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September 26, 2007

September KOTM.

Today I worked on putting together my travel album from a trip to New Zealand and Australia last August – using the September Kit of the Month. This is one of those trips where I took along a travel journal (with great intentions like past trips – see my March 2006 Studio A column about Scrapbooking on the Road) and only ended up with a big pile of photos + maps + collected stuff rather than coming home with a completed journal. The truth was I just didn’t feel like working on it while I was traveling.

Here’s where the September kit comes in handy: it can be used after your trip OR during your trip. If you have an adventure coming up you could take it on the road and it has everything you need (including cool stamps) all ready to go in a tin that doesn’t take up too much space. Or, if you want to just wait and create when you come home you can collect stuff on the road (including journaling which is always so much fresher when you are writing on the road) and just put it together another time.

This would make a good gift for someone you know who has an adventure coming up as well.

The album comes with all the pages inside the spiral but I went ahead and removed them so I could add in brochures, photos, etc and make changes to the order (for a how-to on taking minibooks apart and putting them back together click here). I am really into page size variety right now. I also added a transparency sheet on the cover and as one interior page (an 8.5×11 cut to size). For adding pages I created holes using the Bind-it-all and my Crop-a-dile.

One thing I was so happy I had were blog posts related to my trip (in addition to some handwritten things I had written in my travel journal). I printed those out onto the paper from the album and added them back in – definitely tells a more complete story than I can remember off-the-top-of-my-head a year later.

Here’s a look at what I made with the kit (the rub ons were my favorite):







































Fun project. Excited to add it to the basket.

In addition, I want to give you a sneak peek of next month’s KOTM which should go on sale next week.

The concept? Hope & courage:



  • 1.
    Erin said…

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing so many pictures as well! Erin :)

  • 2.
    Sarah Bowen said…

    love all the different sizes and all the texture in this album, thanks fro sharing Ali!

  • 3.
    Laurel said…

    LUV,LUV,LUV what you did with this album!! I am SOOOO happy that I purchased the KOTM! I’m so inspired by what you did…can’t wait to get started!

  • 4.
    jessica said…

    How cool. So fun to see those pictures and remember the good times. We’ve got to go international together again soon!
    Love you!

  • 5.
    Mariangeles said…

    Love the book; will take a closer look as soon as I get the chance.

  • 6.
    donnadowney said…

    ali this album is spectacular!!
    i love it!

  • 7.
    Paola Norman said…

    Ali, thanks for sharing, and esp. for showing so much of the inside of the album. I really like the transparency idea..

  • 8.

    WOW! Where do you get all the creativity and also the time to finish all these GREAT projects. Your work is inspiring–thanks for sharing.

  • 9.
    Rosie said…

    Love this! Just bought the kit and can’t wait to take it apart and build an album with all the schtuff collected on a recent New Orleans trip.
    How did you make the transparency with the white days? Simply with a color laser printer?

  • 10.
    elise said…

    love it.

  • 11.
    Katie J said…

    this is fabulous and from someone who travels for work it’s truly inspiring.

  • 12.
    Candi Tardio said…

    hey ali…love this book!!!! love how you used the bind it all and put in your different “brochures” and additional items!!! i want that machine sooo bad :]

  • 13.
    kelly said…

    i’ve been anxiously waiting to see what you did with the kit and it looks fabulous! wow!!!

  • 14.
    Kayla S. said…

    Ali, this is AWESOME!! It turned out soooo wonderful! You took a great kit and made it sensational! Thank you for sharing all the photos.I can’t wait to try this!

  • 15.
    Haylee said…

    Wow your album looks amazing. I often find I prefer to do pages or projects a while after the event has happened, as it can give you more time to reflect and work out what you got out of it. And isn’t Australia just beautiful?! Ok, I’m a bit biased cause I am Australian, but anyway.

  • 16.
    psmullican said…

    WOW! I love your stuff! I hope to go to NZ myself someday. I have a best friend who lives there. Looking at your book makes me want to go BAD!

  • 17.
    amy said…

    Love your book….
    just an FYI…autism is the subject on Larry King Live will repeat at 9 PM pacific time if you are interested in watching!

  • 18.
    maple jenny said…

    Your creativity astounds me, Ali. So inspiring.
    A side topic: NPR this morning had a great story on autism. You should check it out on

  • 19.
    Heather Prins said…

    Okay, after seeing your take, I am ordering the KOTM! Thanks for sharing!

  • 20.
    Elizabeth said…

    Hi Ali,
    I have never looked at the kits or even really understood what they were, until now. How long did it take you to create this work of art?

  • 21.
    Brittany said…

    I LOVE this album so much! Your work is always so inspiring and your blog is full of such wonderful information. Creatively, I am always fed here. Thanks for sharing.

  • 22.
    Leah said…

    so beautiful, as usual.

