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May 31, 2007

one little word : stop


Working with beeswax, paint, transparencies and patterned paper. The stop sign came from a catalog in the mail today. Tiny text says:  stop the excess. stop the need. stop closing your eyes and your mind and your heart. stop the crazy want.

For the one little word challenge.


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    Hey Ali…thanks again for participating in our challenges….way too cool!!! And I love, love how your project turned out!! Love the beeswax!!

  • 52.
    Laura Reaux said…

    I love this creation SO much. It’s raw-looking and just makes me excited! I haven’t read your blog in days (my computer crashed, trying to save for a new one! AGH!), and it’s great to catch up. ;)

  • 53.
    vanessa said…

    tell me more! what a great idea,very creative and messy–two words that are meant to be together!!!
    love the page ali!

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    lauren said…

    hey there!
    just a quick note to let you know that this week’s nextel cup race has been named the “Autism Speaks 400 presented by VISA”…you may not be a big racing fan, but i was SO HAPPY to see this announcement a few weeks back!
    the guys are doing an awesome job of bringing autism into the limelight…i have been seeing a lot of Autism Speaks decals inside their cars, as well, when they do the in-car camera shots!
    enjoy your weekend!

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    deann mcdaniel said…

    wow – your words are very powerful!
    thank you for making me stop!

  • 56.
    Shar said…

    beautiful layout – powerful words

  • 57.
    Amber Ulmer said…

    incredible work Ali!!!! thanks so much for playing w/us!!! amazing JOB!

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    erin yamabe said…


  • 59.
    donab said…

    Ali, this is beautiful.

  • 60.

    One little word from me in response to that…

  • 61.
    Tanya Ellis said…

    Wow Ali.. this is just outstanding!!

  • 62.
    Karla D. said…

    This is beautiful! Love your message. So glad you are playing along with us!!!!!

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