Christmas Art Journal Day Three

First off, I want snow!

Talked to my brother and sister-in-law last night (in Tacoma, WA) and they told me it snowed about 4 inches there yesterday. Tracy Kyle emailed me that she had snow too in BC.

I want snow. And not just a little bit. I want a ton.

Now, I love where I live in the Pacific Northwest. And there is snow about an hour east of here in the mountains. But all this Christmas talk is making me want it even more. I want to wake up and see that awesome white blanket and feel that sense of quiet and peacefulness that comes with all that white.

I know that many of you live in places in the world where it snows A LOT and you probably hate it - or dislike the inconvenience of it. But man, just send a little bit my way please...

Up early this morning and scrapping away. Also printing out all my blog entries for the last couple of months. And in a bit I am hoping to burn photos - behind on that too. And get our tree today. I wanted to get it the day after Thanksgiving but it just didn't work out right. So I am all over the tree thing today.



A little page to hold cards. And celebrate those cards. The red paper is from BoBunny Press and the background paper is from one of my favorite stores Paper Source. Wish there was one close to me. Top tab is from 7gypsies. And I am guessing that some of you have those poetry dog tags in your stash as well (click on that link and it will take you to Chronicle Books - notice they have 40% off everything there through December 4th - they have awesome stuff on that site).

I am planning to have the page next to this one (or more if needed) be a compilation of photos - similar to a page I did for Christmas 2004 (from Two Peas). Love seeing the big gathering of family and friends.


Hope everyone gets a chance to do something creative today!

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