More photos.

My giant order from came today. Super exciting to have all these photos in hand. Like I said in my post the other day there is really nothing quite as inspiring as a fresh stack of photos. I went with matte finish and am really impressed once again with the quality (and I do like that they are here in Oregon).

There were a couple questions on that post the other day regarding getting all those photos uploaded and printed. My process tends to go a little something like this:

1. Upload photos from camera to computer (I use iPhoto).

2. Quickly (and I mean quickly) go through them and delete the obvious bad ones - now as many of you know I am a fan of blurred photos so I will usually hang onto them if they can tell a story but I don't need to have 10 of the same blurred will do just fine. Also, if I have 20 of Simon playing on the floor with a game I will keep one or two and delete the others. We do not need to have more than a couple of him playing with a game on a particular day...the reason? Because we will be taking more of him playing with another game the next day. Make sense?

3. Adjustments to the photos: I am not one to make many adjustments (color, etc) to my photos. Sometimes I will adjust the color a bit, lighten a shot, or crop, but for the most part I leave them be. This is due to two reasons: (1) it takes too much time to mess with them and (2) I like that they are a true representation of the shot I took.

4. Upload to an online photo developer. Costco or have both been good for me. On Scrapbook Pictures you can change to black and white, add borders, crop, etc after you have uploaded before you check out. You can also add cool border features designed by Karen Russell. I also love that you have the option of getting an index print.

5. Wait patiently for them to come to my house (or pick them up at Costco).

6. Open up the package with glee and feel super inspired by all the contents.

Ever since I took Stacy Julian's Library of Memories class last year (and have been following along again this session) I have been storing my prints in these 5x7 holders (see photo above) from Cropper Hopper. They work good for me and how I tend to work with my photos. Right now, since I am in the middle of a big project, I am keeping the box open out on my desk so I can grab a couple and get to work. I am also using some three-up albums from Pioneer to store photos from trips and enable me to better see what I have on hand.

People often ask about my photo organization and I am really pretty much a student of the Stacy Julian philosopy of storage and albums. Notice I say student. This means that I am still working towards a fully functional system. I love her approach, philosopy, and attitude.

I think photo organization and storage is one of the biggest issues we all face as life artists. It can be super overwhleming. It's all about tailoring a system to fit your own needs, working conditions, etc.

Back to work.

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