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December 6, 2007

December Daily : Day Five (+ a drawing)

No photo for Day Five – just a bit of journaling, receipts inside the envelope, and a tag from Simon’s jeans on the outside. You can see all the pages here.

And answering a couple questions from yesterday’s post:
What transparent pages I am using for this album? Most of the pages are either from Hambly (which are super thick) or from Narratives (Karen Russell for Creative Imaginations). For this album the cover (from D Reeves) comes separate from all the interior pages – which works perfect when you are planning on mixing it up by adding in lots of random sizes/shapes.

Do I crop my photos into squares? I use either a square punch or I use Photoshop to crop my photos into squares to use on my projects.

Any chance you can tell us what kind of Album track you’ll be teaching at CKU ’08? My album track is going to be a version of the Evolution project seen in my new book (updated and expanded for the workshop). There should be more info on the CKU website today (and a post from me with more info coming soon). 

In other news:
A new issue of the AEzine went out yesterday. If you are not getting it in your in-box you can check it out online here (this week is about working through creative fears).

And as a special treat today:
Diane from D Reeves Design House has offered to give away an 8×8 clear album to three people (the same one I am using for my December Daily project). Leave a comment today and I will draw tonight at 8pm Pacific.


  • 50.
    Nicki said…

    Love your ideas…keep them coming!!

  • 51.
    Steph H said…

    maybe winning a drawing will propel me into the scary world of trying clear albums!!

  • 52.
    Lisa said…

    I have been WANTING an acrylic album forever but haven’t found any yet……and I’m loving your Christmas posts here :)

  • 53.
    debbie houghes said…

    have really enjoyed your blog. gives me great inspiration every day. love the crispness of your style. like fresh linens.
    seems to be very ikea inspired. love that.
    an idea for bargain hunters… you can buy clear plexi sheets at home depot and cut them to album size. i bought some and my husband cut them down for me. they are a little thicker than yours, i think, but will stand well on a desktop. the cost is less than $5 for a sheet that does 4 pages and they have this handy little cutting tool that costs about $3. way fun to find a cheaper way. that’s my mission in life.
    also, wanted to comment on clear ball ornaments that you monogrammed… i made these and they are the talk of the neighborhood. i live in tiger country, so i made an lsu one for my hubby for christmas. turned out so cool. also made them for neighbors using their last innitial. very inexpensive, but very well received. thank you for that.

  • 54.
    rachel carlson said…

    oh ali! you continue to amaze and inspire me. your album has been brilliant day in and day out. i have all of my “insides” cut for december daily and have been working feverishly on it and sticking to the plan of “daily” – WHEW! just need to photograph it and press on. thanks for reminding me to be creative and that a little fear is healthy at times! hugs, rachel

  • 55.
    Jennifer in GA said…

    Yay! A drawing!

  • 56.
    Eleonor F. said…

    Hi Ali! I absolutely love your Christmas Album! Went to three stores and can’t find the D Reeves album. Would love to receive this from Santa!

  • 57.
    Jennifer said…

    I love this idea! I love the acetate pages and the different sizes and it being daily. It makes me happy just looking at it!

  • 58.
    Kirsti said…

    I love watching the December album come together…I’m adding a new layer each day to the album I made last year–so much to be grateful for! I’d love to try the clear album, so pick me! :)

  • 59.
    Judy G said…

    Oh gosh…I really would love to make an album like this some day. Thanks for your wonderful inspiration!

  • 60.
    Judy G said…

    Oh gosh…I really would love to make an album like this some day. Thanks for your wonderful inspiration!

  • 61.
    Addie said…

    Thanks for sharing your album, it’s great! Have a great Christmas!

  • 62.
    Marlene said…

    Really enjoying both your Christmas album and your Newletter. Such great creative tips! Right now I am savoring your new book which is just packed with creative ideas. Will try your approach to carving out time,which is always so limited,and see if I can manage a few more minutes each day to create. Thanks for your inspiration!

  • 63.
    Jill M. said…

    Ali, I really love this concept of something everyday. And as always, love checking out your work. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 64.
    Denise said…

    Loving the album! Thanks for sharing!

  • 65.
    Samantha Seholm said…

    I am loving this album. Great work.

  • 66.
    Kay said…

    I love what you are doing with this album. You are such an inspiration. Thank you, Ali!

  • 67.
    Kim K said…

    Love the album you’re doing…this might be the inspiration I need to give it a try. I’ve been “afraid” to jump in…concerned about lining things up right on both sides so as not to see adhesive, but so it will look “right” from both sides of the page.
    Love the eclectic mix you get from putting pieces together from different companies. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  • 68.
    Jennifer Henson said…

    Thanks for answering the question about the clear pages. I have been taking daily December photos to put one together. Would be a nice surprise to win the album!

