Christmas Project #3 : Advent Boxes

This one came straight out of Martha Stewart Kids and can be seen online here.

I picked up the boxes at our local Ben Franklin. I went with three different sizes for variety - each will hold a special treat. First off was painting two coats on each box - I went with Making Memories Cranberry (of course)(11), Avocado (5), and Paper Bag (8).

After the paint dried I laid them out to get a feel for their placement and picked some numbers to work with. I decided to repeat some of the same elements I used in the December daily album. Circle numbers from, chipboard from Basic Grey, and foam numbers from American Crafts.

After I had my plan worked out, I painted the chipboard numbers cream and then sealed each of the boxes with Mod Podge before attaching/adhering the numbers.

Now I just need to figure out on which wall I am going to hang these and what goodies will go inside each one...

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  1. kate

    2007-11-09 02:52:23 -0500

    I LOVE this! I wish I had room in my little apartment to do this, well, and to store it... beautiful!

  2. Amanda Mankin

    2007-11-09 03:13:09 -0500

    love it! thank you or sharing yourself and your cool art with others!!

  3. Carole Hepburn

    2007-11-09 04:02:55 -0500

    Ali - got my boxes painted last night and are ready to go today after work ~ I bought a canvas ( painted it too ) to adhere the boxes to , will add a huge ribbon to the top and hang it on the wall ~ can't wait to get working on it, you inspire me ..... maybe I will take half of today off............Happy weekend !

  4. jen paddack-hyde

    2007-11-09 04:27:28 -0500

    I LOVE this idea...I'm thinking of doing this but just setting them around the house so my daughter has to look for the right date. She loves advent calendars:)

  5. cheryl

    2007-11-09 06:01:47 -0500

    Oh, I SO LOVE this!!!! I can't wait to do these. This will be may project for the week we're out for Thanksgiving!!

  6. amy m

    2007-11-09 06:32:09 -0500

    I love this idea. I am busy working on a advent calendar right now too. Perhaps next year I'll give this ago. It's perfect.

  7. evelyne

    2007-11-09 06:47:25 -0500

    Hi Ali
    You always have such original and beautiful ideas!!
    Thanks for sharing them with us..
    You truly inspire me

  8. ConnieC

    2007-11-09 06:52:10 -0500

    I think it would be cool to find a big (and ornate) frame from a estate sale, junk store, or yard sale and back it with plywood. You could use paint or decorative paper to decorate the plywood. Then you have a framed piece to hang. And it's reusable.

  9. Heather S.

    2007-11-09 06:55:45 -0500

    Just awesome Ali! Thank you sooo much for sharing! Love it!

  10. Tna

    2007-11-09 07:30:17 -0500

    yeah! you are quick...i love this idea and it makes me wanna try it too...hope i can get around to it before the month ends...thanks for the inspiration...your idea gets me going...thank you!

  11. MariaM

    2007-11-09 07:31:49 -0500

    happy belated birthday wishes!
    these boxes are so cute!!! love the color choices - very christmas!
    and...another etsy shop for me to fall in love with :) thanks

  12. Deborah

    2007-11-09 08:42:55 -0500

    I almost e-mailed you YESTERDAY to ask you if you had any ideas for a box advent calendar. I do like the different sizes idea, but I decided to stick with all the same size and I'm going to make a box to hold them all in. I will have to send you a pic when I'm done.

  13. Penny

    2007-11-09 08:55:06 -0500

    How cute!! I'm curious how you're going to hang them up. Simon's going to have a ball with these.

  14. Carole Hepburn

    2007-11-09 09:21:41 -0500

    I got the boxes, painted them last night , also painted a canvas to put them onto
    (and will hang it with a big ribbon), tonight add the numbers and maybe some festive paper inside and then get some fun stuff to put inside !!! I love staying up late =) I was going to work on it at the crop Saturday at the store but could not wait one more day !!!

  15. Carrie

    2007-11-09 10:03:38 -0500

    Gasp - so amazing.
    When are you coming to my house to do all this domesticated, crafty stuff?

  16. Renee

    2007-11-09 14:36:18 -0500

    Hi I was just wondering is the one paint color called "Shopping Bag"?

  17. Amy Hummel

    2007-11-12 07:47:20 -0500


  18. Tracey Bish

    2007-11-18 15:24:54 -0500

    I love this idea and saw it a week ago because I always look at your blog! I am addicted to it. I have the link on my blog.
    Anyway I am on a local Design Team here in Indiana and we did the oragami boxes in December 2007's Creating Keepsakes. Thought that would also be a cool way to actually make the boxes. you could make them out of patterned holiday papers and cut the paper down to make them different sizes! -Love your blog, you give me so much inspriation! -Tracey

  19. Alina

    2007-11-19 02:14:49 -0500

    you can make the boxes using origami, its on the december CK, but I figure a simple search can give you the instructions

  20. Alina

    2007-11-19 03:23:18 -0500

    the boxes can be made using the instructions for the origami trinket box on the december issue of CK, but Im sure they can be founf online as well

  21. Kris

    2007-11-20 16:24:12 -0500

    We were inspired by your Christmas project and had a little craft day today! :)
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  22. Pngwn

    2007-12-04 03:34:36 -0500

    I started an Advent tradition this year as well, all though a little different. I love your idea, and I wish I would have seen it earlier. Although, I can see our Advent tree as being a new tradition in our family.
    I bought a small tree (about a foot tall), got a small star tree topper, and a cute little tree skirt. I put lights on the tree and bought some cute little gift boxes. I bought two different kinds of mini tree ornaments and a bag of candy and filled the boxes. I then numbered them 1-24 using sticky foam stars and trees and put them under the tree. After we open the boxes and put the ornaments on the tree, we put the boxes back under the tree, so that it keeps it pretty. By Christmas, the tree will be totally decorated!

  23. PacificTonz

    2008-01-02 19:01:15 -0500

    These are fabulous - can I ask what you used to fix them to the wall, not quite sure what is strong enough to hold them and their candy contents and temporary enough not to need the wall repainted?

  24. Dana

    2008-03-03 21:07:56 -0500

    Very funny boxes!

  25. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

    2009-11-14 18:45:09 -0500

    They're super cute!!

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