What do I want?

You, like me, may go through your day and think of lots of things you want.

Working at home seems to lend itself to this want mode. As I get up from my computer or leave my office and walk from one room to the next I always seem to see things/think of things that I want/need/would like to have or get for our house. A side table here. A new shower curtain there. An old typewriter for my office. An old flat file. More art for the walls. A mug without a handle would be delightful for my coffee too.

Most of these things are not necessary stuff like toilet paper. They are things that would be nice to have but I/we don't really need. Sometimes they are things I see online posted by some of my favorite blogs/inspirational sites or etsy. Sometimes they are something that I think would help me organize something else.

Because I like to go to antique/second hand stores for lots of these sorts of things I decided to start a little book that sits right below my computer monitor. Easily accessible. And tangible. A home for all these wants. And something I can take along with me to remind myself of the things I have wanted (and I can add things like dimensions + such for larger pieces).

But what I am really working on is not having to have things right now. Or maybe even at all.

I am working on holding off on buying stuff. So far I have found with this little book system that I am often satisfied simply by the act of writing it down. And then time goes by and maybe (often) the want goes away. It is helping me remember that I really already have everything I need.

The wants that do stay around seem a bit more worth it after the wait.

Stamps used on this little Moleskine book were acquired in Tokyo in 2006. Leslie sometimes has them available here.

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