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September 26, 2007

September KOTM.

Today I worked on putting together my travel album from a trip to New Zealand and Australia last August – using the September Kit of the Month. This is one of those trips where I took along a travel journal (with great intentions like past trips – see my March 2006 Studio A column about Scrapbooking on the Road) and only ended up with a big pile of photos + maps + collected stuff rather than coming home with a completed journal. The truth was I just didn’t feel like working on it while I was traveling.

Here’s where the September kit comes in handy: it can be used after your trip OR during your trip. If you have an adventure coming up you could take it on the road and it has everything you need (including cool stamps) all ready to go in a tin that doesn’t take up too much space. Or, if you want to just wait and create when you come home you can collect stuff on the road (including journaling which is always so much fresher when you are writing on the road) and just put it together another time.

This would make a good gift for someone you know who has an adventure coming up as well.

The album comes with all the pages inside the spiral but I went ahead and removed them so I could add in brochures, photos, etc and make changes to the order (for a how-to on taking minibooks apart and putting them back together click here). I am really into page size variety right now. I also added a transparency sheet on the cover and as one interior page (an 8.5×11 cut to size). For adding pages I created holes using the Bind-it-all and my Crop-a-dile.

One thing I was so happy I had were blog posts related to my trip (in addition to some handwritten things I had written in my travel journal). I printed those out onto the paper from the album and added them back in – definitely tells a more complete story than I can remember off-the-top-of-my-head a year later.

Here’s a look at what I made with the kit (the rub ons were my favorite):







































Fun project. Excited to add it to the basket.

In addition, I want to give you a sneak peek of next month’s KOTM which should go on sale next week.

The concept? Hope & courage:



  • 51.
    Margaret said…

    Just ordered three of these kits earlier this week. We are taking a family trip with our two grown daughters to Cuba for Christmas. Can hardly wait to see what we all do with them!
    Thanks for all the inspiring ideas and the little tutorial on taking them apart.

  • 52.
    Tonia said…

    Love this Ali!! I received this kit awhile back-now I jsut want to go somewhere really cool so I can put it to use! This is a fantastic album! TFS! And I can’t wait to see next months!

  • 53.
    Wendy said…

    I love love love it! Thank you so much for sharing all the pages and the inspiration!

  • 54.
    Cathy D said…

    I love what you did with the September Kit, now I feel so inspired to take a travel log type thing on my upcoming trip to California next week. Always an inspiration, thanks!

  • 55.

    lovin’ that travel album, Ali! TFS!

  • 56.
    Kimberly L.C. said…

    Why am I so short on cash right now? I have the perfect trip pictures for this album! Anyone want to lend me the $30?
    Nice work Ali!

  • 57.
    Deb Wisker said…

    Wow! We’re planning a trip to Ireland next June where we’ll spend 13 days touring the entire country. I purposely bought the travel journal for the trip. You’ve given me some great ideas on how to make my journal above average and an original work about our journey. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • 58.
    stacy said…

    love all the angles to it very cool and the transperencies to gorgeous ali as always !!

  • 59.
    LauraP said…

    that looks great! how do you keep the rub-ons from scratching off of your transparencies? that seems to be my most difficult task when using transparencies.
    thanks! LauraP

  • 60.
    Davean said…

    I’ve been checking the kit of the month site to see if you were going to have an album posted. I’m so glad you posted here!! I love what you did with it and love that you got so much in it!! Can’t wait to get started on mine.

  • 61.

    That is so cool.

  • 62.
    Carole said…

    Love the different page sizes – thank you for sharing !!
    Carole / Sharin’ Memories Olympia Wa

  • 63.
    katie said…

    you never cease to amaze me! This album is so cool!!!love seeing all the pages!!

  • 64.

    Your work is so so great. I always love to look at it!

  • 65.
    katie said…

    totally cool! you never cease to amaze me! you are the scrapper’s energizer!! love it!

  • 66.
    Tiffani said…

    I, too, LOVE what you did with this book!!! The KOTM has been tempting me and I have resisted so far, but may not be able to anymore!

  • 67.
    Ali said…

    Thanks for sharing your album. I love it! I just went and ordered one. I can’t wait for it to get here so I can get started.

  • 68.
    Carol said…

    luv it, as always, your constant creative mind inspires me…thank you!

  • 69.

    Very, very cool! Love how you used the kit and I am so very inspired to get mine out and use it! Thank you so much for posting this. :)

  • 70.
    Amber said…

    LOVE it!!! Very inspiring!

  • 71.
    melanie said…

    love what you did here – feeling so filled up with inspiration!

