Three Things.


One of my favorite places for finding crafty goods online is etsy. It's kinda like going into Goodwill or a thrift store - you never really know what you may find once you enter. Sometimes I go in looking for scrapbooking/craft stuff, sometimes for fun little things for Simon, and other times I look just to be inspired in a new way.

Here's three things for this week:

1. Farmer's Market Basket by Go Buggy. Came across this site while searching for something else (one of the best ways to find cool things is to be looking for something entirely different) and thought this basket of felted vegetables was so cool. Also love the fish dinner.

2. Tabs from Circa Ceramics. Lots of great camera + typewriter images (among others). These would be cool on the cover of a minibook or album or as a reminder to yourself on a keychain. The art tiles are totally worth checking out too.

3. Bus tags from Every Jot & Tittle. There are lots and lots of tags available on etsy. The ones from this shop have been a favorite for awhile (still loving the red circle numbers ).

Two other favorite sellers include Flea Market Studio (for great little collections of stuff) and Remake (who uses all recycled + salvaged materials - especially love these mini font notebooks).

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