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March 30, 2007

It’s Friday.


Giveaway #2:

Today the giveaway includes some of my favorite things right now.

• I love the big chipboard and big stamps from Fancy Pants (your package will include two large stamp sets, one small stamp set, two chipboard sets, + the big acrylic block). The big chipboard pieces have been inspiring me in so many ways this last few weeks.
• My all time favorite stamp "Notes from Today" from Catslife Press.
• A self-inking circle stamp from 7gypsies.
• A 8×8 binder album from Maya Road (used in the Evolution project from yesterday)

Leave me a comment
and we will do the same drill tonight as yesterday: comments closed at 6:45pm Pacific and the drawing will be at 7:00pm Pacific.

And again, remember: encourage just one more person about the badge. Call your Mom or your Dad. I love the idea of chatting up your neighbor. You can even help them through the process online. Make a new friend. One more more…one more.

The contest ends tomorrow night at 11:59pm Eastern. Today and tomorrow and that is it for this particular adventure. After that they will have to go through and verify the individual donations before we will know the final numbers.

Crazy. Crazy good.

One more person.

Go team, go.


  • 101.
    Jessica said…

    This is so exciting!! I cheering for Autism Speaks! We can do it!!!!

  • 102.
    Sara said…

    I have been telling everyone I can about this. You can do it and WE can do it!!

  • 103.
    Sarah Lambert said…

    This whole thing is amazing…imagine how much more research can be done with all this money. Go Team Ali E.!!

  • 104.
    Emine said…

    I hope your finger picks me LOL

  • 105.
    Kari P. said…

    This is so nice of you Ali! Thanks! I am so excited about the Six Degrees Project!

  • 106.
    Denise said…

    I’m totally amazed by this whole effort you are doing! Passion about something that touches your world and attempting to do something positive about it! We really can change the world one conversation at a time. I have been getting pledges for a local Scrapathon and telling people about the cause just gets me excited! PASS IT ON!!! GOD WILL BE FAITHFUL!!!

  • 107.
    Erin B said…

    I’m so impressed by all that you do. Congrats on your fundraising success.

  • 108.
    Michelle AKA Mommy said…

    Pick me, pick me!
    Ali- you rock with the original inspirations daily. Yep.

  • 109.
    Debbie said…

    Happy weekend!!
    There were a great deal more comments left than I have ever seen! WOW!

  • 110.
    Suzi said…

    I’ve been following the effort for some time. It’s amazing how many people have stepped forward and helped. The heightened AWARENESS and overall MOMENTUM have been amazing! Fingers crossed for all of your efforts.

  • 111.
    Nicole said…

    I’m telling people about your badge. Every little bit helps. Great giveaway today! I hope today is my lucky day!

  • 112.
    Annie said…

    Ali, you amaze me! I am a kindergarten teacher who has autistic children in my classroom. Your work to bring autism to the forefront of many people’s minds is incredible!

  • 113.
    scramperj said…

    Those items are awesome! Go team go! We’re almost to 1500!!! YEAH!!!

  • 114.
    StacyP said…

    It’s great to see the donations going so well. Thanks for the fun giveaways!

  • 115.
    yvonne b said…

    Go team, GO
    what is happening here is totally amazing.

  • 116.
    Lietje said…

    So please pick me!!!

  • 117.
    Sandi said…

    Great giveaway Ali – so generous! I can’t believe my eyes everytime I look at the counter on the badge. It is truly amazing to see that number climb!

  • 118.
    LizzyM said…

    Wow… amazing giveaway! And how amazing how the number of donations has jumped! NUTSO!

  • 119.
    AndreaWiebe said…

    Awesome job everyone!!!!! Those donations are truly incredible…praise God :)
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  • 120.
    Deb M said…

    This Christmas our church stepped out in faith to raise money for a children’s hospital in Malawi. We were trying to raise $160K for a 60-bed hospital. We knew it would take a miracle because the most we ever collected was around $40K. During the Christmas Eve service, there was a feeling of something wonderful in the air. Imagine our surprise the following week when we learned we raised over $550K for the hospital. Ultimately we ended up with over $600K to give to the people of Malawi. Later our pastor commented that if we made our goal $50K as he was first thinking he should do, this miracle would have never had happened. I still am brought to tears as I think of what some families sacrificed to give to those who are in need. In a time when we hear so much of the bad, it’s important to know that there is still much good in the world.

  • 121.
    Jaymie said…

    great giveaway – thanks for the opportunity!

