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May 24, 2006

Chris Edwards for Oregon.


I am the wife of a man who wants to make a difference. Who wants to change “politics as usual” with a common sense, back to basics approach to governance. His campaign site is now live – check it out here:

Chris is running for the Oregon House of Representatives, District 14. Ours is a district of 55,000 people – a mirror of Oregon as a whole: a little bit downtown, a little bit rural/small towns, largely suburban. We love where we live. We love the school that Simon attends. We love the neighborhoods and community activism. And yet, there are things we would like to see changed in our area, in our state, and worldwide.

Change begins right here, with us – with Chris.


Chris is a door to door man. His passion is people – face to face discussions about issues and needs. Sometimes the door is quickly closed and other times a wonderful back and forth conversation ensues.

He started going door to door last December and estimates that he has knocked on nearly two-thousand doors in our district so far. His goal is to hit 10,000 doors by November.

Chris received strong support in his primary election – overall he received more votes than his incumbent opponent. A great showing for someone that has spent no money advertising yet (except for lawn signs).

Current fundraising efforts have been focused on individuals rather than special interest groups. He has been endorsed by people from teachers to timber workers, from nurses to banking executives, from life artists to wine makers, from truckers to professors. It has been so cool seeing support come in from so many diverse people, friends and family, and from people who have met Chris and can see his passion and believe in his ability to make a difference.

Check out his site. Read about his philosopy & issues. And if you are so inclined to make a donation to his campaign (and you are a US citizen) – any amount is appreciated – go here. And if you live in our area we would love to have you volunteer as well.

And, in advance, thank you for your generosity & support for someone who is attempting to live their passion.

PS: If you live in Oregon, a donation of $100 for couples filing jointly can be taken as a tax credit (that is a dollar for dollar reduction in the amount you owe).


  • 1.
    Amy said…

    I’m not in Oregon, but man, I wish he was running for office in Maine – I’d vote for him. We need more canidates with his vision in government offices everywhere. Wishing you both the best.

  • 2.
    Christi Nowell said…

    Good luck to you and Chris on his campaign. I wish that we had someone like him in Texas.

  • 3.
    Rachel said…

    Go Chris!!!! :)

  • 4.
    Andrea said…

    Ali, You must be so proud!! I’m so glad to see that a guy who seems to have it right is running for office! His website looks great (and sounds great)– my donation has been made! I know that campaigns are expensive and I hope that my contribution can help…

  • 5.
    Debbie Preissinger said…

    Best Wishes to you & Chris. Doing the Door to door will help. One thing that I admire about one of our local judges is that he tries to remember everyone name. For me that would be hard but it shows he cares about the people. I’m cheering for you both!!

  • 6.
    corinne delis said…

    Chris is going to win this I feel it. He has such a cincere look and if you can share your passion to the world you can climb mountains. I so believe we are here on this earth to learn and fullfil our goal. I strongly believe that when you find something that makes your heart sing every moment you think of it, you have found your goal in life. many people are too afraid to listen too it, but when you do the whole univers around you is working with you so happy that you have found your way Chris. aaaah hope this makes sense,lol. He is a good man!

  • 7.
    Mary Rogers said…

    Good Luck to you and Chris. This will forever change your lives. It seems like you have the support you are going to need, so I will offer you my strength. Politics can be tough Ali. I only wish the Best for you both.

  • 8.
    CraftTeaLady said…

    Being a girl born and bred in PDX (now living in the Columbia River Gorge) I know there is need of good, strong politicians… esp in OR.
    Can your life get any more harried or busy girl? Wow!
    Congrats to Chris for taking his stand and throwing his hat in the ring. Can’t wait to see how the polls come in. :)

  • 9.
    cindy said…

    Go Chris! Love the sign..going to check out the site. :-)

  • 10.
    Angi said…

    So exciting! Wish I could vote in OR :) I’ll be following along and keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

  • 11.
    Sarah said…

    All too often the only race that gets much attention from the electorate is the presidential one. It is hard to convince people that it STARTS at the local level. That if good, passionate people are not supported and encouraged to become involved and make a difference, we will be stuck with the lesser of two evils for president. Change happens from the bottom up before it can happen from the top down.
    Kudos to Chris for putting himself out there and participating in the process. It is too easy to watch from the sidelines (and I include myself in that group); it takes heart and guts to step up. I respect him (and you) for participating.
    Go Chris!

