Available Summer 2006.

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  1. PJ

    2006-03-16 06:44:19 -0500

    Congratulations on an -no doubt- awsome second book!! Enjoy the moment!!!

  2. Suzanne

    2006-03-16 06:55:43 -0500

    OMG! I'm SO excited about this!!!! Congrats! I can't wait to see it!

  3. anna louise bowkis

    2006-03-16 07:23:57 -0500

    oh how exciting!!!! well done Ali xx

  4. Kelli S.

    2006-03-16 07:31:03 -0500

    How exciting! So, is that just a cover shot, or do you have a full copy in your hands? Congrats!
    (...and my favorite banner is back!)

  5. laura buchanan

    2006-03-16 07:31:15 -0500

    i'm sure you get this all the time (and judging by the number of comments on this post, you probably won't even read mine), but i was so inspired by the cover of your book. i'd been wanting to do more with circles, patterned paper, and those word strips. and i had a great picture of my two kids that i wanted to display in my scrapspace. and your cover was the inspiration i needed to get started.
    here's my blog if you want to check it out.
    thanks for the inspiration!
    laura buchanan
    p.s. i was in your album track in stamford (the pregnant one).

  6. stephanie

    2006-03-16 07:36:16 -0500

    Very cool. :)

  7. Mirjam

    2006-03-16 07:36:47 -0500

    YESSSSS!!! I love it already!!!! Congratulations!!
    Hope you had fun to create this book!

  8. Shawnnita

    2006-03-16 08:12:19 -0500

    SWEET!!!!!! What's a girl got to do to get a signed copy????

  9. alexandra

    2006-03-16 08:50:55 -0500

    So looking forward to the book - summer just can't come soon enough!!
    I like the prior question about a signed copy - how cool would that be!!
    Best wishes,

  10. Renee

    2006-03-16 09:03:14 -0500

    super cool!!!! :-)

  11. kathy m

    2006-03-16 09:14:31 -0500

    COOL! I can't wait!
    Kathy M.

  12. Monique

    2006-03-16 09:42:17 -0500

    WHOOOOHOOOOOO! I cant wait! Congrats!!!!

  13. hera

    2006-03-16 09:59:14 -0500

    will you come back to Amsterdam and sign it for me please? Or Switzerland even better :-) major Congrats Ali!

  14. Kirsty

    2006-03-16 10:21:59 -0500

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  15. Nancy

    2006-03-16 10:52:02 -0500

    Super cool!!!! Can't wait. See you in Washington and in Maple Ridge and another autograph chick!

  16. AmyG

    2006-03-16 11:21:56 -0500

    very very cool!

  17. Candice

    2006-03-16 11:43:18 -0500

    TOTALLY have to get this one! Congrats, Ali!

  18. Elisabeth Costa

    2006-03-16 15:24:32 -0500

    So sorry this won't be out by May when I take one of your classes in Michigan!! I'll still get you to sign my first one though. The class will be my bday EXCITED!

  19. Sjoera

    2006-03-16 18:22:03 -0500

    Woohoo, very exciting! Congrats!!!

  20. karen

    2006-03-16 19:05:05 -0500

    Please please bring it to NZ for CC2006 in August so we (me, actually, I'm not so fussed about anyone else!! LOL) can have you sign copies of both your 'designers eye' books.
    So pretty, so inspirational!!

  21. Jen Johnston

    2006-03-17 02:54:54 -0500

    How exciting! Congratulations. I am patterened paper incapable, so I NEED you book. Can't wait!

  22. Ostrekofamily

    2006-03-20 05:25:02 -0500

    VERY COOL! I wish I could someday be creative enough to get published! I love these books and I cannot wait to see yours! Bravo!


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