  • 69.
    Samantha Seholm said…

    I am loving this album. Great work.

  • 70.
    daryl said…

    I would love to do an album like this! What a generous offer. I think you may have pushed me over the edge to attend my 5th CKU….loved your new book!

  • 71.
    Lori said…

    Love what you’ve come up with so far! :-)

  • 72.
    Susan Gilman said…

    Hi Ali! Love the clear pages and all the red you are using of late!
    Also love that you use ephemera in your projects—I now have even my young nephews saving “cool tags” and found bits for “Aunt Susie’s scrapbooking!” LOVE that. Thanks, as always, for your generous sharing!

  • 73.
    Laura said…

    Your holiday projects are so inspiring :)

  • 74.
    natalie allen said…

    as always, you are so inspiring Ali! i love everything that you do and am always amazed my your talent. keep it up! you are also an amazing mom, i love hearing your stories about simon….he seems like such a sweet boy.

  • 75.
    Kathy C. said…

    Cool! An 8×8 clear album would totally rock!
    Thanks for posting/sharing all your great ideas & projects!
    ~ Kathy C.

  • 76.
    Kendra said…

    Size 6! YOWZA!! And he’s a slim like my oldest. Do you do a little happy dance for adjustable waist pants?!
    Love checking in daily for the days posting!

  • 77.
    Alice said…

    Love the album.

  • 78.
    jessica said…

    count me in!
    i’d love to win!

  • 79.
    Michelle B said…

    Pick me please!

  • 80.
    Dedra Long said…

    I love your continuious inspiration and concepts!!!
    Wishing you and your family warm and happy holidays!!!

  • 81.
    Geri said…

    You are a creative inspiration to me. Thank you.

  • 82.
    Sarah Scrapper said…

    You are such an inspiration…..
    thanks Ali!

  • 83.
    Missy said…

    I just love this album! I would love to try a clear album, but I have been a little intimidated, so if I win, I won’t have an excuse any more!

  • 84.
    Kimberly L.C. said…

    I’m swamped at work now, but I’ve been loving your pages so much that I decided to do a 12 days of Christmas album starting next Wednesday, after my big project is done at work (so that album would come in SO handy)! Thanks for being one of the best parts of my coffee break each day (the other being the coffee… gotta stay awake!) :)

  • 85.
    terri said…

    I love your album…i joined shimelles class this year but i can’t seem to get myself to get just seems to overwhelming…how do i begin?

  • 86.
    Kitty said…

    I love the fact that you can add in little bits & pieces to your album. Im using a bound book so thats not possible. Will keep it in mind for next year. Thanks for sharing, I am really enjoying your ideas!

  • 87.
    Susan said…

    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.Love them.

  • 88.
    melissa said…

    Loving the December album.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Happy Holidays -

  • 89.
    Mitzi said…

    Oh, my goodness, I would be so excited to get that album, it is so neat. I love your december album and I was inspired by your Christmas journal from last year to take Shimelle’s class this year. I am so loving it! Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  • 90.
    Susan said…

    How exciting! I love a drawing. And, that album would be just what I need to get going on my own. I love seeing what you’ve done each day. Such a wonderful idea!

  • 91.
    Malinda said…

    This album is so inspiring! I just love that you are documenting the days leading up to CHristmas. What a wonderful treasure for years to come!

  • 92.
    Jamie said…

    Thanks for sharing this album daily… I’ve been checking in on it regularly! It’s really getting me into the holiday spirit.

  • 93.
    josie said…

    what a great album!

  • 94.
    Valeen said…

    This is such great inspiration to start one of my own, thank you for sharing these steps!

  • 95.
    VICKI DALTON said…


  • 96.
    tammy b said…

    hmm, maybe if i had the same album, some of your creativity would float through the atmosphere and land on me. just kidding, i’m ok with my abilities. what matters is that i do it. although, i really wouldn’t mind this cute album :D

  • 97.
    Mitzi said…

    Oh, my goodness, I would be so excited to get that album, it is so neat. I love your december album and I was inspired by your Christmas journal from last year to take Shimelle’s class this year. I am so loving it! Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  • 98.
    Heather said…

    LOVING this album – such a great idea.
    I look forward each day to a new entry on your blog and the little peek it gives me into your world. Thank you for all your creativity and inspiration!

  • 99.
    Suzelle Kasaian said…

    Beautiful Ali :)