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Attended a great wreath-making party this afternoon.

Everybody brought a bunch of things to share and we all went to town creating. This was the first time I have ever made a wreath and it was so cool - we were all really glad that our friend Amy was there as our guide (she worked as a florist in another life) to get us all going in the right direction from the start. It seems to be all about the wire and the bunching .

I ended up making two - the one above and this one that's now hanging in the dining room.

Loved seeing how we all started with the same basic things to choose from and they all turned out so unique and beautiful. Next year I think I want to try incorporating some fruit (Amy put apples on hers and it was so cool). Maybe pomegranates.

My friend Shari (our fantastic hostess) also had these up on her wall - I love how she used photos on some of the boxes. So happy to see all kinds of interpretations on this - thanks again Martha for such a great idea:

Hoping to get lights up on the house tomorrow. Chris and Simon spent the day measuring how many lights we are really going to need for the festive look we imagine.

Merry. Merry.

Loving the new holiday compilation CD from Starbucks.

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