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September 12, 2007

Storing mini-books.


Cleaned up around here today and got all my minibooks into one basket in our dining room (read more on minibooks in a past AEzine issue here). I like having them out in the open and available for Simon or Chris or guests (or me) to pick up and touch and look though and give them a bit of love. I am pretty sure that basket came from Home Goods awhile back – the length works so well for all those books.

And I must admit, the holidays are on my mind. I am starting a nice little stash of holiday products and making a list of projects I want to create – many are home decoration stuff using scrapbook products. Look for most of those projects to be showcased in upcoming issues of the newsletter (coming back to life again soon).

The holiday excitement wasn't helped with the arrival of the Pottery Barn catalog today – which included lots of red stuff. I gotta get through Halloween + Thanksgiving…but the Christmas ideas are percolating and getting written down so I won't forget.

A couple of things in my stash right now include these (to make tree tags), the St. Nick line from Making Memories, and this stamp (654F). It's been fun adding things to the basket and planning ahead.


  • 51.
    Kirsty Wiseman said…

    i cant wait for my house to be re-hauled JUST so I can display my mini books and wall art.
    Just love that extra wide basket……. thanks you for inspiring me.
    My idea book just got a little bigger xx

  • 52.
    MizzBizzi said…

    Ali, what a wonderful idea to just put them in the dining room! It looks great.

  • 53.

    GREAT IDEA!!!!

  • 54.
    Donna Bolsar said…

    Thanks Ali for such a simple idea! I have put off making mini albums for myself, since I never knew how to display them. With no kids of my own, and scrapbooking almost 100% for my nieces & nephews, this gives me the reason I need to create some mini albums for my husband and me to enjoy all our relatives, and to be able to share with others. Thanks!

  • 55.
    emilyruth said…

    plus we are getting pottery barn soon at oakway!…i am so excited about that…even if i can’t afford to shop it, i can look & touch:)…love thinking on christmas…thanks:)

  • 56.
    Nina said…

    Everything you do inspires me! Just to have enough mini books to fill a basket would make me want to celebrate.

  • 57.
    Christine Cook said…

    You had a quote on the left side of your blog that you just changed. I LOVED it. I was going to write it down, but didn’t do it in time. Is there anyway you could email it to me, or post it again??

  • 58.
    Brigitte said…

    THAT is such a cool idea !!
    Thanks for sharing this !! :)

  • 59.
    Sharon Sng said…

    I love the ideas of showing your minibooks for everyone to share! definitely something to put on my dining table =D. I need to find a nice basket now.

  • 60.

    WOW! I just checked out your ART journals and I am so impressed and inspired. I was in a scrap rut and like more collage-y, artsy stuff and I want to go running to my scrap table after seeing your creations. Thanks for inspiring!!

  • 61.
    Jenn from MA said…

    I have that Cat’s Life stamp and used it a TON last year at Christmastime. I love it so much!!

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