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December 27, 2007

Christmas past.


Amazing how fast it goes isn't it?

We had a wonderful whirlwind little boy Christmas here this year. Loved having all the family here in our little place. Loved having Uncle John & Auntie Liz & Cousin Henry as house guests.

Here's some highlights/observations from the past few days:

1. On the 22rd poor Simon was running into his bedroom to dive into his tent and somehow caught his head on the door on the way in. The result was a big black eye.

2. John & Liz arrived on the 23rd to the super delight of us all. Lots of lounging on the big brown couch + pizza for dinner.

3. Had been battling a bit of a cold this past week and woke up the night of the 23rd/24th with the worst ear pain in my life. Spent Christmas Eve morning at Urgent Care + waiting for a prescription for an ear infection. Gotta love that.

4. Came home to rest, my parents arrived, and then we all headed over to Chris' parents for Christmas Eve dinner. Awesome lasagna. Awesome antibiotics for my ears. After dinner + a bread pudding dessert we drove around and looked at lights and then came back here in time to put Simon + Henry to bed and move the couches around and get ready for Santa.


5. Christmas morning was just right. It was just the six of us for most of the morning. We opened some stuff and then took breaks so the boys could play and then dive back in again.  It was warm and cozy and just right. Henry's favorite gift was a 6-iron…he is the biggest little golfer (and he is good) I have ever seen. He is all about balls – specifically golf balls. Simon's favorite present was his jack in the box & his Thomas tent that he has slept in the last few nights & his chef outfit + wood pizza set (Jessie you are the best – you can see that one in the top picture).


6. John + Liz took charge of getting the 16 pound prime rib in the oven and cooking it perfectly. Mom also definitely helped out in the cooking department. She is such a master.

7. Chris' parents, sister, and grandparents came over for our early dinner. Family + food = happiness. After eating we all just sat around and chatted and laughed and told stories and played a bit of Oregon trivia that Chris received as a gift. I really liked having the whole celebration here at our house. I love that Mom + Liz were so helpful.

8. We have now seen all five Harry Potter movies and are completely fans. Simon got a wand for Christmas and has been coming up with all kinds of cool spells. Picked up book one yesterday.

9. Have not finished up Days 22-25 of my December Album yet. Hoping to do that later today. Planning to leave decorations up until after the first of the year which is something new for me – still savoring the twinkle.


Hoping that you all had a wonderful, magical, full holiday.

Starting to think a bunch about my new one little word for 2008 and planning to post about it next week. If you are interested in reading more about the concept of one little word you can read what I wrote about it last year here and then read here.


  • 1.
    Liz Ness said…

    Awww…what a cute chef! Love the table, too! Happy New Year to you and your family, Ali!

  • 2.
    Daphne from Seville said…

    I am so glad you finally post. Love the pictures, memories and how you stated how quickly everything flies by. I am savoring every last ounce of it. I dont want it to go away … I need to catch up on my Christmas Album this weekend; so maybe that will help me to savor it more slowly. Love the plates and decorations. My word is: Self-Discipline. To be more disclipline in reading my bible in the early am, getting up early, taking a scheduled ‘me’ hour or so each day or every other day, to capture the everydayness of my family, friends and work with my camera. Just be myself. And, of course, to add this years word to it; disciplined in creating more JOY. I love that work; its so happy.

  • 3.
    Laura T. said…

    Your table looks beautifully decorated for the holidays.

  • 4.
    Verena said…

    Hope you’re feeling better now. Isn’t it always the same when you wish a day to be very special that it ends like this… Poor Simon with his black eye. Our son fell off the couch the day before his 1st birthday and we went to the ER, last year christmas he had a big cold… always trying to make the best of it :)

  • 5.
    Amanda said…

    You really should just go buy the next 6 books because once you’re done with the first one you’ll want to read the rest right away. Plus the books are way better than the movies, especially the 3rd one.

