Self Portrait Tuesday (on Wednesday).


Over the last few months I have been observing Self Portrait Tuesday entries with interest. Love the idea. Love encouraging people to photograph themselves. To see themselves through the lens of their camera in so many different and creative ways.

The theme this month is Personal History. I think the idea of this theme finally pushed me over the edge into creating something. I have done quite a few scrapbook pages of myself as a child and a few which compare and contrast my life now and then. I am lucky that I have a lot of photos to look through, reflect on, and create with. Thank you Mom and Dad.

And obviously, I did not take either of these photos of myself. So I guess it sorta qualifies as self portrait. That's ok. I am enjoying the process.

As for my process, I brought the two photos together in Photoshop. I adjusted the opacity (so that you can see the younger photo of me beneath the recent one) and blended them together (so that there is not a hard edge between the two) with the selection tool by deleting one side of the "now" photo of me. I used a quote and a butterfly brushe that Rhonna created for Two Peas and a new font along the bottom called Two Peas Funky Doodles by Elsie. I manipulated the crown by rasterizing the type layer, removing the word queen, and adding in me. If you aren't familiar with Photoshop it probably sounds like a foreign language but it really is not too tough.

Looking forward to seeing more of these as they get linked up to the self portrait site.

And guys, really, thanks for all the comments on the post yesterday. Totally appreciate you guys connecting with me in regards to kids, eating out, expectations, etc.

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