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July 26, 2007

Life on the spectrum.


Wanted to share a layout I put together for Technique Tuesday's Autism Awareness Gallery. A portion of the sale of their Pieces of the Puzzle word stamps and their FUNdamental Pieces goes to Autism Speaks. Take a few minutes to browse through the awesome gallery of work related to autism on their site. Tons of layouts that celebrate very special people.

Edited: the photos on this layout are Moo cards printed from my Flickr account.

I also wanted to let you know that has started another contest (check out their updated web design). This time around Hanes is matching the top 6 badges up to $10,000. The contest runs between July 19th and September 16th. I am not going to host a badge this time, but encourage any of you who are interested to start one of your own. Such a cool way to make a difference.

And a birthday wish.
Today is the birthday of a very special woman I had the chance to meet last year at Carrie's wedding. Her name is Julie and she is currently doing battle against some very serious cancer (melanoma) which was diagnosed in October 2006. You can read about her story and send along birthday wishes on their family website. She has been bravely chronicling her story over the last few months, sharing information about her experience. Happy Birthday Julie – we are praying for you – thank you for sharing your story.


  • 1.
    teensleuth said…

    Great LO. Love the everyday celebrations and struggles. 12 photos! Wow.

  • 2.
    Mary Rogers said…

    love your layout Ali! I have a few over there myself….
    Enjoy your day!

  • 3.
    Jess said…

    What a moving layout Ali.Your journaling is
    special. I love the puzzle piece.
    You got me curious about MOO pictures. Can you explain more how you use them in your scrapbooking layouts? I really don’t know much about Flicker.
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing such an incredible layout. Jess

  • 4.
    Gigi said…

    Love your work, inspired by your style, moved by your journaling.
    Also THANK YOU for reminding me that I have to cherished everyday of my life.

  • 5.
    Kelly said…

    Hi Ali, Love your layout and journaling. I can relate to all of it.
    I was in Barnes & Nobel today and saw this kit product called Circle Journey. Have you see them? They are pre-packaged blank mini-albums with mailers included so that you do a page and then send it on to someone else. They have themes for the sets and given your post today, it might be neat to share with your friend or someone else you know with autism. I am a new scrapbooker, so this may have been around for a while, but I thought it would be so cool to do with your mini-books too. Here is the link:

  • 6.
    georgiee said…

    I love your layouts. I went to Technique Tuesdays site. The layouts are awsome. I wish I could read what their journaling says. I don’t have anyone with autism, but you have made me want to learn more about it. Maybe in my town there is some place where I could be of help with these children. You are such an insperation.

  • 7.
    Jenny A. said…

    Beautiful layout Ali! I’m going over to Technique Tuesday right now to place an order :-)

  • 8.
    Sherri said…

    great layout! thanks for sharing Julie’s story. I was also diagnosed with melanoma 10/2006. However, mine was only a stage III and operable. Good luck with the six degrees badge!

  • 9.
    kristin said…

    as always this is such a great layout. you really have a gift for capturing and expressing your “everyday”. the crops on the moo card photos came out great.

  • 10.
    Meg said…

    So very gorgeous. Thank you for the links, I’m off to explore the gallery!

  • 11.
    Deb Wisker said…

    So glad that you submitted a LO too!! You’re right, the LO’s are awesome! Can’t wait to see how many submissions flood the gallery after people read your blog!!

  • 12.
    sharyn (torm) said…

    hey! way to work those stamps! Love it!
    And I tried posting the other night on your thyroid post – but typepad was wonky. anyway…what I was saying was, here was the journaling to our experience with hypothryoid:
    It sounds a little different then yours – but I know that thyroid issues are nothing to take lightly…good for you for following up on it right away!
    hugs – hang in there and all that

  • 13.
    Angela said…

    Ali, as usual, thank you for making me feel not so alone in my own struggles with Autism. I love the layout and your bravery to share your life with us. It really does help.
    Oh, and thanks for the enabling! ;) I just HAD to get a set of those stamps myself! lol

  • 14.
    Sally in Mass said…

    cool news….the Tech. Tuesday stuff, the new contest with 6 degrees. It’s all good! We will be praying for Julie.

  • 15.
    Deirdre said…

    Just returned from 2 wks on the road, and have been questioning why & whether I should read blogs…then today’s post makes it clear to me. Not that I can articulate it clearly…but your lo today, and so much of your writing makes the love you have for Simon so palable, even to far-away strangers. And that makes me feel good, lifts me up a bit, and makes me want to be a better momma, a better me.
    Any habit that lifts is good. So thank you—because your blog is a good habit in my life.

  • 16.
    Laura Reaux said…

    I love that you used Moo cards on this layout.
    And thanks for linking us to Julie’s site. I plan on spending a bit of time reading there… it’s a blessing to be able to pray for her miracle with her.

  • 17.
    Dalne said…

    I do not sell this product but use it so have no interest other than telling you about my good experience when writing this post. I have been a fruit juice called Mona Vie. I suffer from depressive spell, low energy levels and have terrible sleeping habits. Or may be I should say these things in the past tense as I have seen such a marked difference in myself after drinking it the last few months. Now the part that really sparked my interest was when I learnt that there is a belief that it could aide autistic children as well. As the poster boy (in my mind anyway) for children with autism I immediately thought of Simon. That was really the driver behind writing this post. My duty is done. Just wanted to share that with you just in case it could make a difference to both you and Simon.

