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July 13, 2007

One little word.


Catching up a bit on the One Little Word challenges. This one was for #3 : my. Love those Heidi Swapp Ghost Clocks. Planning to do #4 : new and #5 : simplicity soon. Here I played with a canvas (10×8) + beeswax  + lots and lots of layers again. White paint pen is from Sharpie.

I have received a few requests recently for me to post about the large canvas I made last year (featured in my CK Studio A column in November 2006).


This is a large canvas – 24 inches x 30 inches (you can find these at Micheal's or other craft stores). Chris ended up taking it with him to Salem and having it hang in his office. Layers include paint (mixing orange + yellow), patterned paper squares, enlarged black and white photos, accents, quotes printed on transparency, and journaling around the outside edge. I used paint to adhere the transparencies to the patterned papers.

Anyone going checking out garage sales this weekend? I saw a couple in the paper this morning that look interesting. I also bought some black spray paint to work on that chair from last weekend and studio reorganization is definitely in full swing. My list of house tasks seems to be a mile long – I should be cleaning out the garage (I have a fantasy about being able to park a car in there someday) but messing around in here sounds a bit more fun.


  • 1.
    Island jen said…

    hehehe…i can’t remember the last time i parked in the garage! ahhh… a girl can dream!
    good luck with the “to-do” list this weekend!

  • 2.
    Michelle B said…

    Hi Ali!
    Love the large canvas you did! Garage sales do sound like a fun weekend event. However, it is my youngest little guy’s 1st birthday and we got a party to prepare for -no garage sales for me! I hope you find some more great things in your adventure. And I hear you about the mile long lists!
    take care!

  • 3.
    Lynette said…

    Thank you…I loved seeing the canvas before and loved it again…gets me thinking…i am inspired to do one for my honey…10 year anniversary this week…perfect gift! Thank you ALl!

  • 4.
    Erin said…

    LOVE the big canvas piece, Ali-super cool.

  • 5.
    Jeanette said…

    I share the same fantasy about being able to park in the garage again. And I’m intrigued by your chair and spray paint project. Love a little craft project, home decor style!
    And I’m in awe of your canvas. Beautiful. :)

  • 6.
    Stephanie said…

    I need a white marker to write on black envelopes for my wedding invitations…do you think this marker would be suitable (before I go out and buy one)? I need a fine tip because I have such tiny handwriting.

  • 7.
    Julie said…

    “My list of house tasks seems to be a mile long – I should be cleaning out the garage (I have a fantasy about being able to park a car in there someday) but messing around in here sounds a bit more fun.”
    Ali, you have no idea how that comment blessed me! I am having a bummer day, and am only to aware of all of my “to do’s”. I just peeked in here, knowing that your site so often is encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting. I am giving myself the day off today (I write that with tears in my eyes), and I am going to figure out what FUN could look like at my house today. Maybe I just need to explore at garage sales :o )
    Thanks for being a great (albeit unknown) friend! Happy Weekend!

  • 8.
    Vee said…

    love your olw take!! have a great weekend :)

  • 9.
    suetreiber said…

    Parking in the garage is overrated.
    Play instead!!

  • 10.
    Jolene George said…

    I need to get some of those HS ghost clocks! CUTE! I can see why Chris took the canvas to put in his office. It turned out beautiful and it’s a piece of art rather than just a framed picture. I love it!
    Oh how i really want to park in the garage. That will be my goal in the next week or two. I finally have a car small enough to fit in a garage but the boxes have taken over. In this AZ heat it would be great to park in the shade. Good luck bailing yours out.

  • 11.
    windy said…

    Would love to hear the how to’s on how you did the canvas for the one little word. Very interested in the whole bees wax technique that you used. Your work is just beautiful!

  • 12.
    Ronda P. said…

    So very awesome to have you playing along! I love that canvas, both of them. Very cool. Can’t wait to see what you do with that chair!

  • 13.
    Erin Wells said…

    Hey Ali…
    I LOVE the canvas art you’ve been creating. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, but have been intimidated by it. Thanks for giving me a little “push.” Can’t wait to play.
    Have a great weekend!

  • 14.
    Meg said…

    What? No Oregon Country Fair? LOL, have fun at the sales! I’m heading to the Saturday Market in the morning, that’s adventurous enough for me! See ya at the pool!

  • 15.
    Ashley Schultz said…

    Count me in for garage sales. My husband and I enjoy going to them as often as is possible. There’s nothing like finding that perfect treasure for a few dollars.
    Love your canvas project.

  • 16.
    Cindy McDannold said…

    Love seeing your canvas again. Did one for my niece showcasing her daughter and son. She absolutely loved it and I had a great time doing it. Thanks again Ali. cindy

  • 17.
    jes said…

    i absolutely fell in love with that canvas when i saw it featured in CK, i’m so glad you posted about it here… as for the yard sales, we had one today and were very pleased with the results. can’t wait till we get moved and situated and i can become a purchaser rather than a seller!

