A very special thank you.

I have been thinking over the past few weeks about what I could do as a thank you to all of you for the awesome support you have shown to Autism Speaks (and to me and my family) over the last few months.  No matter whether we end up with the number one spot (the top 6 receive a matching donation up to $10,000), we as a group of people have done something awesome.

Of course, number one is a good place to be. Love watching the power of the people.

Sitting here today, getting ready for classes this weekend in Vancouver, BC at ARTistry, I thought of an idea: I can share a class with you - instructions & supply list. I was going to wait until the end of the contest to post this, but I am just feeling really inspired and excited today and want to share this with you NOW.

This is a fun mini-book: filled with different textures and goodies that help you celebrate the life of someone you love yesterday, today, tomorrow - always. This is an updated version of a class I have taught a few times over the last year. Enjoy it.

Click to download the instructions (2.7MB file) : Download ytta_HowTo
(You will need Adobe Reader to view this file: go here to download this program if you don't already have it.)

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Always Supply List
(know that I totally encourage you to use your stash at home to adapt this project to what you have on hand - otherwise a Google search will help you find the supplies listed below at online retailers or check out your local scrapbook store)

Maya Road 4x4 Binder Book

7gypsies A La Card Stickers Love (#17405)

7gypsies Etchings Life Rub On Sheet (#17060)

Chatterbox Patterned Paper, Loft Flowering Vine (#24408) and Loft (#20824)

SEI Paisley & Petals Cardstock Tabs (#7-8452)

My Mind's Eye Bohemia Patterned Paper ("You & Me" Swirl/Brown #BH1111)

Scenic Route Patterned Paper Rockland Sweetland Street (#SR584)

Creative Imaginations Narratives Antique Love Patterned Paper (#14814)

Heidi Swapp Mask Daisy (#HS63368)

Hambly Chic Circles Screen Print (#HO543)

Embossing Ink (clear)

Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (clear) (also known as UTEE)

Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Weathered Wood (#TIM20257)

Heat gun for embossing the cover

4, 4x6 photos that can be cropped to 4x4

4, 2x2 photos

Again, thank you. Have fun!

Also - check this out: Technique Tuesday is making a difference. That is so awesome, so cool, so wonderful.

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  1. Erin Wells

    2007-03-25 12:45:40 -0400

    Hi Ali..
    Thanks for creating the badge and spreading awareness about autism. I've loved watching the numbers grow...truly amazing! So proud to be a part of this. Thanks for sharing the class with us...so cool! Take lots of photos when you meet Kevin!

  2. hillary

    2007-03-25 14:17:23 -0400

    ali you rock! on behave of my son jared i want to thank you for all of the money you have raised. you are such an inspiration! i just made my donation, good luck!!

  3. Mary Jo

    2007-03-26 02:49:00 -0400

    Thank you for sharing the class with us!
    I had that little 4x4 book just sitting in my stash and am having so much fun doing this project!!
    Congratulations on making your goal of 1000 donations!

  4. Nancy

    2007-03-26 05:20:30 -0400

    What a wonderful gesture! I just made my donation. Can't wait to try out this album!!

  5. Kimberly L.C.

    2007-03-26 13:46:21 -0400

    I posted your badge on my blog (which has a mere fraction of the readers yours does) in hopes that I could drive the numbers even higher! Go team go!

  6. Didi

    2007-03-29 13:35:21 -0400

    Thanks, can not wait to give it a try.

  7. Ann

    2007-03-29 13:42:14 -0400

    You are such an inspiration, thank you for sharing the book project and congratulations on reaching your donations goal....you are amazing!

  8. Chris Wenzel

    2007-03-29 13:45:38 -0400

    thank you for the inspiration and for doing a great thing for autism! You son is precious!

  9. Tiffany

    2007-03-29 13:48:08 -0400

    This is so incredible! I actually saw Kevin Bacon on Oprah talking about a mom in Oregon who's created a badge for Autism. I just knew it was you!!! I'm so proud of everything you've done as a spokesperson for Autism! Way to go!
    CKU-A Atlanta 2006

  10. Tiffany

    2007-03-29 14:02:02 -0400

    LOL! It was Ellen Degeneres that I saw the clip about 6degrees.org

  11. kerri macdonald

    2007-03-29 14:44:13 -0400

    Good Luck Ali! I made my donation tonight. Your count is now at 1342 donations! You and your family are amazing!

