The space I am in.


A sweet person sent me an email yesterday with a reminder request to show some photos of the place in which I spend the most amount of time. My studio space in this place is off the kitchen - a nice open area where I can go back and forth between the kitchen, the laundry room, and my art. What could be better?

Sometimes my dream is to have a little building right off the side of our house where I walk through a great little garden to get to my in hand...tons of windows...a big comfy chair...and lots and lots of room to create. And then, I remember that one of the things I love about my space here (and in my last house) is that even when I am in my space I am still a part of the inner-workings of our home. I am in the middle of the action, I can see and hear Simon playing, Chris working, etc. I like being not too far away from them.

Right now I am in into open storage, meaning I can see what I have and things are contained within a home. Hence, tons of baskets. Remember this post? That was back when I wanted everything to be hidden away. That is one of the things about is ok to change our minds. And evolve. And go back and forth. I still love the look of all those chests lined up along the wall, but for now, for me, it just doesn't work.


One of the recent additions to my space is a big blue wood table I found at Goodwill. Every day when I go to pick up Simon I have to drive by this store. And every day I take a driving risk by staring over there to see what they have lined up outside. There is always some piece of furniture tempting me to come on over. Last week the temptation was just too much. Paid the $40. Brought it home and it immediately became home to piles.


This space has a nice little corner closet that is working great for storing class stuff. We took the door off and that made a big difference in being able to easily get in and out of that corner. My big tall paper storage is from Display Dynamics. I love that paper holder. And see that cool framed piece there above the paper holder? That is my first original art purchase. And I love it. Created by Melanie Komisarski at Navylane Studio .


My computer desk. My Mac. My kleenex. My coffee.


And the top of my scrap table right now. Always something brewing. Today I am percolating on Studio A for August.


So there you have it for now. If you have questions about stuff you see in the photos feel free to post them in the comments and I will do a follow up post with answers. 

Back to work.

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  1. arlie

    2006-04-12 20:16:40 -0400

    I was wondering about the Scrapworks album that you use for one of your classes (is it CKU?). I have more photos out of albums than in, and I am not interested in scrapbooking the majority of them. I also don't want to throw them away... hmmm. So, i was thinking the scrapworks album would be a good compromise if that's the right word. Care to share any thoughts you have on the pro's and con's of such an album ie which inner pages, if it's sturdy etc.
    thankyou, as always, for the wonderful insights into daily life. My daughter loves looking at your pics, especially if there are some of Simon :-) She is still going on about how 'those people in the computer have the same strawberries as us'!

  2. Terence Lee

    2006-04-13 01:55:06 -0400

    wow. I love your space! I think you should also take pictures of you scrapping!!

  3. Amanda

    2006-04-13 03:03:19 -0400

    Love this space!
    How often do you purge?
    I see some foam stamps in a box, how do you store all the stamps?
    When you put your LOs in albums do you just throw them in randomly or do you have a system?
    Thanks for sharing, I'm always trying to figure out ways to make my space more user friendly.

  4. Chris

    2006-04-13 03:11:32 -0400

    Hi Ali, looking at your supplies, I have a question -- I am constantly overwhelmed by all my unused stuff - I need help making good choices when shopping. How do you go about selecting products? I tend to pick things that catch my eye but then have trouble pulling them all together. There must be a more design driven and cost-effective way to shop. Any advice? Thanks.

  5. Louise

    2006-04-13 03:17:15 -0400

    I adore your space. I love that yellow spice rack (?) on the wall. Did you have it special made, or is it an antique. Your space is wonderful. I, like you, thought I wanted a space to myself, away from everything, but found out I didn't go there as much as I do now that my space is close to everything that is going on in the house. It is so much better. You can stay a part of everything going on.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jackie

    2006-04-13 03:35:31 -0400

    Loving seeing your space... very inspiring. But I'm also finding your banner inspiring as well. I'm really excited to see what you have going on with this new scrapbooking direction. Such a great lifestyle to be a part of.

  7. Another Ali

    2006-04-13 03:53:23 -0400

    Wonderful space, Ali. I've done only a handful of layouts and my current "studio" can be found within the confines of a rather shallow Rubbermaid bin (and the kitchen table doubles as my work space). It's no wonder I don't have more layouts. I dream of space like this. I'm tempted to turn our formal dining room into a studio, but we'll be moving in just a few months' time, so I think I'll look ahead to see where I can find space in our new (log cabin) digs.
    Love all of the As, too.

  8. Samuel Cole

    2006-04-13 04:07:56 -0400

    you're a BIG mess..clean up, girl...soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jenn from Mass

    2006-04-13 04:20:14 -0400

    Hey Ali,
    So refreshing to see that other people can create with piles of stuff lying around. I do some of my best work when all my "stuff" is out in the open. I need to find some "J's" that I can hang around my little corner.

  10. Colby

    2006-04-13 04:45:27 -0400

    I am just in awe! What an awesome studio. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. carine

    2006-04-13 04:51:41 -0400

    77 comments ?? mine will be simple : I love scraproom, looking for little details, organization etc... mine is not as full as yours but I enjoy it anyway ....

  12. t

    2006-04-13 05:21:23 -0400

    love the new look. you are so trying to be me and donna. gosh. whatsupwidat??? lol
    love you sister.

  13. cori

    2006-04-13 05:34:06 -0400

    hey ali!
    where did you get that wooden rolodex thingy? i've been trying to find one of those. can you help?

  14. Amy Elkins

    2006-04-13 05:35:49 -0400

    Look at all the fun stuff! And now I have some great storage/organization ideas to use. TFS!

  15. Kim Bolyard

    2006-04-13 06:16:46 -0400

    love your creative space and love the new banner...received my Life Artist shirt...loving that too!!!

  16. Nancy

    2006-04-13 06:30:37 -0400

    I too am interested in the origin of the yellow rack on the wall with the Making Memories paints and other stuff in it.
    Also interested to know if this was a formal dining room...or what?
    My space is a room off of our family room, which is nice..but I wish my hubby's space was closer. Late at night when we are both in our spaces working away, I wish we were in the same room. I just like _being_ by him.

  17. Angi B

    2006-04-13 06:33:31 -0400


  18. Amy

    2006-04-13 06:58:09 -0400

    Hey Ali--thanks for the pictures. I love when you share a glimpse of your life and how you openly share your space with us. Thank you.
    My question is do you store your embellishments by theme and/or color?

  19. Kelly Bryan

    2006-04-13 07:12:24 -0400

    LOVE your space, Ali! The open storage is a must in my scrap room, too. I have a question, although I guess it's not totally "space" related. Here goes - what types of albums do you use for your completed layouts and how are they organized? Do you scrap chronologically and store the pages that way? Where do you store your completed albums? Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas!

  20. vegasandvenice

    2006-04-13 10:32:00 -0400

    sooo beautifully creative.. just like you!

  21. Lee

    2006-04-13 16:07:39 -0400

    Wanted to say thanks for sharing the great pics of your amazing work space! I've been contemplating for a while whether to set aside some scrapbook/craft-exclusive space in my apartment, and seeing yours helped me realize how important a dedicated space can be to staying motivated, and the freedom it provides to be creative when the mood strikes (rather than when you feel like pulling stuff out).
    Thanks for the continued inspiration! You have a fantastic site, and I always enjoy visiting it.

  22. Lily Bleu

    2006-04-14 10:57:38 -0400

    I LOVE your space!
    Where did you get the giant letter A and the "It's All Good" phrase? I have been looking for these sorts of things for ages and have come up empty!


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