Thinking ahead (Christmas Project #2 : December Daily).

I am completely in the holiday mood.

We found out over the last few days that it looks like we will be hosting a bunch of family here for Christmas and it is lighting my fire even more for creating and decorating.

Right now I have a list of projects I am working through - figuring out which order I want to tackle them and reflecting a bit back to the things I made last year like this and these. Totally planning to make something along these lines as well.

One thing I have already made (besides starting the ATC spinner ) is a December journal which is featured in my Creating Keepsakes Studio A column for December (available in stores now). The idea here is to take some time before December to create an album that can be easily added to (photos + words) during the actual days of the month. Documenting the everyday activities of December.

I did lots of playing with this album: different sizes, different textures, envelopes and lots of transparent products. I set it up so that each page included a bit of space for journaling (added blocks onto transparent pages) and some room for a photo. The cool thing about working with a ring album such as this is that I can add in photos as pages (an entire photo could be a page) if I want to add more than one per day or do some enlargements. My plan is that from the 1st through the 25th I will simply add a photo and a bit of journaling to each page and call it good.

Here's a look at some pages from that project:

One of my favorite pages is peeking through in this photo: I cut up a Heidi Swapp transparent clock (a bit more than 1/4 of the clock) and am using it as a page all by itself. Love the bit of curve it adds.

When gathering supplies for this album, look to what you have on hand first off. I bet you may just have some transparencies, some envelopes, some stamps for the numbers, etc. that would work just fine. And for those of you out there who are looking to do a bit of shopping, take a look at the list below for products featured in this project:

Acrylic Album: d. reeves design house (8x8)
Large Acrylic Star: Picture It Pageframe
Transparencies: Hambly, Narratives, Heidi Swapp, My Mind’s Eye
Chipboard Numbers & Letters: Basic Grey, Scenic Route
Red Circle Numbers:
Metal Clip: Narratives
Letter Stickers: Scenic Route, American Crafts
Vintage Journal Blocks: Jenni Bowlin
Paint: Making Memories Cranberry
Envelopes: Paper Source
Rub On Numbers: Fontwerks

Look for completed pages to be featured on CK's website daily during December.

If you want to do something even more delightfully creative this holiday season, check out my friend Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas online class. I have done this project for the past couple of years and have so enjoyed the creative prompts and process.

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  1. Nicky Anderson

    2007-11-08 02:49:49 -0500

    Always inspiring Ali and creative. Love the ideas, may have to try and fit some in around the xmas quilting projects!!!

  2. Marty

    2007-11-08 02:50:50 -0500

    thanks for all the Christmas tips in this post. I'd love to take Shimelle's class! Have a great day! :)

  3. Gayle

    2007-11-08 02:52:24 -0500

    LOVE IT!
    I can't wait to see more.

  4. MichelleW

    2007-11-08 02:55:13 -0500

    Very cool! Love it that others' are already into the holiday spirit. Been listening to my Christmas tunes for weeks already (and embarrassed to say that out loud!!). Inspiring, once again. Thanks!

  5. Teresa

    2007-11-08 03:04:11 -0500

    What a gorgeous idea!!!! Love it!

  6. stolenbaby

    2007-11-08 03:09:21 -0500

    You are such an inspiration! I am new to your blog and just adore it:) Even tho I have all of your books, it's so great to be able to check out your archives and keep current on what you are creating.
    I saw you and Simon at Scrapbook Fever some time back, but would have felt like a dork saying "Hi!" My DD recognized you both first-she's 6;) Simon is just a doll.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!
    Canby, OR

  7. Erin

    2007-11-08 03:57:35 -0500

    Ali.....I JUST did this idea for the month of October! I'm still working on the last days, and it is turning out SO cute. We did so much in October, and I wanted a little place for pictures and journaling every day.

  8. Karla

    2007-11-08 04:09:35 -0500

    GORGEOUS!!!!! I just figured out the idea of setting up my Christmas album BEFORE Christmas :)
    I am going to be VERY busy during the Holiday season but hope to get all my artsy stuff done smoothly! Thanks for sharing ^----^

  9. kate

    2007-11-08 05:23:40 -0500

    k, I LOVE the Christmas collage frame you did last year... I am definitely adding that to my to do list for this year... I have already made 8 handmade gifts... I am hoping to finish up with gifts in time to make some fun decor for the home... nice

  10. CocoCupcake

    2007-11-08 06:18:31 -0500

    sooo cute love that album!!

  11. suzi finer

    2007-11-08 06:37:54 -0500

    loving the acrylic wave...

  12. Judi D

    2007-11-08 07:11:29 -0500

    Love Holiday1 - I was looking for ideas for house warming gift for my niece. This will be perfect for 1st time home owners who may not have much Xmas decorations. Thanks

  13. Maggie

    2007-11-08 07:20:10 -0500

    You inspire me. And that takes a lot. Thanking God for you today. The Lord has so gifted you to be a blessing to others by the work of your hands. I praise God for that today. Keep being a blessing!

  14. Shelley Haganman

    2007-11-08 22:58:32 -0500

    I am in LOVE with transparencies and anything clear! Love the album and really love the Advent box project! Shelley Haganman

  15. Pam

    2007-11-09 00:44:20 -0500

    Love the clear book, what a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Penny

    2007-11-09 08:56:40 -0500

    I absolutely love this. Brilliant.

  17. paige

    2007-11-10 12:26:08 -0500

    this has to be the cutest , most creative book i've seen done this year!!!!
    running, not walking, to buy the CK so i can check it out completely.
    thanks for such a fun inspiration.
    i LOVE IT!!!!!

  18. Barb

    2007-11-10 14:31:09 -0500

    Ali - I totally am in love with your acrylic album - would love to be able to make one for myself but don't even know where to begin! How about teaching this class online???PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE?!!!!

  19. maggie Holmes

    2007-11-11 03:27:03 -0500

    ali, you seriously amaze me!! not only with your creativity but that you find and make the time to actually bring all of your amazing thoughts to fruition. i can't tell you how many things i want to do but never do.... maybe it has something to do with having 4 kids 6 and under! :) anyway, love your album! such a cool idea - hopefully i can figure out a way to get something like this done this year!

  20. Lindsey Trego

    2007-11-13 06:21:24 -0500

    What kind of adhesive do you use when adhering acyrlic to paper?

  21. Wendy

    2007-11-14 00:59:29 -0500

    I was wondering about the bottle caps. My friend and I have been saving bottlecaps because we wanted to make pins, but we don't know what to fill the caps with after we put our design in them. Any help will be appreciated.

  22. Mireia Carbonell

    2007-11-21 10:20:44 -0500

    i love this project aly!

  23. aster lim i-mei

    2007-11-21 13:58:10 -0500

    hey ali. can we heat emboss on transparencies?

  24. Julie Howard

    2007-11-23 15:57:23 -0500

    Ali, I just love this album! I have been working with acrylic a lot lately, and have been having so much fun. This is such a clever idea, and will work so well to remember all the things we have planned for December! Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Jackie

    2008-01-04 10:17:28 -0500

    What a fabulous idea! I love the acrylic look. Thanks for taking the time to share all your ideas!

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