The path.

My Mom took this photo when we were all recently down on the coast. There are tons of trails along the beach, weaving in and out of the forest and right to the edge of the ocean.

I like seeing photos like this of the three of us together. Relates great to that post the other day about each of us being on our own separate journeys even while traveling down the very same path.

Yesterday I got a call from my dermatologist with the results of my skin biopsies. One of the moles they removed was melanoma. Luckily (and this is so the reason for being proactive and having your body checked) it was very, very early and only on the top layer of skin. I have to go back in and they will remove some more of my skin around that area as a precaution - to make sure they got all the cancer that was there with that mole.

So very lucky.

Here's to kind dermatologists, sunscreen and being smart about the sun.

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