Getting the chance to scrapbook and play the last couple days. It feels so darn good.

Just wanted to share my circle journal in a box. This is for an artsy circle journal I am participating in with some very creative ladies. I thought they needed a challenge. And rather than taking it "out of the box" I decided I would keep it "in the box."

Playartjournal_interiorThis box comes from a company called The Weathered Door. For this project I painted it with the color chocolate from Making Memories and added a bunch of rub ons and embossing and such on the cover. The cover also doubles as the sign-in location (I took photos last night before boxing it up - apologize for the interesting colors). 

The theme of the album box is play. The theme of the larger project is play as well (we are all about playing) so I simply wanted to repeat that idea here in the jounal. Inside the box are a bunch of blocks. The women are instructed to decorate the blocks in whatever manner they would like - as long as it relates to play in one way or another.

I can't wait to see how this looks when it returns home!

I also had the chance to finally do some pages again for the Creating Garden at Two Peas. The theme this month is fabric - I was totally loving using my sewing machine and pulling out what bits of fabric I have around here (which is not much). There are a TON of amazingly inspiring pages over there. Check them out.

Here are a few that I am particularly fond of this month:

from Cathy Blackstone
from Rhonda Bonifay
from Mary Grace Abuzman (the whole concept of doing dream pages is just fantastic)
from Marie Cox

And then this was my favorite of the ones I did...


That's it for now. Working on my first page for my Christmas journal and completing a couple other circle journal pages that are long overdue.

And answering emails that have been patiently waiting...

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