classes for next weekend in Indiana. Hoping to run into some snow there.

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