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there was an opinion piece in The Register Guard that addresses the insurance bill (HB 2918 - requiring insurance companies to cover certain kinds of treatments for pervasive developmental disorders) that Chris sponsored this past session (passed both the House and the Senate and now goes to the Gov). Read the complete story here.

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  1. Mary Rogers

    2007-06-29 15:18:36 -0400

    Yipee Chris! that is an awesome bill to sponsor...our kids sometimes get caught in the insurance shuffle...I think I will forward this to my State of Michigan Representative....

  2. Laura Reaux

    2007-06-29 18:02:51 -0400

    That is awesome! So incredible that Chris sponsored that bill.

  3. Tanya

    2007-06-30 01:36:24 -0400

    Excellent work, Chris!

  4. Michelle

    2007-06-30 01:40:48 -0400

    How exciting- I'm sure your whole family is so incredibly proud of him!

  5. Michele T.

    2007-06-30 04:25:40 -0400

    That is awesome!! Hopefully, more states will adopt similar bills.

  6. Karen Fobert

    2007-06-30 04:52:29 -0400

    How wonderful! Chris really stuck with it and negotiated the waters well! As a Mom of a child with Aspergers, I am so excited that we have a advocate for our children in the legislature! Keep it up!

  7. Dolly

    2007-06-30 05:05:09 -0400

    A BIG whoo hoo to Chris...this is it, this is how one person can spur good change and make such a huge impact. Way to go Chris!

  8. Jo Ellen Gates

    2007-06-30 05:17:41 -0400

    Oh Ali!
    This brought tears to my eyes. You guys are such wonderful advocates for our special children and it is wonderful to see such strides made. Applause Chris! This is awesome. I will hug my Bubba a little tighter tonight.. knowing that there is an even greater hope for kids like him today. Hopefully this will come more commonplace in other states.

  9. Susan

    2007-06-30 09:47:17 -0400

    Wow Ali! Marveling at the difference Chris has made in peoples' LIVES !!! It still amazes me how one person make have such an impact. Simon...Chris....they are incredible gifts to this world.

  10. Lisa M

    2007-06-30 13:22:44 -0400

    How great that Chris has the opportunity to really make a difference. That editorial writer "got it" too. Wonderful
    Lisa M

  11. Gretchen G.

    2007-06-30 14:33:07 -0400

    W00t w00t! Go Chris go!!! I wish we had people like in him in AZ with some guts to go up against the corporate insurance industry. It would be nice if our national govt also would do the same vs taking $, lining their pockets and instead voting for them. We need more people like Chris running the show in all levels of govt. :-)

  12. chel

    2007-06-30 16:40:07 -0400

    Hey, I caught up. I'm reading your first book now- it's great. I think it has set me free and given me the permission I need to not be THE ULTIMATE SCRAPBOOKER. Such a relief, so thanks. And thanks for sharing with us these years, both via layouts and this blog. G'night.

  13. jessi nagy

    2007-07-01 01:13:51 -0400

    YEAH!!! our fearless leader. keep up the good work. we need you.
    jessi nagy

  14. Amber D

    2007-07-01 05:32:02 -0400

    Hey Ali, remember those cool cupcakes you made at easter? Well, I thought you might be interested in these for the 4th holiday weekend.

  15. Lesley

    2007-07-01 06:19:24 -0400

    A girlfriend sent me this article.. not sure if you read it but wanted to pass it along.

  16. PROLIX from la Normandie

    2007-07-01 06:53:51 -0400

    I love the Simon pics. I hope everythings is doing well for him & you.
    Very good vibes to all of you.
    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
    artiste pop française
    (bookbinding, painting, scrapbooking, drawing, etc...)
    Dragon Flaire DT Member

  17. Laurie

    2007-07-01 21:11:28 -0400

    How wonderful that Chris has sponsored such a bill to get things moving in the right direction! It's such a shame that many legislators don't see that spending the money now on kids with PDD will in the long run make it less expensive when some of the children are taken care of by the state and SSI and other public fundings. It's a shame that people don't want to spend money on treatment for children with PDD's to help them be able to communicate and be more active members of their community. I applaud you and Chris for all the awareness you have brought to autism but also to other PDD's and to all the families struggling to do what is best for their little ones. THANK YOU!

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