This morning I was listening to an audio portion from Heidi Swapp's A Year To Remember class at Big Picture Scrapbooking - it was all about gratitude. It totally hit home with me. I needed to hear her message (I am continually amazed at how things flow in just this way).

I have been super grouchy lately. Grumpy & grumbly and generally down. In a funk that has been tough to shake.

Now I know that being grateful is a really effective way to get out of feeling down. I know it. And yet, I have been wallowing in that overall yuckiness. Allowing little things to push me over the edge. Little patience. Sounds like I have been really fun to be around doesn't it? Poor Chris.

This is why I love taking classes, why I love being a student, why I never want to stop being a student: I learn stuff that helps me in my life. So thanks Heidi - thanks for telling me what I needed to hear and reminding me how very important an attitude of gratitude really is in each of our lives.

I am going to get myself out of this funk.

So here I go - here are six things I am grateful for RIGHT NOW:

1. UPS shipping. They come right to my door.
2. My Mom coming for a visit tonight & making a Costco stop for dog food for Lily & detergent for laundry.
3. Pop dots. They are making a project I am working on come together.
4. Gas dusters. I hate having dust and junk inside my keyboard and this can blows it all right out.
5. The ability to get up right now and go take a hot shower and then dress myself in a cozy sweater and jeans.
6. The generosity of people. Over 200 donations (over $6000) directly to Autism Speaks. Thank you.

Anyone else need to get over grumpiness or out of a bad mood? I think I need a bigger list or that hot shower right about now. What are you grateful for this moment?

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