December Daily : Day Seven

And a couple notes:

1. There were a few questions the other day about whether I liked working in this format/using this process. I put the "bones" of this album together months ago and am now simply filling it in with our daily stories and adventures. I have to say that I am really liking this. It is not complicated. It takes so much less time each day than if I was putting each page together each day. I love having the basic foundation already set-up. Highly recommend trying this sometime (could still do the 12-days of Christmas).

2. The dipped pretzels in the photo from yesterday were sent to us from our friend Tim. You could ask him about them here. Beware: they are really, really good. Sweet + salty is amazing.

3. Loved the movie we saw last night. Nice feel-good family movie. One of my favorite scenes was the "conversation" between Eric (the main boy) and Jason Bateman's character. To create a page for my Daily album I went to the website, downloaded one of the screensavers, resized it in Photoshop and printed.

4. When the movie was over it was the perfect opportunity to go see Santa (we were already at the mall). No line (about 6:30pm on Friday night). Happy Santa. Happy Simon. He was super excited, we got all choked up...and so it goes. Such a nice night for the Edwards'.

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