  • 23.
    marygrace said…

    Oh my freakin’ goodness.
    You just blow me away.
    Again and again

  • 24.
    Lisette said…

    This is such a great idea. And I love how you put it all together. Amazing!

  • 25.
    Leigh-Ann said…

    Ali, this is incredible! take this the right way and as a compliment…you made it NOT feel/be tacky with all the pamphlets/clippings. great work!

  • 26.
    Nancy L in Vancouver, Canada said…

    Absolutely stunning. Now which company does that transparency or is that something you created? Also, love the stamp of the arrow that says The Details. Who makes that?
    Love it all. Sorry but to me this is perfection. Lovely!

  • 27.
    Nina said…

    Awesome montage. Gave me some good ideas about how to put my vacation photos together. Thanks for sharing your work!

  • 28.
    Christina Becker said…

    Amazing!! What a great album! Where in the world do you find the time to do all this stuff???? Not only putting this very creative album together but to also take all those photos, upload them and blog…. I can barely find the time to write a letter or complete one scrapbook page, with the demands of my three small children and my husband.
    Thanks for sharing! It is another mini album I know I will have to scraplift.

  • 29.

    WOW! You are always so inspiring! Incredible book!

  • 30.
    caro said…

    HeY! Ali – we were in Australia last August too! It changed our whole perspective, AND although I scrapped several pages with the pics…. I feel like scrapjacking your album as well! Super thanks.

  • 31.
    kim henkel said…

    so inspiring in every single way. motivates me to get my aus/nz book together too. xoxo

  • 32.

    Thank you for sharing.
    I’m currently starting on new project, for which I NEEDED this inspiration. He went to Taiwan and Japan for work for 6 days and brought home 300+ photos and lots of business cards, brochures, maps, all paper goodies he could get his hands on. I think he was channeling me during his trip ;)
    But I really wanted to make a cool, bit masculine album for him and I didn’t know how to start. But now I do! This is absolutely what tried to envision, but couldn’t. Thank you!
    The Netherlands

  • 33.

    He, as in my boyfriend… Duh… :)

  • 34.
    Loni said…

    Insanely cool!!! Insanely. :)

  • 35.
    junebug said…

    Very cool. Thank you for sharing. Hmmm, now I want to travel so I can make one of those.

  • 36.
    Maria said…

    AWESOME!!! Love your album. I wish I had all this information of my past travels and so wonderfully compiled… Great idea for the upcoming ones.

  • 37.
    Béa said…

    I just received my kit this morning (it takes more time to come to France …) and I’m very excited about it(especially because it’s the first one I’ve ordered).
    Your album is very inspiring and I can’t wait to start mine.
    Just one question: these transparent sheet that you used, where did you get them and can you print on them (or are these stickers??) ? Thanks Ali.

  • 38.
    Lisa D said…

    I do believe that this is the coolest album I’ve ever seen, Ali! I love it!

  • 39.
    Sandra said…

    I LOVE this album. You did an awesome job on it Ali, as you usually do on all of your projects. You are such a talented woman and I love seeing your work. You’ve inspired me to start working on my albums again soon. I miss it so much. Love all the photos you’ve posted and Simon is growing so fast.

  • 40.
    dawn said…

    You book looks amazing! Makes me want to travel the world! :-)

  • 41.
    kass said…

    now you need one for the Sydney part ;)

  • 42.
    Inge said…

    Hello Ali,
    Really like the kit! You are a good ‘sales-man’ ;) To bad I live in the Netherlands and the shipping is more than the kit costs.
    But it is fun looking at it and get inspired!

  • 43.
    Steph said…

    Ali – This has got to be the coolest mini-album I’ve ever seen!!!! Totally inspiring!!

  • 44.
    jennifer davis said…

    Love this Ali! Just awesome, thanks for sharing it here on your blog!

  • 45.
    Sara said…

    How long does it take you to do this? I am TERRIBLE at albums or mini books. Do you start this project for YOU for for an assignment? Just a couple of questions that popped into my head while reading. It is gorgeous by the way! What a GREAT way to document the trip! Sara

  • 46.
    Jen G said…

    So Amazing

  • 47.
    Sue said…

    Ali the album is AMAZING!!! I cant wait until I have more time to look at it. I might just have to order the kit. And I had better do it soon.
    I wanted to thank you for the inspiration earlier with your everyday something/using junk mail thing. I started a little album of things that make me smile … ads, pieces of junk mail etc … feels good that while not that creative I am doing something. I labeled my book ‘signs of the times’ and I love looking through it and adding to it.
    You totally rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 48.

    Wow, Ali! Incredible album – now I want to go buy one…yours is really cool! Thank you for posting this. I loved how you used the ephemera and the different sized papers to make it unusual. Also, the transparencies add such a great touch. Gorgeous!

  • 49.
    leslie said…

    and inspirational.
    thank you.

  • 50.
    Lu said…

    now, that is some happy fun!

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