  • 72.
    Cheri said…

    Love what you did with the book. I just got mine yesterday and I am going to use if for a mission trip to Haiti. I was debating whether to take it with me or not or work on it before hand. I think now I will stick to my original plan and just take a journal and do it after so I can take it apart and really have fun with it.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 73.
    mary said…

    fun album. . . makes me look at the kit differently. on a side, don’t you love wagamamas!

  • 74.
    Island jen said…

    that is a schweeet album! love every itty bitty detail of this!!

  • 75.
    Yvonne said…

    Wow! Phenominal, amazing book. I wanna be you when I grow up!

  • 76.
    Liz Ness said…

    Beautiful and a great collection of travel “artifacts” too! AWESOME!

  • 77.
    Jennifer said…

    LOVE the book! Is this Lisa Bearnson’s kit or one of your’s Ali???

  • 78.
    Keely said…

    i was so tempted by this kit, but haven’t done a thing with your kotm yet. i think you’ve pushed me over the edge, once again. thanks!!

  • 79.
    Barbara said…

    I loved how eclectic it was- all the different sizes really added a liveliness to your story! But then that neat binding pulled it all together, keeping it clean and tidy. LOVE IT!

  • 80.
    melissa deakin said…

    totally amazing.
    totally inspiring.
    you so rock!
    thanks so much
    for sharing this!

  • 81.
    alyssa said…

    Wow! This is so dang cool. Love how you incorporated your maps into the album.
    Traveling and playing with paper are 2 of my absolutely favorite things. Soooo much inspiration here.
    U Rock!

  • 82.
    ShellyJ said…

    Great job! I’ve been waiting to see your take on the Travel Kit :) Thanks for sharing it… and can’t wait to see your kit next month!

  • 83.
    Gloria said…

    I wasn’t going to buy the travel KOTM until I saw what you created! You are awesome!!!

  • 84.

    TFS this GREAT mini album Ali! i LOVE it!
    Because of our journey to NZ five years ago I started scrapbooking; but never did the NZ pics…. Next week our NZ friends will visiting us and I’m so sorry I can’t still show them NZ scrapbooks…I wish I was that quick as you are :)

  • 85.
    Christen Krumm said…

    Something I’ve always wondered… How you you get your stuff binded? Do you do it yourself? I love how in the middle of the book there is a handful of pictures, or an envelope… I was just wondering… :) Great job I love it.. I’m inspired.

  • 86.
    Michelle said…

    Ali.. I really love this! It’s nice to see your memories of our little country… And I love how it brought back memories of CC 06 for me.

  • 87.
    Jamie Kuhnhausen said…

    You are just CRAZY talented. I don’t know what else to say. You amaze me.
    Beautiful, cool, awesome….I love it!

  • 88.
    Danielle said…

    So excited to see your completed travel journal. I picked up this kit and I plan on taking it to St. Augustine when me and my husband go on a little romantic getaway! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • 89.
    jamie said…

    every since you highlighted lisa mcgarvey’s travel album in your blog, i have loved the different size pages too. am in the middle of finishing a book from traveling through the rocky mountains, and using that method for the first time. it has been fun and freeing. your book is awesome and loving your different size pages too. makes me want to go re-do my paris book! thanks again for sharing.

  • 90.
    Sasha said…


  • 91.
    kate campbell said…

    What a great travel journal. So fun to see what you did with it, and so inspiring. Can you share where your “the details” stamp came from? It’s just what I’m looking for. You can email me if you like (

  • 92.
    tara said…

    i dont know if you are still reading these
    i am going to have to kick your ass when i see you in november for your extreme amount of awesomeness.
    time to knock you back down to our level. with some ass kicking.

  • 93.
    Juliet said…

    AWESOME ALBUM!!! Very unconventional travel album & very inspirational!!! LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing, Ali!

  • 94.
    Kareen said…

    This is awesome,every page is a treat for the eyes.

  • 95.
    Iara said…

    fantastic album! love it! thanks for sharing all the pictures and for the inspiration!

  • 96.
    Jeani said…

    OMG, i totally love it! I would be excited too to add it to MY basket :) Thanks for sharing!

  • 97.
    Heidi said…

    Your wonderful album reminds what a great time I had in Wellington in your class, and how awful the weather in Auckland was that weekend! Thanks for sharing.Come back soon!

  • 98.
    The Queen said…

    I LOVE this scrap booking idea!! I would marry it if I could. Looking at the way you created and expanded the initial idea is amazing. I want one now. Thanks for showing this :)

  • 99.
    Inge said…

    I bought the travelkit yesterday! Due to the positive exchange rate I could not resist. Thanks Ali for sharing! Have a nice weekend,

  • 100.
    Sharna said…

    I can’t tell you how much I love what you did with this!!! WOW! Will you post it to Flickr or Two Peas so that I can save it to favorites?? Thanks for all that you share with us!

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