  • 12.
    Marie said…

    I wish good luck to your husband. I lived in Eugene while my husband attended the U of O. I am from WA though and I remember the first time that I registered to vote in OR. I don’t believe that I am still registered in Lane County, my DH is military and so we aren’t there anymore. Good luck on the race. We love Oregon and hope to come home to it.

  • 13.
    Robin C. said…

    Ali: Wow! Good luck to Chris! He is pursuing his passion – what a great example for Simon!

  • 14.
    slruefer said…

    Hi Ali. Best of Luck to Chris! I read the issues page on the web site and really wish he were running here in Iowa! Chris seems down to earth and has a common sense approach to the issues. He is also running the type of campaign I would imagine myself running, get out, meet the people and don’t rely on special interest groups and sound bites. If I lived in Oregon I would volunteer in a heartbeat. This will be the first time keep an eye on a state race not in Iowa. GooD Luck!

  • 15.
    Sam said…

    You are such a busy family! Your drive and work ethic is truly inspiring. Keep up the good work!

  • 16.
    brianna said…

    Best of luck to you and Chris. It sounds like he really knows what’s going on it Oregon and the rest of the country. If I lived in Oregon, he would have my vote.

  • 17.
    katie said…

    go Chris!!! I wish you the best! Our country needs more people to care!

  • 18.
    Joy said…

    Ali girl, you never cease to make me think. I am so proud of Chris for stepping up to the plate. I wish you both the best. Make sure to tell Chris we are rooting for him! I can’t wait to hear how the story plays out. I’d elect him! He needs to come over to TN! Have a wonderful week.

  • 19.

    I live in Oregon but not in Eugene, wish I could vote for him down there. Wiishing Chris all the best. I checked his website and totally agree with everything he is saying. Just wish the rest of the contry could be more like Oregon!

  • 20.
    denise sanner said…

    ali . . . wow – can you all move to Pennsylvania – we need someone like Chris here too. someone with the common sense issues as his platform. actually . . .you stay right there in Oregon – let Chris move on up the ranks and then we will all get the chance to vote for him for President! I love his philosophy on the door to door campaign – anyone who has his vision and his concern for the people – enough to do that would get my vote. And . . .I got all teary eyed when his picture with Simon popped up on my screen. You can just feel the love! My best to you all, Denise

  • 21.
    Tina said…

    Go Chris Go, best of luck!!!

  • 22.
    Julia said…

    I love seeing our generation taking the intiative to *make change* in local politics. Without community changes, states won’t change, the country won’t change, the world won’t change. Chris is doing such important work and is to be commended.

  • 23.

    I am sure Chris is Amazing at what he does, but I bet if he wore a big button that said “My wife Ali Edwards is a Scrapbooker” He would get a few more votes! :)

  • 24.
    Susan Opel said…

    Way to BE Chris Edwards! Get out there and fight the fight!
    What Julia said! Isn’t she the coolest?
    PS – Love the pic of you three on the bio page – too nifty!

  • 25.
    Brad said…

    Good luck to my favorite Democrat! :) I am confident that you will pull off the win!!

  • 26.
    emily ruth said…

    whoo hoo! go chris!…i’m excited to have someone who is passionate about change for the good represent me & my family…

  • 27.
    Jessica K. said…

    So cool. All of it, so cool.

  • 28.
    Janet Petersma said…

    Just wanted to say I LOVE the “Let’s Get to Work”. It’s just such a simple, but uplifting and action-oriented phrase. It really inspires confidence. Best of luck to you guys. Be the change you want to see in the world. :-) Janet

  • 29.
    kristy said…

    Thanks for the information. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to share Chris’s Campaign information to our friends, both in and out of the Eugene area and see if we can’t get some more support your way.
    Best of luck to Chris, you, and Simon
    From your expat-Oregonian supporters!
    PS a check is on its way!

