And they are up.

Decided to go the "tack in the wall" route - using small thumb tacks to attach the boxes right into the wall. The holes will be covered with a large wall calendar when the boxes come down after Christmas. They seem to be holding pretty darn good right now.

Wanted to address some of the comments/questions from the yesterday's post:

1. these are paper/chipboard boxes not wood
2. box dimensions are 2.5x2.5, 3.5x3.5, and 4.5x4.5 inches
3. loved the idea of a big old frame to go around the outside of the grouped boxes - may try that one next year
4. this project actually goes really quick - I did it in an evening (between dishes, getting Simon to bed, having a glass of wine, etc)
5. loved all the different ideas for sticking them to the wall (or some sort of backing such as a cork board or magnets)

I also got an email from Shannon that included a PDF of Advent "experiences" - little actions that can be cut and placed in an Advent calendar. I emailed Shannon and she was cool with me sharing the PDF here: HolidaySpiritBoxPrompts. Here's what she wrote in the email:

The last two years, the Advent "Fairies" have come to our house each day of Advent and they bring experiences rather than "things." Last year I compiled some of our (er, I mean, their!) better ideas and put them onto sheets which I printed and then cut into little cards. I put the cards inside a decorated box (which I dubbed a Holiday Spirit Box). I sold these boxes at a school fundraising event and also gave them as Christmas presents. The idea being that you reached into the box, pulled out a card and picked an idea to fill you with some holiday spirit. Attached is a PDF of the experiences I put in these boxes. There are more ideas than they are the days of Advent, but if this idea spoke to you, you could pull the ideas that would be most fun and meaningful for your family. Whether you use the ideas to count down Advent with experiences or gift someone with a holiday spirit box, I have found sharing meaningful experiences of the season the best gift of all.

Love this idea and will be including some of these into the boxes.

Simon and I hit a really cool holiday sale this morning called Christmas Memories - if you are local it is still happening tomorrow and is completely worth checking out. Lots of delightful vintage stuff and beautiful wreaths filled with rosehips:

I met a lady who goes every year just to pick up one of these wreaths. She said the one she got last year lasted until Valentines.

As we were driving home this morning I came to the conclusion that I like this idea of stretching out the season - this is the first time I have ever actually pulled holiday stuff out in November. I am using my time now for preparation, for gathering + going through what I already own (and forget about from year to year). And changing my outlook to include Thanksgiving within this same general season rather than looking at it as a separate holiday...or the one to get through before Christmas can finally come around again.

I am looking forward to the possibility of simply enjoying the season: having people over, sitting in the living room lit only by the tree lights, reading, watching holiday movies, listening to holiday music.

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