Holiday Project #1: Bottlecaps


So I know we have not even hit Halloween yet, but I got a little excited and started playing with my holiday stuff. When I was in Edmonton a few weeks back I got to hang out with Caroline - one of the master creatives behind Maya Road. One of her classes used their Mega Bottlecaps. She had taken a bunch of elements, poured in some Glossy Accents, and created these very cool bottlecap embellishments. I saw them and immediately thought of holiday stuff.

Now these are not small bottle caps. They are about 2 inches across. And this is such a simple project! Here's what I did:

1. Collect up all your holiday stuff and get it into one spot (this is obviously a really general step one...but it will help you be able to create stuff over the next couple months to get ready for the holidays).

2. Pick out some small embellishments that you want to showcase in your bottlecaps.

3. Use a circle punch to cut some holiday patterned paper. I used the new Fiskars circle punch - loving this tool.

4. Layer elements inside each bottlecap.

5. Squeeze Glossy Accents (a clear dimensional medium that will dry hard) into the bottlecap - enough to cover your layered elements.

6. Let it dry. I let mine sit overnight (away from interested little hands). It looks cloudy when you first squeeze all the liquid in there but it dries clear. Mine ended up with a bunch of bubbles - it probably had to do with how I was squeezing but I decided it was cool like that.

7. Attach a magnet to the back. I used the new magnets from Basic Grey. Stick the magnets on your fridge and celebrate the season.

Here are a few places you can find the Mega Bottlecaps online:

Stamp Attic


Ally Scraps

Lifetime Moments

Have fun. This is another project that could totally be repeated for other holidays/events/celebrations, etc.

78987155v2_150x150_frontjpgAnd if you are looking for a way to jot down all your cool ideas for the holidays I created a holiday 2006 journal that you can find in my cafe press shop. Always nice to have a blank book on hand. I am hoping to do some sort of Christmas journal again this year...I loved Shimelle's class last year even though I wasn't able to finish mine. Shimelle are you doing one again this year?

Also, look for next week's newsletter to answer additional questions I received today regarding photos/photo philosophy/etc.. If you have a question send me an email (with NEWSLETTER: PHOTOS in the subject line) and I will try to address it next week.

54 thoughts

  1. Kate

    2006-10-10 08:04:30 -0400

    Hi Ali- Just wanted to give you and your readers a heads up about using the Glossy Accents and bubbling. Keep a straight pin nearby when you work and pop the bubbles as you work. It is totally possible to have bubbleless items and it looks so much better without the bubbles. Also be careful if you do the Glossy Accents over any inked image, especially any color with red in it (which is a lot of inks) as it will draw the ink from the paper and color the Glossy Accents (not necessarily in a good way unless you like pink clouds). Guess I am just a perfectionist!

  2. suetreiber

    2006-10-10 09:11:37 -0400

    you always make such cute stuff!
    I never seem to have the time!

  3. Debbie

    2006-10-10 09:55:43 -0400

    Guess we'll all be making little bottlecap magnets for Christmas gifts! I think this is what the girls' teachers will receive this year. Ali, you continually inspire me.

  4. Emily Whitehill

    2006-10-10 11:25:30 -0400

    Thanks for all of your great ideas!!! I can't wait to try the bottlecaps!!! I might use them to embellish Christmas cards!!

  5. Koren

    2006-10-10 11:28:19 -0400

    Lovin' it!!!! These are what my girls are making for little gifts this year but we had planned to use UTEE and a heatgun. this is so much more kid friendly! thanks for sharing!

  6. Anna Z.

    2006-10-10 11:38:31 -0400

    Looks cute Ali! I have some bottlecaps lying around. I wonder if Judikins Diamond Glaze has the same effect as Glossy Accents?

  7. Elise Blaha

    2006-10-10 14:27:15 -0400

    excited by the "#1".
    hoping for a #2 and #3.