  • 6.
    laura said…

    LOVE the pics, Ali! Glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!!!!
    Simon is just the cutest!!! =)
    Already thinking about my word for 2008……love dwelling on this!
    Peace to you and yours in the New Year!!!

  • 7.
    Mandy Ford said…

    Sounds like a wonderful holiday!! Hope you are feeling better!

  • 8.
    noelia said…

    Glad to hear you all had a wonderful time! Hope you’re feeling better soon. Simon looks so grown up in his chef costume! Love the table and the flowers.
    I’ve been thinking about my word for 2008 ;)

  • 9.
    Haylee said…

    Love that little chef outfit! Hope you’re feeling better. Christmas illnesses seem to be going around, as I had a cousin & an uncle who both spent Christmas morning in hospital. Definitely not a fun way to spend Christmas.

  • 10.
    Kim said…

    Especially love that last picture.

  • 11.
    Laura said…

    Thanks for sharing your memories!!!
    Here’s to a happy & healthy New Year!!

  • 12.
    crystal said…

    My almost 6-year-old finds sticks out in the yard that look kind of like Harry Potter’s wand and he likes to make up spells everwhere he goes (or just repeat the ones we have read in the first 3 books). He keeps asking me when we will start reading book 4 aloud together. Maybe after we finish Charlotte’s Web? :)

  • 13.
    Kathy (kathyb) said…

    Ali hope your ear is on the mend. I had the very same thing start on the very same night/morning. Stupidly I suffered until today in the belief “it would get better on its own” as the left side did the 24hrs earlier. So after at trip to the Doctor,I too am dosed up on antibiotics and ear drops.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your family christmas. I want to say thankyou for all your inspiration in 2007. I have loved your new “Life Artist” book…I have had to read it cover to cover at least 3 times…so much to digest – fabulous. I’ve enjoyed your column in CK too, plus of course your blog and the aezine. I too have been thinking of my word for 2008. 2007 for me was “organise”.

  • 14.
    Mary Rogers said…

    sounds like a fabulous time Ali!! Enjoyed seeing it through your words and pictures.
    Thanks for the heads up on the one little word – I need to think about my new word.
    Happy New Year – may it be filled with love and friends and health.

  • 15.
    Melanie said…

    Thanks for posting! I am always so interested in hearing about other people’s traditions and routines on the holiday. What did Santa bring you? I received a great book that I couldn’t put down and wanted to share – The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. It really makes you appreciate all that you have. Have a happy New Year!

  • 16.
    Sara said…

    Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you the happiest of New Years as well.

  • 17.
    ikuko said…

    Hope you’re feeling better, Ali.
    Glad to know that you had a fabulous Christmas with your family.
    Love your table decorations, and Simon looks super cute
    in the chief outfit.
    Happy New Year for you all.

  • 18.
    Ruthie said…

    Ah, so nice to see your pics. I’m planning on keeping the lights up too. Just me and my boyfriend this year, but I am making traditional English Harrod’s Christmas puds this year as surprise gifts for friends, they take 5 hours to steam! I will look forward to hearing you and your son recovering and to more ‘one little word’ posts. Happiness to you and your dear family for 2008. Ruth

  • 19.
    Melissa said…

    I love reading about your one little word for 2008. I started thinking about one for myself and I have decided to go with “discover”. I want to discover MY true self this year, I want to discover MY career goals, I want to discover what MY dreams are for my life (recent college grad), I want disconver what makes ME happy, I need to dicover who I am this year. Thanks for the insiration to find a word for the year. I’ve already thought of a couple of scrapbook pages I want to make with “discover” on it!

  • 20.
    Lisa said…

    So glad you had a nice Christmas. I love the table, so perfect. The photos of the chef are too cute for words. Have a great day!

  • 21.
    Jamie said…

    Hmm… had actually forgotten about my one little word of 2007, which was RISK. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t take the sentiment to heart.
    I made a very big change in my life this past year which was not an easy choice to make. It took courage for me to take the first step, but am a much, MUCH happier person for it and learned a lot about myself.
    Must go think about what 2008′s word will be.

