March Creating Keepsakes : Divided Page Protector Sources


(layout from Life Artist)

I've been getting some questions through email about sources for the divided page protectors seen in my latest Studio A column (Creating Keepsakes March 2008). Divided page protectors + organizational page protectors (like the Crop-In-Style image above) are one of my favorite ways to mix things up and take a break from the basic 12x12 format (or just get additional photos added to my albums).

Here's a sample image from the article (rub ons were added directly onto the page protector):


(as seen in Creating Keepsakes, March 2008)

Here are some online product sources:

6, 4x6 We Are Memory Keepers

Close To My Heart Photo Storage Pages (order through a consultant)

Scrapworks Scrap Smart System (this is what I used for my Week in the Life album)

Pebbles Inc. Share & Tell

The ones below are designed as organizational products for supplies (such as stickers, etc) but are GREAT for actual divided pages:

Crop In Style MEGA : 15 Assorted Pages

Crop In Style ADDICT : 21 Assorted Pages

C-Line Memory Book Organizer Pages

To see more samples and to read my article about tips for using divided page protectors pick up the March issue of Creating Keepsakes.

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  1. Nicky Anderson

    2008-02-25 07:40:55 -0500

    Thanks Ali - that is a great idea - can't wait to get the issue and read up.
    And what a great way to keep those little priceless pictures in the mix.

  2. Lindsay

    2008-02-25 07:49:08 -0500

    I saw the Pebbles Inc. Share & Tell binders at CHA...LOVED IT ALL!! There are awesome journaling cards and creative cards that go along with it all...they've got everything you need all together!! I can't wait for it to come out!

  3. Aia

    2008-02-25 07:50:14 -0500

    wow, great idea, looks fab! can't wait to read up (we always get the new issues late up here in canada). as always, you are full of inspiring ideas!

  4. sue Kithcart

    2008-02-25 08:56:33 -0500

    what an awesome idea writing right on the page protector! Thanks so much! someone gave me a newer style book from Creative memories(even though I don't use their products normally,they just connected scrapbooking and Creative Memories) with all the divided pages that I felt was useless for me but could not give back a gift and now I know what I can do with it! thanks again.

  5. Kim

    2008-02-25 09:11:44 -0500

    Super AWESOME idea and page! Can you share what the back of the layout looks like? Thanks!

  6. Kim Bolyard

    2008-02-25 09:32:50 -0500

    thanks for all the links...just finished reading the article last week and went and order me some from Crop in style...they should be here any day. Can't wait to play around with this idea.

  7. Jeanette Brooks

    2008-02-25 11:47:28 -0500

    Rub ons right on the page protector!!! WOW, so cool!!!

  8. Shannon

    2008-02-25 12:09:43 -0500

    I've been working on an album for all my leftover photos. I used 9 pocket, sheet protectors, used for baseball cards.

  9. mandy ford

    2008-02-25 13:03:05 -0500

    LOVE this idea! :)

  10. traci

    2008-02-25 14:48:41 -0500

    so glad u posted this b/c i was starting my search for these. i just finished your life artist book and have been looking for different things to use in my books. i haven't found these divided page protectors around here so guess i will follow your links!
    i did make my first mini book out of used cardboard boxes i found around my house!
    thanks for the inspiration!!

  11. denise

    2008-02-26 02:37:09 -0500

    i loved your Studio A column in ck this month. especially since i sell close to my heart and you featured one of our products in a spectacular way!!! i'll be taking your article along to my shows and sharing a bit of your inspiration with my customers. and can i just say i LOVED the way you used the rub ons. good stuff.

  12. Janice

    2008-02-26 07:16:53 -0500

    Love, love, love these pages. Do you put anything on the reverse or just not worry about it.
    PS Really missed your not being at Scrapbowl this year. I so look forward to your classes.

  13. teresa

    2008-03-01 05:44:48 -0500

    hey girl...
    your always inspiring.
    love everything you do.

  14. Alison

    2008-03-01 05:52:59 -0500

    I love these multi-size page protectors, and was so glad to see some featured in your Studio A column. One question -- do you know if the Scrapworks pages will work in post-bound albums? It appears that they are made for ring-binding systems. Thanks!

  15. Kari

    2008-03-04 06:01:19 -0500

    I absolutely love this layout. Wow!

  16. cwxwwwxdfvwwxwx

    2008-12-25 06:43:59 -0500

    well, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how's life? hope it's introduce branch ;)

  17. Water meters

    2009-05-13 18:50:14 -0400

    thank you, Ali. like it!

  18. Tammy Morales

    2009-06-24 10:28:12 -0400

    I love this idea and saw it in the March 2008 issue. I have it noted as one of the projects I would like to do with an old photo album my husband has of his childhood. It is falling apart, but I believe with a little time and creativity I can keep the same 'flavor' he had when he compiled it.
    Glad for the reminder - I have the dividers and broken album, it is time to play!

  19. Dorilys

    2009-09-07 01:17:29 -0400

    Does that link work? or do I have to lock in on CK-Magazine?

  20. morti

    2009-12-08 00:59:33 -0500

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  21. Melissa

    2010-01-25 04:04:06 -0500

    Dear Dear Ali. I also love using divided page protectors for scrapping. HOWEVER, my preferred scrapping size is 8.5x11. I have had trouble finding the divided pages other than baseball card sleeves. In your vast experience, do you know where to get something fun like you use, but for my 8.5x11 size? Thank you for doing what you do and inspiring us all!

  22. Julie

    2010-05-31 20:24:27 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    Your ideas are brilliant!
    Any plans to write a book on ideas using divided page protectors? I'd buy it!!!

  23. Julie Tann

    2010-08-28 11:36:09 -0400

    Julie here again.

    Any chance of anyone starting a forum about how to use divided page protectors like Ali does?

  24. Marie

    2010-09-11 08:35:18 -0400

    Hi Aly - great sources but any ideas as to where I can get 4 binder sheet protectors? They are proving difficult to find! Thanks :)

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