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March 29, 2007

And the winner is…

Jennifer Davis. Email me Jennifer and I will mail the kit out to you.

How in the heck did I pick the winner? Rather than going through and cutting them all up, I took them all (on 8.5×11 pages) and threw them up in the air and then, with my eyes closed…picked one up off the floor and the response closest to my finger was the winner. Very scientific. Very fun. I was hoping that Chris would be here to help me, but alas, he hasn’t made it home yet…instead I got out my trusty tri-pod and took the pictures myself.

And now, here is what I have been thinking about today : if each one of you who left a comment today could tell one other person (maybe someone who does not scrapbook or someone who knows no one with autism or your mom or dad or brother or sister or grandma or neighbor or best friend or grocery checker or nice old lady down the street) about the contest and encourage them to donate $10 to the badge…could you imagine the total we could end up with?

If you live outside of the US, pick up the phone or email one person you know in the US that could make a donation on your behalf.

All along with this contest I have been saying “we.” It is “we” because there is no way I could do this alone. I am one person: a mama, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a person who works from their home, a life artist – just an everyday person trying to do something positive with what I have been given. It takes all of us reaching out, all of us putting out the effort to achieve this goal. We are a bunch of  individuals working together for the greater good.

Holy cow – we have raised over $30,000.

And because I seriously can’t believe the number of comments and I am so over-the-top excited about this whole thing, here’s a download for another class:

PERSPECTIVE DESCRIPTION: What do you see in your world right now? Record your thoughts, your photos – your very own “perspective.”

PERSPECTIVE homework : Download perspectivehomework

PERSPECTIVE how to : perspectiveHOWTO-boxbook

Box Book: Junkitz
8 sheets of patterned paper
letter stickers or stamps (you will need quite a few “i’s”)
a couple accents -  I used epoxy circles and rub ons from Autumn Leaves

Tomorrow morning I will post another give away…can’t wait to show you what I have next!


  • 101.
    giovanna said…

    Great projects Ali. Can’t wait to start “doing” these 2 after Easter Hols. You may be interested in an organisation (in Australia) that my son is starting on the 16th April. V. excited. Lots still to learn about Autism.
    Best of luck with 6 degrees.

  • 102.
    Mrs. B. Obama said…

    You’re the bestest!

  • 103.
    Beth said…

    You are a truly amazing person. I am getting so excited for tomorrow–love watching the numbers rise on your badge.

  • 104.
    Louise said…

    It is amazing what can be accomplished when you do it together…so amazing…
    Thanks for the neat project. I think I’ll do this this weekend, it is so cool.
    Take care

  • 105.
    Rachel said…

    Thank you Ali for another awesome download!! Also congrats on all the donations so far!!

  • 106.
    Stephanie Homburg said…

    I was thinking for a moment you recruited Simon to take the pictures! He is quite the budding photog it seems.
    And speaking of pictures– that one on your wall of Chris and Simon– HOLY WOW! It’s amazing!!
    And it goes without saying, you are so generous. Another class kit! I’ve actually already done a version of this one– it’s the theme of the class you taught at The Zone last May.
    Today is the day I hit up my coworkers. And the station’s general manager to see if he’ll match donations from our employees. Can’t hurt to ask right?

  • 107.
    Aimee Pennington said…

    Thanks SO much for the freebies Ali! It’s great for those of us who can’t travel to one of your classes. Really appreciate it. I’ve never known anyone with autism, but I’ve learned so much from your stories about Simon, and Autism Speaks. I think I’d like to volunteer or somehow be more involved in the cause. Thank-you always for being such an inspiration!

  • 108.
    Kristin said…

    You are an amazingly generous person Ali. Thank you so much for the class project. It’s the perfect project for me to do right now, as I had yet to come up with a way to record my feelings about my first pregnancy. I will be sure to spread the word today about your badge.

  • 109.
    Rachel said…

    You are truly an inspiration! I have passed your blog address around to everyone I could think of asking them to consider making a donation. Thanks for the another project! Love it!

