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October 30, 2007

Yesterday + Today.

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I came across this layout tonight as I was working on my classes for this weekend’s CK Convention in Bellevue, Washington (There are a couple spaces in some of the classes left. Ask at the registration desk when checking in for details). Simon and Ruby were so little. Especially when comparing their photos from this past weekend:

There’s a cool kinship between them. Really happy to have them in our lives.

Getting ready for Halloween tomorrow.


  • 1.
    Cate said…

    It’s amazing how fast they grow up! Have fun at CKC! I wish I was coming!!

  • 2.
    Susan said…

    And at the time, they probably seemed so big! I’m pretty much always taken aback when I look back through pics and layouts at how little one of my boys is compared to my memory of him at that time.
    We made our lollipop ghosts for school tomorrow, so hopefully everyone’s dreaming sweet dreams. Hope Simon is, too! Happy Halloween!

  • 3.
    Jess said…

    Wow-I love these then and now pictures.
    So cool to see how much the kids have changed and grown.
    Hope Simon has an awesome Halloween.
    Have fun at CK Convention, I would take your class in heartbeat if I lived closer:) Jess

  • 4.
    Cheryl Hill said…

    I too love looking at pictures of my daughter as she grew. I had a tingle of happiness when I read your mention of the CK classes this weekend. I will be in your class on Saturday, and I can’t wait.
    Have a happy Halloween.

  • 5.
    jamie said…

    just wanted to say i LOVE your danny gregory quote on your page. so true! between you and me, i get weary of people saying they don’t have any time to do anything. i mean, how much csi can one watch? okay…got that off my chest.
    thanks for all your inspiration!

  • 6.
    Lisa O said…

    oh, I just thought of this layout when I saw the photos of Simon and Ruby the other day. I was so suprised to see how big they are!

  • 7.
    Marilyn Tan said…

    gorgeous kids! :D It’s really heartwarming when we browse back the photos we took for our kids. Especially more meaningful when we put them in pages and leave memoirs.

  • 8.
    Anilu Magloire said…

    So funny… That is one of my favorite LOs of yours and my girlie has been singing up a storm with the same mircophone Simon’s holding in that pic :)

  • 9.
    chel said…

    Hey, the $3 Target microphone!! Gracie LOVES that- it’s the best toy find. We got it a year ago and she still uses it multiple times daily. She’s makes the same announcement on it daily- she walks over to us and just says *something* which we cannot understand. We started calling it the Subway Announcement because it sounds like the inaudible announcements on the NYC Subway.

  • 10.
    Joanne said…

    I thought of this page when I saw the photos you posted earlier of Ruby and Simon. They have grown haven’t they? Have found in Washington…wish I could attend your class, but alas, no one ever comes to Iowa!

  • 11.
    Tina said…

    love it!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Halloween!!!!

  • 12.
    Debbie said…

    Time makes a difference
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy Halloween!!

  • 13.
    jessica said…

    It’s so special that Simon has this friendship with Ruby. She’s adorable! They will be friends for life!
    Love you,

  • 14.
    kim b said…

    Ali – Your style is timeless. This page is from three (or more) years ago and it looks like you could have made it yesterday. Once again, I am amazed by you, but that is not suprising, you amaze me everyday. Your faithful follower (hee hee)
    Kim G
    CKU-Anaheim 2007

  • 15.
    kim b said…

    P.S. Thanks for posting your itune lists, I have downloaded almost all of the songs and scrap, exercise, clean, etc. to them everyday. It really gives me the energy to keep going and grooving.

  • 16.
    Deborah said…

    I love this layout. I have been out of scrapbooking for so long and am now looking for inspiration to get back into it. I just found your blog – I’m going to be finding lots of inspiration here!!

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