In Vegas

for Memory Trends. Be back soon.

Also, Oprah is talking about autism on her show today with guests Jenny McCarthy + Holly Robinson Pete.  Hoping I can catch it on a rerun (or if my Mom can figure out how to work the Tivo). Thanks for the emails letting me know about this one.

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  1. Sue

    2007-09-18 07:07:22 -0400

    Hey Ali, in my area Oprah show is always repeated around 1am. try to check your listings ... maybe someone could record it for you.

  2. paula

    2007-09-18 07:30:34 -0400

    Oh Ali...I thought of you yesterday when they said Oprah was talking about Autism. I was planning on emailing you about it but obviously you know already...I would record it for you but I don't even know how to record things for myself LOL...hopefully you get to see it though...oh and have fun in Vegas!

  3. april nowotny

    2007-09-18 08:17:29 -0400

    Hey Ali,
    If your mom doesn't get the Tevo working you can always go to Oprah's website and watch it online. She keeps the shows on her site.

  4. april nowotny

    2007-09-18 08:17:31 -0400

    Hey Ali,
    If your mom doesn't get the Tevo working you can always go to Oprah's website and watch it online. She keeps the shows on her site.

  5. suetreiber

    2007-09-18 09:22:11 -0400

    have a great time at MT!

  6. LeeAnn Cole

    2007-09-18 10:03:41 -0400

    This was a great show. I do hope you get a chance to watch!

  7. Robin

    2007-09-18 12:09:38 -0400

    I saw the show today. It was a tear jerker. Jenny McCarthy was great. She must have been an encouragement to people who have children with autism. Holly Robinson Pete was good too. I even learned somethings I hadn't heard before.

  8. Susan D

    2007-09-18 12:46:40 -0400

    I watched the show and it was very informative and tearful! Jenny's book looks interesting. Anyway, thought of you when I saw the show and hoped you would get a chance to watch it!

  9. Candi Summers

    2007-09-18 12:52:21 -0400

    It was awesome. It was everything I would say if I were on Oprah. (almost.. :) I wish I had seen it right after my son was diagnosed because it was so right on.

  10. rachel carlson

    2007-09-18 16:02:42 -0400

    grabbed it on tivo today. we also have a tivo wireless transmitter networked with our macs, yep, chalet geek here in colorado - ha! i'll see if i can send the file in an email? or we could burn a cd for you to make sure you have it always. let me know, happy to help! hope you are enjoying MT! hugs, rach

  11. alexandra

    2007-09-18 16:31:38 -0400

    I watched the Oprah show today and thought of you (obviously) so often. Loved the honesty and the hope and spirit that the show brought forward. So much important info to get out to everyone. Would love to hear your thoughts on the show - hope you'll share on your blog.
    Also hoping that you are proud of your family and all that you do - you and Chris and Simon are breaking down those walls and it's an honour to watch your progress.

  12. Carole

    2007-09-19 03:59:22 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    I watched the show. I disagree with Jenny. I do not believe that autism is caused by the vaccines. My son didn't change after his vaccine at 18 months. He was always different. It just became more obvious as he got older. I hope that people don't stop having their children immunized because of what Jenny said. She is not a professional. This was her own opinion. It's not backed up by the medical community. They have researched this. They gave placebo vaccines to some 18 mth old and gave others the true vaccine. The kids who received the placebo were later diagnosed with autism as well.
    As informative as the show was, as a parent of an a boy with autism, I was disappointed with their theory.

  13. Lisa Spiegel

    2007-09-19 05:00:35 -0400

    Okay, I was just going to post a yay Jenny and Oprah post but the last poster got me on my soapbox...I watched the show and wanted to applaud and hug Oprah, Jenny and Holly for being brave enough to speak the TRUTH. SOMETHING is injuring our children. Most children have vaccines within the first week of life...of course, if your child was damaged early on he would have "always been different". Many mothers also have Rho gam while pregnant or another immunization (flu shot comes to mind) while pregnant and the damage could have been done prenatally. Vaccines aren't inheirently bad...Jenny said that, but the way they are administered and the fact that there are damaging substances in them makes them all too dangerous in their current standard. JMHO

  14. sara

    2007-09-19 05:30:12 -0400

    Hi Ali...
    As a long time reader of your blog, it occurred to me that I don't think I've ever read anywhere where you mention if you think it was a vaccine that triggered Simon's autism? Or maybe you don't presume to say?
    I'm pregnant with my first and it sure is a lot to think about. I plan to read Evidence of Harm. Have you read that? Are there docs that will delay the schedule?

