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February 6, 2008

Three Things +1.

Introducing a new weekly Tuesday feature:
Three Things.

Three new products that have caught my attention this week:

1. American Crafts Detailed Layered Embellishments: can’t seem to get enough felt + I love the simplicity of these little embellishments. They are available in three different color families – love these too.

2. Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous Spills & Splatters Stamps: love them for the "embrace imperfection" sentiment + the purposeful mess.

3. The Designing With Recipe Book: this series of books have always been good going (check out the classic Designing with Textures) and the newest one is no exception.

And here’s something I am really looking forward to seeing next week at CHA: new easel mini books from Karen Russell/Narratives that include scalloped paper + transparencies. They are not available yet but will be coming to a store near you soon:


You can see more of Karen’s new release on her blog.


  • 1.
    Emilie Ahern said…

    Have you seen the new TINKERING INK albums which are chipboard and acrylic mixed? Seems like they would be right up your alley! No pun intended.
    Here’s the blog link…

  • 2.
    Jane Logan said…

    Hi I really just wanted to see how the sickies were feeling and then I realised that this would only be your second comment for the day – so exciting! Hope Chris and Simon are on the mend.
    Jane, Sydney AUS

  • 3.
    Lisette Gibbons said…

    I hope the family is starting to feel better… I love the Karen Russell book, yum

  • 4.

    Divine health for you and your family.

  • 5.
    JLS said…

    Hope you all are feeling better. I love the Tim Holtz stamps, thanks for sharing those! If anyone wants to split them with me – I feel like I have to have the cirlces, but don’t need the “embrace imperfection” or the splatters…. :-)

  • 6.
    Theresa Grdina said…

    I am so excited about the Karen Russell books…They look wonderful tp work with and all ready-made! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those!!! Thanks for sharing your excitement, too!

  • 7.
    Cindy McDannold said…

    I have the first Designing with books and I believe that it’s the first time I came in contact with Heidi Swapp’s great talent. Thanks so much for sharing the information that you do. It’s such a help to those of us in areas that do not have LSS and can’t readily access new products. Hope you and yours are on the road to good health. Cindy

  • 8.
    sue said…

    Those stamps are so cool. Must order some. Also love that easel album. Sure wish I could go to CHA and I wish HGTV was still doing their special on it.

  • 9.
    Shannon said…

    Hope the guys get to feeling better.
    Love the felt and the Karen Russell book. Looking forward to CHA.

  • 10.
    junebug said…

    Thanks for sharing Ali. I cannot thank you enough for the constant inspiration. I came upon this blog today.
    It’s a dad’s daily documentation of his two daughters. The photos are pretty awesome. Just thought I’d share too. Hoping the boys are feeling better.

  • 11.
    ~SandyPea~ said…

    Karen’s stuff rocks! I’m fortunate enough to live in the same town and have taken many of her classes. She’s a doll. I hope your family heals quickly…we’ve got the crud going around here too :(

  • 12.
    Mish Gasser said…

    Hope your family is feeling better soon Ali, and that you can stay healthy for CHA! Thanks for the cool new goodies…they look like fun!

  • 13.
    Deb Wisker said…

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing! Linking up to you from my blog for my readers!! They’ll love this stuff too!

  • 14.
    alexandra said…

    Love the Karen Russell goodies – thanks for the link.
    Hope everyone’s health is improving over there. Take care.

  • 15.
    Michelle Shuman said…

    Hope your boys are feeling better! I know in my house, it’s almost worse when the Daddy is sick than with my little guys! lol ;o)
    Those new products ROCK…I’m sooooooooo into the felt products that are coming out (and now I don’t have to try to re-invent my own using my Cuttlebug anymore!) Thanks for sharing!

  • 16.
    Nicky Anderson said…

    Some exciting new stuff.
    Hope your boys are feeling better!!!

  • 17.
    Erica Hettwer said…

    I’ve been drooling over Karen’s new albums, too! Yummers! :D

  • 18.

    Such cute goodies, Ali! Those books look darling! Hope your sickies are all better soon!

  • 19.
    cindy b said…

    Hi Ali. Hope the ‘boys’ are feeling better. I have those Tim Holtz stamps!!! One out of three ain’t bad. Peace and blessings…

  • 20.
    Carrie D said…

    I am loving the easel books and Tim’s stamps. How cool!! Hope Simon and Chris are on the mend and that you continue to stay healthy!

  • 21.
    sheri said…

    Hi Ali,
    I love the AC felt flowers – very pretty.
    Enjoy reading your blog — I noticed the Green links on the left — do you have any suggestions for buying scrapbooking supplies that are “green”? Has the industry started to make some e-friendly changes?

  • 22.
    Cathy D said…

    OMG those books are adorable, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those!

  • 23.
    Tara said…

    hope you all are feeling better, our house went through the flu at Christmas and now all of us have terrible colds!
    Love the new albums by Karen!

  • 24.
    suetreiber said…

    oooh yummy scrap goodness!

  • 25.
    Anilu Magloire said…

    I have those stamps and I thought of you when I found them :)

  • 26.
    krisfred said…

    Karen is brilliant…!! She’ll be teaching at the Scrapbk Oasis on Saturday 2/9 starting at 9 AM…so come on down, ok? :)

  • 27.
    Dolly said…

    Hi Ali!
    Karen Russell’s stuff is awesome and she is such a sweetheart. As the above poster said, she is teaching a couple of great classes at the Scrapbook Oasis on Saturday (the 6 hr Photography Class is incredible) so if you are coming to CHA come and visit, the owner Karen is one awesome lady…it’s been too long since we’ve been able to connect.

  • 28.
    Debby said…

    I put Tim’s stamp on my wish list at And I’ll ask my LSS owner to order the Narratives book. Good looking.

  • 29.
    Charin said…

    Yummy stuff, Ali! :) I am so excited about those Karen Russell easel books to come out! :)

  • 30.
    Nicole said…

    Wow! I did a similar thing with all of my LOs last year, but I didn’t have nearly the number you do. I had them in really bad, cheap albums that were falling apart and warping, so I bought some nice onces and extra page protectors. Now they’re all nice and neat and I have more LOs per album…it was such a good feeling when I was finished and now I enjoy looking at my albums so much more.

  • 31.
    Tif said…

    Fun stuff! Thank you for sharing.

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