Christmas Art Journal Day 7

Thought about this one as I went about my day...kept coming back to the idea of a simple Christmas. In all aspects I want it to  be simple. Simple, loving gifts. Simple meal. Simply us together. I think I must just be really hungry for that right now.

I am off in the very early morning to Scrapbook Xanadu in Indianapolis - three days of classes at three stores. Looking forward to meeting lots of new people and hanging out at my friend Candi's house. Sushi and beer here I come.

And I hear it may just be snowing there.

No promises of new art journal pages while I am away from home. But you never know...


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  1. KimP

    2005-12-08 05:17:05 -0500

    LOVE this page - I like how yours is a cohesive project - mine is kind of all over the place style wise (working off prompts does that to me). I'm so with you on the simple Christmas idea - we really don't NEED so much STUFF. (even if we like opening it up)
    Have a great trip to Indy and wishing some snow for you :)

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  2. Jen

    2005-12-08 05:21:26 -0500

    wow..i love this..the simpicity is just beautiful!!
    sushi and beer....YUM!! lucky you!!
    i'm crossing my fingers for snow for you!!

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  3. Krista

    2005-12-08 06:15:50 -0500

    Yes...there is snow coming....LOTS of snow coming....
    We are expecting 4-7 inches in the Indianapolis area...your wish for snow has been granted courtesy of the crazy Midwest winters...have a safe flight and I will see you Sunday....I am sure that you are thrilled...LOL!
    Happy Travels....

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  4. Tammy

    2005-12-08 06:18:27 -0500

    Ali...I've so been enjoying your art journal about is so awesome! If I had more time I'd love to do it myself. I love the message of this page the best...I think I'm requiring this to...keeping it it!

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  5. Muriel

    2005-12-08 06:38:19 -0500

    It is so true that we must remember to keep it simple. I love your design. Can't wait to see more.

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  6. Becca

    2005-12-08 06:47:30 -0500

    Oh, Ali.
    May I learn from your example and be less about the 'stuff' next year (it's too late this year!) and more about the love.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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  7. Kim Goldman

    2005-12-08 06:55:39 -0500

    So excited...see you on Sun at the Greenwood Store. My birthday present to me , along with a few other goodies!
    It's snowing here now (Kentucky) but not much sticking, which didn't keep them from closing schools early.

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  8. Lisa Russell

    2005-12-08 07:18:35 -0500

    I love your daily Christmas journal pages! It is like my own personal advent calendar. Hope you can still post them while you are gone, but that is ok if you can't. lol. Tell Candi (if it is Candi G.) we miss her over at 2peas!

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  9. Megan

    2005-12-08 07:23:40 -0500

    Beautiful work Ali! I'm so amazed how you find time to do this every day! Just got my latest CK issue - LOVE the new Studio A article. I always enjoy seeing your work - so inspiring! :)

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  10. Jacoba

    2005-12-08 08:44:57 -0500

    Love the concept of a simple Christmas - seems to be so easy to get so caught up in things! Have a great trip - we'll miss your posts! J

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  11. emilyruth

    2005-12-08 09:25:34 -0500

    when i first read your journaling i thought it said "chill. be the tree" & i thought 'oh well, she's really wanting to commune with nature this year' then i realized it says 'chil BY the tree'...i guess that makes more sense:)...though on the really busy days you may find me closing my eyes & saying 'be the tree. be the tree':) your pages (as always:)...em

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  12. Kate

    2005-12-08 11:56:30 -0500

    I'm all over simple these days- so important. Makes life more about what is and not what you have. Love this page Ali!!

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  13. Stephanie

    2005-12-08 13:53:20 -0500

    well, it's snowed. a ton, it feels like. so you'll get your wish. ;) safe travels, and i hope that the hoosier hospitality lives up to its name. :D

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  14. Melane

    2005-12-08 15:05:36 -0500

    Wonderful Ali... love your simplicity !

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  15. marlo

    2005-12-08 16:50:38 -0500

    Great page!
    Have fun at Xanadu!! It's an awesome, awesome store. I think a few of my good friends will be there. I'm jealous I'm not.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:16AM
  16. Jennie

    2005-12-08 18:36:37 -0500

    Perfect timing to come to Indy if you're wanting snow! Hope your flight made it in usual 40-minute drive home from work took me 3.5 hours tonight! :-) See you Saturday!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:16AM
  17. erin

    2005-12-09 08:10:54 -0500

    ahhh, to have a life like yours ali! how wonderful... i totally aspire to do some of the things you're doing!!! hope to meet you some day, i hear you're a wonderful girl! maybe i'll get to see you at vegas cha...

    * edited 08/11/14 11:16AM
  18. Andrea W.

    2005-12-09 08:41:52 -0500

    I love the simple holidays - for a few years now we haven't been giving gifts to our children on the 25th - but on the 31st. The grandparents and aunties and uncles have always showered them with gifts ~ so our gift to them got losted in all the commotion. They also do a simple sibling gift exchange on the 31st, the children get so excited to spend New Year's with Mama and Dada! Sorry to ramble on, I'm just reminising!

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  19. Brianna

    2005-12-09 15:13:03 -0500

    Have fun! I so wish I could get inspired to scrapbook again.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:16AM
  20. anna louise bowkis

    2005-12-10 02:07:16 -0500

    this is looking absolutley gorgeous Ali, so wish I ahd signed up now, cant wait to see the next page
    anna x

    * edited 08/11/14 11:16AM
  21. Stevie

    2005-12-10 06:43:40 -0500

    I couldn't agree more with you! I love this album you're making too ~ thank you for inspiring us! Blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:16AM
  22. Juliette

    2005-12-11 01:06:14 -0500

    thank you for inspiring us! I love this album !! and i love come everyday to see the new pages in your Christmas albumm ! A small France hello, where it does not snow!!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:16AM
  23. Holly McCaig

    2005-12-12 12:15:44 -0500

    This is great Ali....gosh, I feel like such a sucker all behind! DANG! You inspire me girl!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:16AM
  24. patry Francis

    2005-12-13 05:23:08 -0500

    My soul is hungering for "simple" too. Have had far too much of overpriced, impersonal, forced, false and complicated. Give me simple, please!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:16AM

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