  8. Kimberly L.C.

    2006-10-10 15:36:36 -0400

    I saw some of those bottle caps today while shopping for some other stuff and snatched them right up! I think they're going to be year-around magnets I give as gifts! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Andrea D

    2006-10-10 15:45:06 -0400

    Awesome magnets.
    I was just looking around for the Happiness blog. Has that one been discontinued?

  10. erin yamabe

    2006-10-10 17:19:43 -0400

    thank you so much for what you just shared! you just gave me some cool ideas for our holiday cards this year...and i've come up with blanks for the past few days, so thanks ali!
    and how cool are those bottle caps! i'll have to try the circle punch, too.
    oh, and i just got some of those 7 gypsies stamps that you mentioned awhile back...very cool!!!
    cheers, ali!

  11. Therese Bradley

    2006-10-10 17:35:46 -0400

    You have such a nice touch Ali. I've made these using regular size bottle caps and Diamond Glaze. I put a pin back on mine and gave as gifts. I saw in a magazine somewhere,I can't remember now, another artist had the same idea but used old canning jar lids. A bit bigger canvas, if you want a bigger magnet.

  12. deB perry

    2006-10-11 00:49:33 -0400

    Thanx for the little project teens would love to make these things. deB

  13. julie skinner

    2006-10-11 01:55:40 -0400

    These are incredibly cute! Can't wait to try something with my stash of bottlecaps! I love that you share all your cool ideas.

  14. cindy

    2006-10-11 03:13:59 -0400

    AWESOME!! LOVE those bottlecaps and can be easily adapted to ANY theme. LOVE THEM! Thanks Ali too for listing resources to find them!! Peace and blessings.

  15. xobellaaimox

    2006-10-11 06:04:28 -0400

    what a fab idea!! thanks Ali! :)

  16. emily

    2006-10-11 08:24:23 -0400

    Great idea and such a fun project. But I guess everyone must also think so since I hit all of the links to try and purchase these and they are all out of stock. Sigh!

  17. Andrea

    2006-10-11 08:57:47 -0400

    The class was a huge hit at ScrapFest I love what you did with these Ali, great holiday idea for sure.

  18. Roxane

    2006-10-11 09:41:08 -0400

    Love your big bottle caps. I made smaller ones into magnets last year for teacher gifts. I put them on the outside of small paint cans that I "dressed up." I thought the teachers could use the magnets & then use the cans to store other items or pens, pencils, ...

  19. Renee A.

    2006-10-11 10:33:58 -0400

    love it ali. love it! i wish i would have taken that class that weekend. i bought them, now i need to create with them. thanks for the motivation.

  20. melanie

    2006-10-11 12:29:22 -0400

    It kills me to think that I gave away a ton of these very bottlecaps a few months ago during a big purge. Argh!! :p
    Now I need to find more- I love what you did with these. :)

  21. Brianna

    2006-10-11 12:34:29 -0400

    Those bottlecaps are adorable. I wonder how difficult it would to put a hole in them to thread some ribbon through so that they could be hung on the tree as ornaments...

  22. Peggy

    2006-10-11 14:18:20 -0400

    these are sooooo cool! I have a bag of the regular size ones that I've had for a couple of years "just in case" something inspires me ... and now I have the inspiration that I need!

  23. KJ

    2006-10-12 00:50:19 -0400

    I must get some of these so I can make magnets of my paintings! I think mini versions would look so cool in big bottlecaps!
    Great idea, as always.

  24. Georgie

    2006-11-06 07:46:23 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    I took a couple of your Waco classes. Had a lot of fun. Just got my Maya Rd bottle caps from Lifetime Moments (50cents each). For those still looking for some, type in "bottle caps" in search window on website. Can buy them individually. Will let you know how Christmas project turns out. Very excited. Thank you for sharing with us.

  25. melisa

    2007-11-18 11:33:31 -0500

    your idea's are so amazing, thanks for sharing, you have put me in the holiday mode and i am off now to make christmas stuff,thanks so much

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