  • 30.
    mel said…

    I think if my local member knocked on my door I would be floored, I don’t even know who it is. It is so great he is doing this and that he has such a great woman standing beside him. Good luck :)

  • 31.
    Jill S said…

    Happy to support Chris’ campaign and his goals.

  • 32.
    Barb Hogan said…

    Good luck Chris! We need more people like you. I’m jaded, however.
    I have a friend who recently made a Herculean attempt to run for Congress. He’s a fresh new face, has great ideas, isn’t extreme, and he got crushed by the political machine who felt that he didn’t toe the party line closely enough and they basically crushed him like a bug.
    It makes me ill how grass roots politicians hardly have a chance these days, especially if they dare to stand by their own ideas.
    Prove me wrong, Chris! Show me that the “regular guy” has a chance!

  • 33.
    melissa said…

    hi ali…
    i’ll be forwarding a link to this on to my brother-in-law who teaches architecture at univ. of oregon eugene…a transplant from boston. i have been singing your praises and so now, chris’s. hey, we come from Mass so democrats unite! btw, everytime a family member visits them in OR, i request a delivery of yumm sauce which i got curious about in a post you did months and month back. we’ll be coming in july so i’ll get it first hand! it is defnitely YUM. good luck to chris!

  • 34.
    Carrie said…

    Dude – you know we are so there. Love ya -

  • 35.
    Shannon said…

    Best of luck, Chris & Ali!!!! (& Simon:))

  • 36.
    yolanda said…

    we are moving to the corvallis or eugene area by mid july or first of august.Does his area cover these counties as I know they are not that far apart?Also If you had to choose since you have lived in both which would you choose.

  • 37.
    Kate said…

    Best of luck to Chris!!! So wonderful that he is following his dream and trying to make a difference!

  • 38.
    Carrie said…

    Best of luck on the campaign. I hope he wins because I believe one person can make a change. I really liked his view, especailly health care. Being a single mother at one point in my life & working but with no health insurance I just couldn’t believe the bills I got, it ruined me finacially and credit wise. I just never believed they would charge insurance companies like that. And who are the uninsured? The people living paycheck to paycheck, who work without coverage, who put their health on the back burner because our kids need to eat and they need to have regular medical check-ups. I hope his start becomes a national change. It’s so needed. Sending good vibes & prayers this is the beginning of a brillant career!

  • 39.
    margie said…

    As the daughter of a former politician…My Dad was the Attorney General of the State of Utah for 2 terms and ran for Governor when I was 12…Pretty cool stuff, You are the perfect partner for him…Love that you want to be part of making a difference! LOVE it…
    Good luck to him!
    kiss kiss

  • 40.

    Ali, I love Chris’s politics…if he wins, we’re packin’ up and movin’ to your town!!

  • 41.
    Kell said…

    Chris’ objectives sound well thought out and very positive. I hope he is successful in his campaign. Good luck!
    Kellie, Newcastle, Australia

  • 42.
    Caroline Ikeji said…

    good luck!
    if i was in oregon, i would totally vote for him!

  • 43.
    Jessica Stoops said…

    Best of luck to Chris. I look forward to hearing updates in your blog about the election. Jess

  • 44.
    Jenny Rebecca said…

    Sure wish I lived in Oregon, good luck with everything!

  • 45.
    Lori said…

    Good luck to Chris! You must be so proud!

  • 46.
    Kelley said…

    Go Chris! I love to see people with vision who aren’t afraid to chase their dreams. You will make a difference for the people of the great state of OR and that rocks. Good luck to you this November.

  • 47.
    Sally in Mass said…

    Best wishes to Chris and the family throughout the campaign!

  • 48.
    sarah said…

    best wishes to Chris!

  • 49.
    Lain Ehmann said…

    Does Chris have a button that links to his website? I’ll gladly post it on my blog!

  • 50.
    Kimberly L.C. said…

    Are you sure you don’t want to move to California so I can vote for Chris? I googled him long before you posted this and was just thrilled with everything I read! I also read about his primary election results and was very impressed he got those numbers against when compared to the incumbent. Hopefully those same numbers will show up in November!

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