  • 18.
    Joy said…

    wow…love all the layers on the OLW canvas. I have really been playing with that idea lately, which is funny, because I am more of a simplistic one or two layers tops kind of girl.
    I am hoping to find some old chairs and a table for the back porch this weekend. And there is no way you’ll ever get to park in there! It’s like an inside joke…every time I get mine clean, something else moves in. I get maybe a day or two tops. (toddlers+ running a home business+ not having a whole lot of storage in our tiny house= one very messy garage!) :D

  • 19.
    Janet said…

    I hit the jackpot at a garage sale today. Someone had purchased the contents of a storage unit that the renter didn’t claim. The owner appeared to be a married, male Japanese art student at the KC Institute of Art in the early 90s who returned to Japan for a visit during his studies. Many, many art books, sketch books, journals (both empty and used) and art supplies. I feel sad for the person who didn’t claim these items, and wish he could know how excited I was to find them.

  • 20.
    jamie said…

    thanks ali…i was one of those who inquired….so i appreciate you taking the time to share again! j

  • 21.
    gigi said…

    oooh WOWZERS!! LOOOVE the canvas…the clocks look fantastic :) have fun embracing some “MY time” this weekend :)

  • 22.
    Mary said…

    LOVE the canvas!!!! How did you adhere the pics & paper to the canvas? And, once everything was adhered, did you seal the canvas? If so, with what, Mod Podge????? Would LOVE to know. You’re such an inspiration!!!! Thanks!

  • 23.
    Kyra said…

    I love these clocks. I found a few at my local Archivers today. I passed on them thinking, would I really use them… Cha-right…guess I will be going back tomorrow. lol… Thanks for the inspiration Ali. :) You are always in the know. ¥

  • 24.
    tami said…

    My sister & I drove from the Canadian border to Vancouver, WA to go to garage sale yesterday…my did we find treasures! Dubois Park area neighborhood sale.
    A little crazy but we knew the garage sale proprietess and it was more of a Martha S. tag sale…We got to be early birds & had a fun sister journey. Left home at 7am and got home at 2am.
    Anything for treasures!

  • 25.
    Sue said…

    Your canvas is fantastic. I love it and may try it as I have a wall space that needs something. Once again, thanks for the inspiration.

  • 26.
    kelly jo said…

    Thanks for sharing the canvas.
    I started cleaning out my scrap space/office a few days ago and have lost the motivation to finish. Your canvas got my desire to scrap again going so I’m rolling up my sleeves…

  • 27.
    Laura Reaux said…

    That canvas is so neat. I hadn’t seen it. I just may have to take that idea & run with it! ;)
    And about your mile-long to-do list… that is exactly why I haven’t brought myself to write a to-do list in so long. I’m afraid it’s going to look overwhelming! On the other hand, not creating one has resulted in almost nothing getting done around here. Doh!

  • 28.
    Danielle said…

    Howdy! I saw something today on that I thought I would share with you. They now have this space-themed bed set that made me think of Simon. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out:

  • 29.
    Christina Katz said…

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! You have totally inspired me to create the canvases for our bedroom that I could only halfway imagine. Seeing how you did your family photos totally gives me the permission I’ve needed. As soon, as I get a Michael’s coupon out of the Sunday paper tomorrow, I’m going to begin.
    Thank you!
    P.S. I was also so inspired by your posts of your weekend finds that I’m posting my twenty dollars-well-spent in mine. It was a garage sale extravaganza around here. I’m still emptying out my office. Next week: new desk!

  • 30.
    sara said…

    I am so going to try a canvas like the one you featured in CK 2006. I know you adhered the transparencies with paint, but what about the photos and patterned paper? What did you use to keep those flat and not seeping through? Appreciate the advice…

  • 31.
    ~SandyPea~ said…

    That is gorgeous! I love those yummy colors. Your Studio A articles have really inspired me. We’re going to the San Juans this week so I made a travel journal after reading your article on the specific subject. I can hardly wait to work on it along the way!

  • 32.
    shelley said…

    These are awesome!

  • 33.

    Love the canvas very much!

  • 34.
    nia said…

    PLEASE share with me what font that it for the text on this canvas. I adore it!
    I am so diggin the burnt orange. Yum.

  • 35.
    Angela said…

    YES! Thank you for the inspiration. I have been thinking about doing a large canvas for my family room and this gave me a great idea. I love yours.

  • 36.
    Kim said…

    Love the canvas. I have had a plain white canvas in that same size as yours collecting dust for about 2 years now. I wanted to only put paint on it but I think I am a much better photographer than a painter so this would be perfect.
    I am curious, what did you use to adhere the photos to the painted canvas?
    Thanks as always for being an inspiration!

  • 37.
    kla said…

    I know those papers ;)
    Are you coming to hang out with us or WHAT!?

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