  15. Lindsay K.

    2007-09-19 06:45:22 -0400

    Rho gam shot?
    OMG. I had them during both of my pregnancies. My son has been dx with Autism, but my daughter hasn't been. Is thimerosol in that as well?

  16. sprizee

    2007-09-19 06:50:40 -0400

    Oh, I hope you're able to catch the Oprah show. I just happened to run across is last night and I thought of you. Very interesting.

  17. Amy Hummel

    2007-09-19 09:42:38 -0400

    Have fun at Memory Trends. Wish I could go just to look... but alas, I'm not a retailer so I can't go... blah, blah, blah...
    Say hi to my good friend Cheryl. She's one of the 10 finalists for SOY, so I'm sure you will run into her ;)
    Have fun!

  18. Madeline R

    2007-09-19 12:37:52 -0400

    I was so grateful that they were allowed to talk about the vaccination/autism connection that i cried. I don't have a child with autism but have talked to many mothers who noticed changes in their kids soon after a vaccination. If there is even a possibility it should be talked about. I feel lucky to have been given info. when I was pregnant ten years ago that helped me to choose not to vaccinate across the board. We need pediatricians to be more respectful of the mothers' gut feelings. People are sometimes so harassed and frightened into it.
    On another note, I thought it was great that the moms got to ask people to see their kids as people with autism, not as autistic; to move away from labelling and judging and not seeing the whole child. And they mentioned how many amazing people (fo those who don't know) are on the autism spectrum.

  19. S Bassett

    2007-09-20 03:31:19 -0400

    I have it recorded to DVD and will be glad to send. The show was really good and focused on hope, faith and recovery. I don't have a child with autism but do have one with a rare kidney condition that seems to be more prevalent since all these vaccines. I totally agree with a mother's intuition and the thing that I loved most was the message of hope and options to help your kids.
    My hat is off to you and Chris for your role in bringing more focus on this topic.
    I definitely will read the book as I was very impressed with Jenny's viewpoint and dedication to helping her child first and then other moms.
    Stacy B.

  20. Candi Summers

    2007-09-20 04:17:48 -0400

    I felt that Jenny and Oprah were very conscientious with their comments about immunizations. As far as calling our children Autistic instead of saying their HAVE Autism... if you remove the stigma, the label doesn't matter.

  21. Jacquie Veach

    2007-09-20 14:25:47 -0400

    Hi Ali...I totally agree with what Stacy said above. This show was all about hope, faith and recovery. Those were Jenny's words...I LOVED her energy. What a inspiration and enthusiastic advocate for autism. It was a great show and I tvoed it too and would be glad to send it off to you. I was also impressed with the response Oprah received from the CDC saying that the current case studies did not see a coorelation but they are still investigating. Yes, still, the door is still open :)

  22. julie

    2007-09-21 12:20:39 -0400

    Thank you so much for posting about the Oprah show! After watching it, I went out and bought Jenny Mcarthy's book and am in awe of her and what other mothers like her do for their children.

  23. katie scott

    2007-09-21 17:09:22 -0400

    I don't think my son has autism but he does have some issues with sleeping and probably ADHD, he hasn't been officially diagnosed although we've seen a psychologist & psychiatrist / the psychiatrist though he was sleep deprived by his own doing & prescribed blood pressue medication that helps him to fall asleep. I saw the thing on Oprah & I'm going to try the the gluten free / dairy free diet. My son is so smart but he definately has some issues and I don't know exactly what it is but I'm excited to hear about alternatives to medication like diet and I'm going to try that. Jenny was also on 20/20 btw & I also just watched that. I've always loved her b/cs I think she is very geniune & has a lot of great things to say.

  24. Casey Boyd

    2007-09-21 19:13:14 -0400

    I just got the chance to watch the Oprah show on DVR, maybe I was just stalling...I watched the show and fought to hold back tears thinking of you and Chris and so many other mothers I have come to know through scrapbooking and then I was really taken back by what Jenny had to point out about signs. Some of these signs I see in my son and my question to you is how can you tell the difference between stuborness and autism; perfectionist "line up the cars" behavior and autism?
    It's obviously late here in Oregon and my son was asleep while I watched this, it made me want to wake him up and hug him tight. And then I thought about the message you have been conveying lately about taking in the day to day moments and I plan to get up in the morning and play the day away with him!

  25. Celia G.

    2007-09-28 12:16:14 -0400

    Happy Friday. Always a pleasure to read what you have to say for the day!! Love the stamps! I got the chance to meet you when you were in San Diego in June and I really enjoyed listening to you talk. I have been scraping for several years and have never tried anything besides 12x12 albums. Thank you for sharing your art at the event in June. It opened up my eyes to the mini album and I love them.
    keep creating the wonderful art you do!!!!

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