One of the things I am focusing on in 2008 is how to bring more creativity into my everyday in different ways. I am broadening my scope, checking out new things, finding different ways of seeing the world around me. I also want to work on including my family in some of these creative activities so that we can all grow in this area.

Here's the plan: Each Friday I will post a new prompt/thought/project to think about/do/add to you list for the weekend. Sometimes they will be really simple and other times a bit more involved. Sometimes you won't have to do anything other than consider a concept and other times, such as this weekend, there will be the potential for you to add a little project to plans you may already have in place. Some will be scrapbook-related and others will focus on different areas of crafts, photography, and creativity.


Last November I got to spend some time with girlfriends down in Southern California. There was lots of laughing and sharing and shopping and eating - all those good things to do when getting together with friends. On one of our outings I grabbed these three letters that were sitting on Emily's fireplace and decided to take them along as a creative project for the day. (Tara had picked these up for Emily at Timeless Treasures in San Francisco.)


Our creative plan was simple: bring the letters + photograph them in different environments throughout the day. And that is exactly what we did.




This is a project in seeing. A project where you place something into a new context. As I was placing the letters here and there I was especially looking for textures and contrast. It brought a different twist to our shopping + eating + chatting adventure.

Here's something to consider: your word for the year.

What if this weekend you gathered up some letters (could be ABC blocks, alphabet magnets, metal letters (check your supply stash for letters), typeset letters, etc) and took them along with you as you go about your weekend adventures. What interesting, creative photos could you take? Remember, this is an exercise in seeing, in becoming aware of the environment we are in at the moment.






If you really get into this it could become a something of a series that you work on throughout the year in relation to your word. Consider choosing letters that are small enough to keep in your purse/bag and then photograph them at interesting times and in interesting environments.

Maybe your kids or spouse will want to get involved. Or maybe this will be something just for you.

Whatever you decide, have a great weekend.

PS: Don't forget to come by Scrapbook Attack in Portland tomorrow from 1pm-2:30pm for a book signing (I will be bringing some albums along that you can check out). Hope to see you there! And then afterwards...Ikea here I come!

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