  • 110.
    Kim said…


  • 111.
    Julie said…

    Congratulations Ali on your total so far…it can only climb higher. And, thanks for another project download…definitely keeping ME busy!

  • 112.
    jennifer davis said…

    Tears are in my eyes Ali! Yay!

  • 113.
    Tracy Schmitt said…

    Ali- You are a true woman of strength and hope. An inspiration to so many people and have an outreach way beyond the scrapbooking world.

  • 114.
    kath said…

    Thank you so much for the project!! I love them! Most of all I love seeing those numbers climb!

  • 115.
    Amy said…

    you are too cute! and so generous! thank you for the classes!!!!!

  • 116.
    april chapman said…

    so bummed–i can’t get the file to open? any suggestions–?
    Ali–this is awesome–30,000-unbelievable! One person can make a difference–thanks again

  • 117.
    Lisa said…

    Ali- thank you for being an inspiration to the rest of us. My twin boys were born on the 23 Jan 02 – 16 week prem – and now have some challenges ahead of them too. I really enjoy reading your posts, and how to reflect on our own lives. Tahnks.

  • 118.
    Grammymissy said…

    This is such a great cause, how can I not tell everyone!
    And Thanks a Bunch for the great book ideas!

  • 119.
    Karmen said…

    You are truly an amazing person, Ali! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fantastic what you are doing for the autism project! Keep up the good work!!!!

  • 120.
    Shannon S said…

    You go girl! This is truly incredible what just one girl is able to do….watch out, you might end up on Oprah!

  • 121.
    Chris Hauck said…

    How awesome of you to do this for us. I’ve never done a book like this but I think this could be something very good for me right now. Depending on how it goes maybe I’ll do one for each of the kids too. We’ll see….!
    Thank you again for your generosity!

  • 122.
    griffsmom said…

    So happy to be able to help – you are amazing – your son is amazing and I have a feeling your husband is too. Wishing that the donations keep pouring in!

  • 123.
    Laura Harris said…

    Thanks for having these contests for all your readers. Can’t wait to do a perspecive album.

  • 124.
    denali said…

    Thank you SO MUCH for all the fun I’ve been having watching those numbers rise, rise, and RISE! What an incredibly exciting, inspirational phenomenon – which makes sense because you are phenomenal AND inspirational :P I’m showing all our clients your badge & encouraging them to have some fun here, too :)

  • 125.
    Vanessa said…

    Ali, Thank you for sharing our life with us and see the world through Simon’s eyes. Thanks for the project. I donated today and dedicated to your son.

  • 126.
    dseermon said…

    Congratulations, Ali. Almost $32,000 and i know it will continue to rise. Simon is a lucky boy to have you for his mom. Thanks for the classes. You are a true inspiration.

  • 127.
    Beth said…

    The power of caring people….doesnt it make you feel warm and fuzzy?!

  • 128.
    Tina said…

    Love to read your blog every day! You are an inspiration to all of us. I’ve made a donation and was so happy to do it. It’s invigorating!!! Thanks so much for the super cool ideas with your projects too. I just CANT wait until CKU Detroit! See you in class!!!!! yea!!!!!

  • 129.
    Laurel said…

    Go Team – You are a special loving woman who truly defines the words warm & caring. You have taught me so much about not just scrapbooking but what is special and important about life. This cause is just another example of your commitment to what is important to everyone and how your passion shows
    Laurel Wheeler

  • 130.
    Krystal Barb said…

    Thanks for the opportunity to do this fundraiser!!! If it were not for people like you, people like us could not have donated to such a worthwhile cause. Thanks!!!!!
    Here is to a day filled with new words!!!!
    (Mom of an Autistic child)

  • 131.
    Elizabeth said…

    Congratulations on the contributions. You have raised the awareness of autism so much in the Sbing community!!!!

  • 132.
    Yvonne said…

    Thank you Ali for another class!! Love the photo of Simon and Chris in the background.

  • 133.
    Tina Schadone said…

    I am so happy things are going well for you with this campain!
    Great job!!!
    keep inspiring us… :)

  • 134.
    BonnieB said…

    Love the huge photo in your living room!!! Too cool. Way to go on raising all this awareness for autism. What a blessed calling. Simon is lucky to have you for a mama.