  • 18.
    aeford said…

    Ali, Chris & Simon,
    This is for all of you, as the spectrum encompasses the entire family of an affected child: The give and take of this family is extraordinary. Ali and Chris, your little fella strikes me as a bundle of “good stuff just waiting to happen.” As for yourselves, the message you are conveying with regard to autism, parenting and/or just plain co-existing with one another on a daily basis is completely above bar. As well, what a simple, yet powerful layout. You hit the mark, as usual Ali. I believe “we” (other parents of loved ones on the spectrum) could all take a few notes . . . Take it easy,
    Single Mom of 4-year-old Aubrey, on the spectrum~*~

  • 19.
    Suzy said…

    Thank you for always inspiring me! Today your post about Julie moves me in so many ways. God sent me to you (ok-its not always God, sometimes its your talent, etc). I am doing my annual Relay for Life on Friday (today). I will carry Julie with me the entire night. I am a kidney Cancer survivor. I believe that I was meant to hear Julies story, so that I can do my best to carry her burdan for tomorrow. We are so lucky to be tied to a community that cares so deeply for each other. I live in Minnesota, and we have met a couple of times. It is your honest goodness that is your gift to all of us!

  • 20.
    Brendan said…

    Thank you so much for remembering Julie’s birthday and mentioning her and “our” story here on your site. Carrie was telling me last night that Julie’s story has encouraged you to have a skin check as well. Everyone should have an annual skin check because melanoma is almost 100 percent treatable if you catch it early. If you don’t… you find yourself walking in our shoes. In fact its more like running a marathon in shoes that are 5 sizes to small!
    Nevertheless, we feel strongly that if our story helps one person avoid what we are going through, our struggle has a purpose.
    Thanks again for thinking of us and being a conduit for our message. I will end this comment with the sign off that we use on our blog, courtesy of our children… YAY GOD!

  • 21.
    Erin said…

    Hi Ali… super neat-o layout as always. I went to my doctor this morning and had my thyroid tested, and am awaiting results. Thanks again, Erin :)

  • 22.
    Yvonne said…

    Awesome layout as always, Ali. Your support of Autism Speaks has really brought autism into the public eye. I’m sure they completely appreciate everything you have done for the cause, and how awesome to have a ‘connection’ with the powers that be, to make the changes that need to be made! Thanks also for posting about the new Six Degrees drive. SunnyBrook Meadows is so small, and I doubt we’ll have the exposure yours did, but we’ll try any way!

  • 23.
    LizP said…

    Anyone who is the Eugene/Springfield area can come support cancer research at the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at Lane Community College. It is a 24 hour walk that runs from noon on Friday to noon on Saturday. You can find a team who needs someone to walk or you can support a team financially. The goal this year is to raise $640,000 for cancer research!!!

  • 24.
    suetreiber said…

    I love those Moo cards. Have been looking for an excuse to get some!
    Great LO for a great cause!

  • 25.
    Kasi Good said…

    I looked at all those LO’s and just started bawling. My son was diagnosed with autism 2 1/2 years ago. It means so much to me to see that there are so many people going through what I have gone through…so many people who wouldn’t give me a dirty look when Daniel starts saying the same phrase a million times at the top of his lungs, like he did this morning!!! I have really enjoyed reading your blog for this reason…it’s jsut nice to hear about someone else who is going through it. Thanks.

  • 26.

    very cool LO.
    I admire your courage, and it helps me a lot into my everyday life.
    so just one simple word :
    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  • 27.
    Debra A. said…

    I always like to read your blog. Something positive for my day. I’ve won a prize, donated to your badge, even had a class with you a while ago. Now, with your efforts to go a little greener (me too) I want to let you know about a friend of mine and fellow Oregonian who just started a card company (re-usable and beautiful cards). Check her out at
    Thanks for being out there!

  • 28.

    The LO is fantastic. Love the way you arranged those many little photos!

  • 29.
    Erin B said…

    amazing page!
    I had forgotten about the Technique Tuesday Autism speaks stuff…thanks for the reminder.

  • 30.
    Laurie said…

    Thanks Ali for this post! Your layout is beautiful! I love how you share your story! When I met you last year at Suzy’s and then again at your class in Tracy, you really helped me put those IFSP evaluations in to perspective and made them so much easier to handle with your amazing outlook! Thank you for that! Our diagnosis although not autism was so new and you made it so much easier and more positive! Thanks also for letting us know about the new 6degrees competition. I am finally sharing our story publicly in the hopes of raising awareness!

  • 31.
    Alexa said…

    i love moo cards! Did you see that they are doing stickers now too?

  • 32.
    Vicki said…

    Ever feel like the whole world knows a secret that you don’t??? ok what the heck is a moo card… I went to the site and I am still lost! hahaha

  • 33.
    April said…

    Wow, can you really use Moo cards for scrapbooking? Please tell me more Ali. I love your work and love all the crazy things that you do on your pages.

  • 34.
    Kathy said…

    Thanks for the links. Going to the dermotologist this week. Spent a couple years in my early twenties in the tanning bed, but have stayed clear over many years. You never know…..

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