  • 122.
    NicoleB said…

    It’s so cool Ali ! Hope that number will climb and climb and climb…

  • 123.
    BrendaEien said…

    Sign me up! This contest is just one more reason for me to check your blog 4 times a day!! :) I love your ideas and your motivation!! Keep up the good work Ali!!

  • 124.
    Kathleen Joseph said…

    Oh my goodness Ali!! Way to raise awareness to a situation that is too often overlooked. This contest isn’t too shabby either. Good Luck.

  • 125.
    Carola said…

    And so far your badge is still number 1. I hope it stays there, with more donations pouring in.
    I love those circle stamps by 7 gypsies…I have a few, and I can’t get enough of them.

  • 126.
    Jennifer Ruhl said…

    What you are doing is so great. I have been following the contest and am just amazed at the power of people to do something good. You rock!

  • 127.
    Patricia said…

    You’ve helped to raise over $32,000?! WOW!!! That’s awesome!! Thanks for the inspiration and have a fantastic day! :-)

  • 128.
    Jennifer W said…

    Wow! Your generosity is lovely. Go team Go!

  • 129.
    Kelly Buck said…

    AAAAH! I’m so proud to have been a part of this. You are such an inspiration Ali!

  • 130.
    Leslie said…

    I’ve forwarded the 6 degrees info to my family members. Since I have a nephew with autism, this strikes so close to home.
    So happy to be a part of the efforts!

  • 131.
    slruefer said…

    Keep it going! $40K is not that far away! Have great weekend!

  • 132.
    mandy russell said…

    Good luck, Ali! You are a great example to all of us.

  • 133.
    Jacki said…

    OMGosh – what a fantastic giveaway! Here’s to more donations Ali!

  • 134.
    Connie said…

    Hey Ali,
    Thank you so much. I have a nephew who was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 1/2. He is graduating high school this June and spending his weekends looking at colleges! There is so much that can be done for these children. Especially with people like you in the mix.
    GO TEAM GO!!!!

  • 135.
    Edith said…

    Thanks for continuing to inspire so many people!

  • 136.
    Joy Balogh said…

    Dear Ali, You are an inspiration to me in both your designs and your actions. I love seeing the numbers grow and am amazed at the power of charity and altruism. Thanks for sharing _you_!

  • 137.
    Liz said…

    It is thrilling to be a small but important part of AUTISM SPEAKS INC. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    The CIRCLE of LOVE
    …Stampers/Scrappers/Artistic/Interestd People…
    have combined their hopes and dreams to help
    support this very worthy organization!
    THANK YOU Ali: I hope my entry is the

  • 138.
    Sara said…

    Keep finding articles on autism everywhere…can’t help but think of you and Simon. I admire your hard work and determination! Let’s keep those numbers climbing through to the end!!!

  • 139.
    Debbie C said…

    What’s happening is truly amazing. I love it!!

  • 140.
    Mindy Murray said…

    Love all that fancy pants stuff, Ali! Congrats on your mission for Autism!

  • 141.
    Cathy said…

    It is amazing what you have been able to accomplish with the power of your voice and how you live what you say. You are truly an inspiration and I wish you the best of luck on this contest and all else you do. You truly are a person who I would like to be like, with my own flair of course.
    Thank you.

  • 142.
    Candice said…

    I woke up early for this today, and there’s already over 100 comments!!! Thanks again, Ali!

  • 143.
    Ginger said…

    Wow, you’re a continuum of inspiration! I am so loving watching the donation number rise higher and higher every single time I log on to your blog. Very cool! Awesome giveaway, too!

  • 144.
    emily said…

    you are so so generous. This is “pay it forward” in action. I wish there was a news channel dedicated to stories like this! Good news- all day long- now that’s a news channel I could watch! Thanks.

  • 145.
    Jill said…

    Ali, I want you to know that your blog address is on my blog, but my blog is out. It’s difficult for me right now because my dad doesn’t communicate with me as my disability and he supports my little sister who is adopted and host sister who is an exchange student about China Culture. I have issues with my step mom. Thats great you and Chris are a great example and give Simon a lot of love… Thanks for doing this for Simon for Autism Speaks.
    You can count me in.

  • 146.
    Jennifer Bueck said…

    go go go go simon go

  • 147.
    Tami said…

    go ALI GO!

  • 148.
    Chris said…

    Hi Allie!
    Thanks again for sharing your talent here with us all!

  • 149.
    Nicole Herdoiza said…

    Hi Ali,
    I love that your numbers keep growing. Yeah, go team! What an awesome accomplishment! I love the scientific yet random method of drawing your winner (lol). I absolutely love the prize today!

  • 150.
    barb95555 said…

    choose me please…..