  • 135.
    chris said…

    ALI…..the poster Mrs. B. Obama as in Mrs. Barack Obama??? HOW COOL IS THAT!!! Congrats.

  • 136.
    Lyn Meeker said…

    Another free class~! You are too much Ali! .. Thanks so much!
    And you are right in the tell just one person .. I’ve been raising money for the Susan G. Komen walk the last thirty or so days .. and raised over $1,500 … which was my goal .. many of those $$ were because friends told friends… One person can start a chain reaction in the best way and make a difference. Congratulations!

  • 137.
    Aimee Houston said…

    I put the word out on my blog for your badge. I think it is wonderful what you are doing for you son and children with autism. Thanks for inspiring us to be better human beings…

  • 138.
    karen c. said…

    Ali, you ROCK! I am just as excited for you. What a great community we are a part of. “life artists” are the best!

  • 139.
    Michelle said…

    Wow! More than $30K!!!! Amazing work. Like Cathy Z. said, it’s all about ownership and feeling like you’re a part of something much bigger than yourself!

  • 140.
    k8scraps said…

    Keep the numbers climbing!
    thanks for the projects!

  • 141.
    Stacey said…

    Ali, you are blowing me away with all that you’ve done. Yes, we’ve all contributed, but give yourself some credit. (Okay, a lot of credit.) None of this would have happened without you.
    I posted about this on a web site where some of my friends with autistic children get support. Then again at a site where scrappers chat. I know that some did come here and donate.
    This is so cool.

  • 142.
    Andrea D said…

    so, so awesome and inspiring.

  • 143.
    Janet said…

    Congrats Jennifer! Tripods rock. Thanks also for sharing another great project.

  • 144.
    Kim said…

    A great friend of mine just told me how to post a comment! Imagine that, I view your site everyday and now I can post. You are amazing, we are amazing, the power of women is endless. What a gift we have and sharing that gift makes it even better. You have helped me to realize alot of my strengths over the past year and I feel empowered. Living in the shadows of a divorce and raising 3 children over the past 10 years in this economy has been a challenge. But I have done it and found scrapbooking to be my great source of creativity, something I cannot live without. Anyway thanks for being you – Ali. All I really wanted to ask is is the kit available for sale? any chance? Thanks Kim Danielson

  • 145.
    PamMc said…

    You are an amazing woman, Ali Edwards. If all young women were like you, we could change the world.

  • 146.
    Denise said…

    I had trouble posting your badge in Blogger, so I just posted a *link* to the badge (make sense?!) :D I have a steady readership of about 5 people :) some of them scrappers, so hopefully I have encouraged someone! I’ll talk it up at my specialty crop tonight, too.
    Take care and have a good weekend. Thanks for the projects!

  • 147.
    Shelly said…

    Thank you, Ali, for sharing this wonderful project! You are so sweet!

  • 148.
    Carrie K said…

    wow! another class? you rock my socks!! love the down to the wire excitement and we have a HUGE lead for first place…so so cool!!

  • 149.
    Amy K. said…

    Ali, I have been a long time admirer of your scrapbooking and all the wonderful projects you create. Never in a million years did I ever think I would share another passion of mine with you. You see, I too have a son with Autism. He is 6 almost 7 and we had the official diagnosis a year ago. He is our life, our passion and now we have a new passion…Autism Awareness. I am inspired by your openness and beautiful scrapbook pages on your son. Truly inspired. Please know that people like you are really making a difference for all of us out here wading through this “puzzling” condition. The future is so much brighter for our kiddos and I just know that we can all make a difference together! Thank you for taking the initiative to not only raise money for the cause, but to spread AWARENESS, because truly that is just as important. Yes, we need the money for research, but the awareness comes first. If people are educated/aware, that’s where it all starts. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my family’s heart. I am so excited to see that number climbing everyday. Bright future indeed.

  • 150.
    peggy said…

    ali you are truly amazing. thank you for the inspiration, thank you for everything you do.

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