December Daily : Day Six

I was sitting out on the couch working on my laptop earlier this afternoon when Simon announced, "Mommy, it not working." It ended up being the Elf dvd. Some minor accident had occurred and Elf was no  longer his cherry self. Fortunately the box we purchased included two dvd's (a widescreen and a fullscreen version - because we all need both, right?) of this movie that has quickly become one of his favorites.

A great little story to tell today.

And a chance to create a pocket page by stitching the transparency directly onto a sheet of photos.

Here's a look at the back with just a tiny bit of journaling along the bottom celebrating four good little things around the house from today:

Stamps featured on the front are from a company called Educational Insights and can be found here (uppercase) and here (lowercase). I found my sets at a local teacher store - The Learning Palace if you are here locally (they also have some locations in the Portland area). To stamp onto the transparency I used black Staz-On ink.

The cream lace strip along the bottom, just above the journaling, is a cool new product from Narratives: Self Adhesive Paper Lace. Just peel off the backing and stick it down.

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  1. Cary

    2007-12-07 01:30:04 -0500

    Ali,thanks for the reminder about the paperwhites. Love your post today!

  2. noell

    2007-12-07 02:21:47 -0500

    Ali, I have been wondering how challenging it is to work with a book you've already put together; where the journaling areas and sizes were determined before knowing what you would want to document for the day.
    In a way I can see how it would be challenging to make something fit...but the more I think about it, the more I can see how the pre-set constraints might make it easier because you don't have so much abundance to choose from (the never-ending supply of product possibilities). Also, I have found that with a little thought and creativity, I can make anything work for me. For example, you just added a page of photos earlier on in the book where there wasn't room for the photos you wanted to use. talking this through I just answered my own question. But I would still love to hear from you. Do you find it a difficult challenge or a fun one?

  3. Jackie Hughes

    2007-12-07 02:36:52 -0500

    Hi Ali! Those pretzel sticks look yummy :) Did you make them yourself? If so, what type of chocolate do you use? ~~Jackie

  4. Krista

    2007-12-07 03:09:32 -0500

    We had a similar situation with our SHREK DVD. But we got 2 discs with our movie as well, so the day was saved! "I want Shrek" is a sentence I hear a lot.

  5. janna

    2007-12-07 03:29:20 -0500

    hey ali,
    i've always wondered about the two discs! and i love those paperwhites, i grew some myself this year... only i had no idea how BAD they smell!!
    thanks for the inspiration, as always! beautiful work!
    merry christmas,

  6. suetreiber

    2007-12-07 03:30:13 -0500

    a creative solution for a moment that could have been a nightmare! awesome book!

  7. Karen

    2007-12-07 03:31:07 -0500

    Oh no!! We have had a couple of DVD "accidents" at our house too. My little guy usually is the reason why... I am loving this mini album!!
    Do you like making the ablums ahead of time and then filling them in? I was thinking about doing something similar with a class of second graders for them to record their Christmas break.

  8. Kirsten

    2007-12-07 04:45:33 -0500

    Elf is well-loved in our house (and car), as well. One which I never really get tired of, even if I'm just listening as I drive...

  9. Carole Hepburn

    2007-12-07 05:16:02 -0500

    Elf is well loved at our house - we watched it on the 1st of December and I am sure will watch it again....Even got my mom , who is 75 to watch it - she loves it too !!!
    The pretzels look good - maybe I should make some for the neighbors !!

  10. Holly T

    2007-12-07 07:07:56 -0500

    Enjoying this album so much...thanks for the daily art inpiration.

  11. Penny

    2007-12-07 07:11:02 -0500

    Love the story. And the art. :-)

  12. alexandra

    2007-12-07 07:31:15 -0500

    Hey Ali,
    Love the new Flickr photo of you with the red scarf and the cool tops - fabulous!!

  13. melissa deakin

    2007-12-07 08:09:49 -0500

    i love how you included the DVD and i LOVE that you made a pocket.
    the four photos on the back are just lovely!

  14. ELLIE

    2007-12-07 09:00:46 -0500

    Love the sewing idea....great use of it!!!
    So glad that Elf lives on for Simon....who would have thought you needed two CD's of the same
    Thanks for sharing it all!!

  15. EmmaJ

    2007-12-07 11:40:29 -0500

    I love the transparency pocket idea! Glad there were 2 DVDs too. Back in the day my little sister would wear out VHS tapes... I think some movies my parents bought at least 3 times.

  16. Renee Richins

    2007-12-07 14:29:17 -0500

    Your album is great. It will be so fun for your family to look back on the Holiday. One question, I see chocolate covered pretzels. Please tell me you made them and can post how to make those. :)

  17. LaurenC

    2007-12-07 22:06:15 -0500

    I always figured the two discs was so it didn't matter what type of TV you had (wide or standard). But now I know better...twice the value when one disc dies. There is another to take its place.
    Loving your album Ali. I must go find my creative urge has been AWOL for months now.

  18. Ida

    2007-12-07 22:34:19 -0500

    We just watched that movie last night.
    And love how u used the dvd into work of art.

  19. Jude

    2007-12-08 00:29:48 -0500

    Ali! Great elf story! I love your book! LOVE IT!

  20. Yuko

    2007-12-08 02:50:17 -0500

    The exact same thing happened to us. My son broke Elf's movie and we were so glad that it came with 2 DVD's.
    It is amazing how parents everywhere are going through same experiences. Great idea to incorporate the DVD into album!!

  21. Debbie

    2007-12-08 03:29:41 -0500

    Thanks for the ideas!
    Merry Christmas!

  22. Dawn Scruggs

    2007-12-08 04:02:10 -0500

    Great sitching! Love the way you will remner the eld dvd. Love reading your blog!

  23. Joscelyne (Joscie) Cutchens

    2007-12-08 05:03:19 -0500

    I am so loving this album! You are so awesome!

  24. Kara

    2007-12-08 08:31:22 -0500

    I check in on your blog periodically and am a subscriber to your e-zine, I'm a big fan, love the December Daily album! So inspiring! Elf is one of my favorite movies, also. Check out It's fun to play around with, my nephew definitely got a kick out of it!

  25. Heather

    2007-12-08 15:24:20 -0500

    Thank goodness for two CD's! Love what you did! Thanks for sharing. I love checking in to see what you have been up to.

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