  • 22.
    Erin said…

    I never would have thought to use tulips at Christmas, but it looks so lovely.

  • 23.
    LiveLee said…

    so funny that you mention your ‘one little word’…i’ve already decided what mine will be!!!
    Glad to hear the holidays were everything wanted them to be!!
    looking forward to the new year!!

  • 24.
    Nicky Anderson said…

    So happy that you had a good holiday – we still have a houseful of company for the week and I love it. Hope you are feeling better.

  • 25.
    Kelly Butler said…

    Thanks for sharing all of the holdiay pics. What a wonderful time of year. Family = happiness in my book too. You have great taste in flowers. Red tulips graced my holiday table as well. -Kelly

  • 26.
    Cate said…

    It sounds like you had a magical, fun Christmas. If you love the Harry Potter movies you are going to be a big fan of the books. They are so much better!!!!

  • 27.
    Julie said…

    I can’t believe it’s time for another little word. I can’t wait to see what yours will be. I hate to wait, please spill.
    Apparently, mine should be patience.

  • 28.
    leslie said…

    your christmas sounded/looked delightful.
    love the one word idea.
    and i hope your ear is better!

  • 29.

    I feel your pain with the ear ache. Whenever I get a bad cold, that’s the worst part for me. Antibiotics are such a blessing! Your holiday time with family sounds just perfect. Simon is a cute little chef. :)

  • 30.

    earache emergency dec 25th 1996… I felt your pain… missed Chrismas dinner with my family.ruptured ear drum…anyway…I’ve been struggling with my one little word for this year, so much has happened in 2007… one christmas gift was INSPIRED so I’m hoping to BE soon! Loved the photos Ali, you are so generous…Thanks

  • 31.

    so sorry about your ear infection. nothing worse…except for tooth pain. i dont know how the pioneers did it without antibiotics!!! sounds like the perfect christmas celebration.

  • 32.
    emilypowers said…

    it sounds like you had a wonderful holiday despite a few hurdles–simon’s eye your ear…sort of a microcosm of life…the good with the bad. love the one word idea. i did it last year without even knowing about it…lol… mine was hope. but i’m definitely going to do it consciously this year…FAB idea. so powerful. happy new year!

  • 33.
    Jean Woodcock said…

    Absolutely love the one-word concept you bring up. You’re right – a single word can be incredibly powerful, insightful and meaningful – if you really think about it. Sort of related is a part in the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ where a guy the author meets in Italy tells how he believes every place has it’s defining word (i.e. Rome+Sex, Vatican+Power). So, I’m off to think of what my word for 2008 is………… exciting!!!! Thank you for an awesome blog, by the way.

  • 34.
    Mary said…

    I will definitely do the one word idea for this coming year. My 7gypsies atc holder just came today and I was thinking since Christmas is almost over I do one word for each month of the year to remind me of things I need to focus on this year and put it on each card.
    Hope your ear gets better soon, I’m sure it will and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  • 35.
    erin yamabe said…

    LOVE your word concept, used that for my theme for my first CJ last year:)
    gotta LOVE antibiotics, hope you’re all better soon!!!
    cheers and blessings miss ali!

  • 36.
    jamie said…

    Merry be-lated Christmas, Ali…Your table is/was beautiful! I love photos of dinner tables. Yours is great!
    Have missed your posts too!
    Eager to see the rest of your CK Feb2008 mini books. They are suppose to be posted at CK but I could not find them. Your books have such depth to them. They really draw the looker in. Can’t seem to look at them enough, and was hoping to see more of them online…guess I will have to wait.
    Oh and…Happy New Year!

