Christmas Project #4 : Word Cards

I picked up these cards from Paper Source awhile back when I began collecting things to use for holiday decorating. You could easily make these at home (they are 2 inches x 4 inches) and add them to a tree or wreath. I put small silver eyelets in each one with my crop-a-dile and hung them with small green ornament hooks.

Simon was all over these last night asking, "what's this word?" He took them all down and then put them all back up a couple of times. The one he knows by sight and heart already: joy.

And yes, I put up one of the trees already.  It's crazy, I know, but it sure is fun.

My plan is to have one fake tree in each of the following spaces: our bedroom, Simon's bedroom, and the dining room (that's where this one is). I am slowly but surely putting things out, trekking back and forth to the garage, rediscovering stuff in my bins, thinking + planning.

Simon and I have also been checking out local Goodwill's seeing what cool holiday stuff we can find: ornaments, fake trees, pictures of santas + holiday scenes that I am framing and putting up around the house. I found this old chalkboard there the other day and am thinking of different ways it can be used - right now it is on the porch next to the container of rosehips.

Creating Keepsakes has a new special issue out called 101 Hip, Handmade Gifts by Nicole LaRue. Tons of cool ideas inside. She also had some really great tags featured in the December issue - I am looking to make something along these lines for our gifts (love the simplicity of type + the idea to use elastic rather than ribbon):

And finally, a simple word of thanks today as we celebrate Veteran's Day here in America. Thank you to those who serve, who have served, and to the families who support those who serve.

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