Studio Friday : My Working Hands

I love Studio Friday.

I love that I can look on there, see the topic, take some photos, and then translate that directly into a layout. Taking these photos this morning took a matter of minutes. There, in those few little moments, I captured four big pieces of my story. Of the things I do everyday. The things I touch everyday. Parts of my own personal whole.

This is a layout we all need to do. A story we all need to tell.

Time to create.

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  1. Sarah Scott

    2006-04-14 07:31:10 -0400

    Wonderful photos! I do believe we have the same coffee cups! Mine are from a red set of dishes from Target.

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  2. Tracy L {Strong Enough}

    2006-04-14 07:51:42 -0400

    I love SF, too! I look forward to it every week. I really enjoying going to everyone's blog and checking out their interpretation of the theme. Yours is great! I LOVE your blog.

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  3. Katie

    2006-04-14 09:00:22 -0400

    Love the topic this week for Studio Friday... love your entry for this week... and love the red coffee cup. :)

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  4. Revlie

    2006-04-14 09:23:55 -0400

    Cool idea!! Let's get creative!

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  5. Linda J

    2006-04-14 10:21:26 -0400

    Such simple photos -- and they say so much. Thank you!

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  6. joy

    2006-04-14 11:35:38 -0400

    oh my gosh....your hands are so pretty!!!

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  7. ~michelle~

    2006-04-14 14:47:06 -0400

    Lovely story of your hands. LOVE the picture of you holding your son's hand!

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  8. island jen

    2006-04-14 15:16:22 -0400

    wow...this is so cool...are you going to share the final product!

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  9. sharon wisely

    2006-04-14 15:23:16 -0400

    I love the challenge of Studio Friday-super everyday photos!

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  10. Shelley

    2006-04-14 16:48:05 -0400

    Your yesterday's post about the Japanese dotliner....I have seen similar thing in Stampin' Up. It's called snail something. Works wonders!!!!
    Congrats on being promoted to Creative Editor. Looking forward to seeing the paths you take with your creations.

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  11. Whimspiration

    2006-04-14 17:37:15 -0400

    Simple elegance. Your images speak so clearly to my heart.

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  12. Chrissy Amport

    2006-04-14 17:58:28 -0400

    Just wondering why you picked the name Simon. I have a Simon(3) and haven't come across any other than yours.

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  13. nancy in ks

    2006-04-14 18:20:31 -0400

    BEAUTIful photos...gorgeous! ali...(here come the questions)
    - did you take these yourself with your left hand?
    - what kind of camera do you use?
    - what kind of photography training do you have? self taught?
    tutor? classes?
    - digital?
    - what editing program do you use?
    - in those photos of hands, natural light or flash?
    - ok, not 21, but this is enough...could you answer photography
    questions in a future blog?

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
  14. Barbara Zea

    2006-04-14 18:41:30 -0400

    Ali, *thanks* for being a life artist. You've motivated ME to become one. Instead of admiring everyone's work - I'm actually *doing* it. I'm participating. I am becoming a life artist. Thanks for the inspiration!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
  15. corinne delis

    2006-04-14 18:51:10 -0400

    ok I might get into those challenges because this is such a great idea, I just can see the lo you are going to make from it.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
  16. Tongue in Cheek

    2006-04-14 20:13:41 -0400

    holding of hands taht I like best, and this image is tender and sweet! Thanks for your comments to my blog and leading me here! I'll be back!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
  17. Gabi

    2006-04-15 01:10:38 -0400

    your photos are beautiful. They are of framing quality! They tell a story by themselves!
    All too often we forget to appreciate our most precious tools; our hands! We so SO MUCH with them yet give them little or no thought. I think today's entry for Studio Friday is a great tribute to recognise that which enables us to create! Have a great weekend! I look forward to next Friday's journey!!
    ~ Gabi

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
  18. Barb

    2006-04-15 03:38:41 -0400

    Another great idea. Thanks, Ali. Can't wait for next week's Dare!!!!!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
  19. justjohanna

    2006-04-15 03:39:18 -0400

    great photos that definitely tell a story - even before you scrap them.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
  20. Ann(i)e

    2006-04-15 05:03:57 -0400

    I could just gush on and on about how inspiring you your emphasis on scrapbooking real life, right now.....really I could gush but I won't....I know you answered all those questions from a few days ago and now I really want to throw another one in....
    What I am DIEING to know is...what kind of printer do you use?? I read in Studio A last month about your photo wonder what kind of printer you feel comfortable printing your photos on (I am so scared that my computer printed photos will fade and deteriorate....too scared to scrap with them.)

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
  21. Kate

    2006-04-15 07:39:45 -0400

    Love your STUDIO @ this month -- and especially love the journaling stamp you used in the TOTALLY HAPPY layout. I spent 45 minutes trying to find one online with no luck. Do you know where I can purchase a Wendi Speciale Design journaling stamp like yours? It's not available on her website.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
  22. Hanna

    2006-04-15 09:59:43 -0400

    that is just so very true, a layout we all need to do. i will do mine later on, when easter is over perhaps. love your photos, they are beautiful

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
  23. Karin

    2006-04-16 07:32:21 -0400

    Cool pictures of your working hands.
    { Karin }

    * edited 08/11/14 11:17AM
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