  • 37.
    busyizzie said…

    Ali Happy Holidays! Hope you are feeling better soon. As I read today’s post I linked to the two articles you had included about one little word. While I was reading there was an amazing list of words. I wrote down a few then the page closed before I could copy the link and send it to my mom. My parents’ divorce is almost final (after 43 years of marriage) and thought this would give her some inspiration to move forward and then the list seems to have moved.
    Will you please repost the list?

  • 38.
    busyizzie said…

    did some more hunting and found the list!

  • 39.
    Julie said…

    I am going to treat myself and have 2 words this year: escape and finish. Escape when I need a break and to help keep stress down. Finish to finish the things I’ve started previously but haven’t ever finished. To finish losing weight, eating healthy, projects, and other personal projects.
    To escape stress and the things I cannot control.

  • 40.
    sue said…

    Your Christmas celebration sounds like it was just lovely! Your pictures certainly give that impression.
    Funny. I was just thinking about a new word for 2008. I used Inspire/Inspiration for 2007 and have filled most of a journal with ideas/inspiration. Guess I’ve got a few days to think of something.
    Happy New Year!

  • 41.
    donaB said…

    I’ve been thinking about the one little word thing, too. I picked a word last year that had a surprisingly powerful impact on my *life* if not so much my art. Maybe there, too. I think I’ve settled on my word for 2007, but I’m sitting with it a few days to be sure.
    We had prime rib on Christmas, too. With Yorkshire puddings! That’s a tradition I can get into. Love the red tulips. Happy Christmas to you all!

  • 42.
    amy lapi said…

    ali– i love love love your new book. i skimmed through it on christmas morning and have been SO inspired ever since. -thank you.

  • 43.
    Kim Bolyard said…

    Such wonderful photos…if you don’t mind I would love to know where you got those red and white dinner plates that you used on Christmas. Thanks they are wonderful.
    Happy new year

  • 44.
    Lee said…

    Minus the ear (yuck!), it sounds like you had a lovely holiday full of family and love…just the way it should be. =)
    Can’t wait to hear about your word for 2008. I wasn’t sure what mine was going to be, until I was reading through a magazine last week with a great quote about confidence. Confidence. That’s definitely a word I could use a little more of and put to use in life for 2008.
    Happy New Year! =)

  • 45.
    tna said…

    what a wonderful celebration…thank you Ali for sharing these moments with us. Christmas eve in our home is a double celebration because it is also my birthday and I agree that being around our family equates to happiness…
    a prosperous new year to you and to everyone who is an avid visitor of your journal.

  • 46.
    Patti said…

    Happy to read about your Christmas, looked just lovely!
    It is funny you mention food and family, that’s what my Dad says is the most important things in life! ha! So its sort of become our family motto.
    I like the “one word” idea and Lord knows, I could use one word to sort of help focus my multi-tasking ways. I think I have the word I want for 2008, but I will think about it a little more.
    Happy New Year!

  • 47.
    Kim said…

    I love reading & seeing your holiday! I honestly don’t know how you do it all!! You inspire me in life as well as scrapbooking!
    Loving the deep thinking the ‘one little word’ as evoked!! Just as I think I have chosen one I discover another would be more fitting! Definately not a quick decision to make!

  • 48.
    Mandy said…

    Glad you had a wonderful holiday! Simon is so cute. Hope you are feeling better.Can’t wait to see the rest of your album.Love the pics. Have a great weekend.

  • 49.
    Jam Sandwich said…

    Sorry Ali but I must let you know that it is bad luck to take down your tree before twelth night (January 6th).
    Looks like a perfect Christmas (excepting the ear ache and the black eye!) You wouldn’t want to jepordise that for next year!

  • 50.
    Staci Taylor said…

    I just wanted to say “Thanks” for allowing us glimpses into your life and for sharing so many parts of yourself. I didn’t do a word for last year because I had absolutely no focus but I’ve been thinking on this for a while and my word is HEALING. I want to heal my relationship with my husband, my parents, my adopted daughter and my oldest son. I hope this new year will be better than last year and I wish nothing but the best for you and your family!

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