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One of the big projects I have been working on over the last few months (and am really excited about)  is the creation of a Celebrate Everyday Life photo book for Shutterfly.

This hard-bound book is available in 12x12 and 8x8 formats (minimum of 20 pages but you can add up to 80) and are set up for you to simply drag and drop your photos right into the book & type your text into specified areas. The design is super clean with plenty of white space to keep the emphasis on the photos + words.

Page topics within the photo book include everyday celebrations, observations, distractions, travel, play, work, routines, family, home, beauty, little things, etc. All those parts of our life worth documenting.

In addition to creating the photo book I wrote four short articles related to putting this book together (and scrapbooking everyday life in general). Here's a link to each:

Making A Successful Everyday Life Book
Journaling Your Everyday Life
8 Techniques for Choosing or Taking Photos
List of Everyday Photos

While you are visiting Shutterfly, check out the darling photo book created by Jessica Sprague: ABC's of You.

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