  12. Catherine Leong, New Zealand

    2007-03-29 16:43:14 -0400

    Hi Ali, this is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I finally finished the project you taught in NZ at Crafting Connections last year (One Year, One Album). It was so great to get it done (it was a bit hard to find the time with a little bubs demanding my time but I got there). Many thanks again for sharing.

  13. Alette

    2007-03-29 16:52:54 -0400

    Ali you are a great woman, soing all this, being a spokeswoman for Autism, just wonderful. I do hope you'll win it is such a good cause, good luck.
    And thank you for the online workshop, just great as always.
    Can't wait for your new book, I'm sure it's gonna be great as your other 2 books are :)
    The Netherlands

  14. Anita

    2007-03-29 17:01:09 -0400

    keep up the good work Ali! love the mini-book you made...totally inspiring! :)

  15. Theresa Merkling

    2007-03-29 23:44:32 -0400

    Ali - long ago and far away, did you ever imagine your life would become what it is? Here you are, one of America's fav scrapbook designers, a major motivator in social change, and probably pretty active (thanks to your husband) in local politics... was that ever your vision for yourself or is it just evolving?
    Thanks for sharing and touching my life (I was in your CKU Atlanta album track and only have good memories). You're a wonderful example of how one woman CAN make a difference in the world.

  16. Edleen

    2007-03-30 02:22:19 -0400

    Dear Ali, this is wonderful what you're doing :)
    God Bless

  17. Jan

    2007-03-30 04:17:36 -0400

    Ali - what great work you are doing for Autism! Keep it up girl! You ROCK! ps. thanks for the instructions - love your stuff, please come to Canada more often!

  18. Nancy

    2007-03-30 04:22:16 -0400

    Thank you so much Ali. This is beautiful! I went and made my contribution earlier in the week. Its wonderful to help out with such a great cause. Last year, our Moms Club raised @ $2,000 for Autism Speaks. :)

  19. Chris

    2007-03-30 07:55:11 -0400

    Wow Ali. You must be so proud of all the money you have raised for autism. I have a cousin who was diagnosed with Asperger's and it was such a stuggle for the doctors to put a name to what he had. It was terrible for his parents to know something wasn't right but doctors said it was ADD for a long time. I hope that this money you have helped raise will make an impact for everyone that has autism. You are doing a wonderful job. God Bless You. P.S. I am on my way right now to donate.

  20. Janice Statkiewicz

    2007-03-30 17:40:50 -0400

    Ali, Thank you for being such wonderful inspiration to me and so many others. Not only have I admired the art you have made but to make such an impact of Autism is incredible. so many would just sit back and wait... you did... thank you for that.
    Jan in CT

  21. GiGi

    2007-03-31 14:56:04 -0400

    Hey Ali! Because of you I see scrapbooking or life artistry thru completely different eyes. You've brought back the fun for me. I appreciate all that you share about yourself and your family - what an inspiration you are! Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift of the mini album class. Not necessary, but very much appreciated. You rock! Here's hoping that Autism Speaks stays at #1!!! All the best to you! :)

  22. Tami

    2007-03-31 18:53:35 -0400

    Hi Ali=
    You are so cool. I hope I can meet you someday. You are without a doubt the best. I love your book too. Thanks for the project. TAMI

  23. Gina

    2007-04-14 05:24:57 -0400

    Hey Ali, i love your stuff and am so inspired by your art and your creativity! i would love to make this book but was never able to download the how to page, anyone have this available ?
    thanks again for all you do!

  24. Rachel

    2007-12-04 05:05:34 -0500

    Ali- you are a great scrapbooker!! I love your style!

  25. Jerrica

    2013-05-07 15:18:05 -0400

    The instructions link leads to a 404 page not found now :(

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