Weekend Creative : Feb #1 : the little & big list

A couple weeks ago I read a post by Andrea over at Hula Seventy where she detailed 36 things that happened to her over the last year (she has a tradition of making lists and had recently turned 37). Her focus:

"lovely little (and big) things that snuck up on me from behind and took
me completely by surprise. things I never expected to happen, things I
had no way of knowing I'd do in the course of a year. these are the
things I never really saw coming."

She listed many of them with photos and words (or links) to accompany them. I love this idea. I love the angle. It is a creative way to look back over the last year and a great concept if you want to create a scrapbook page with the content. Check out her post and list here.

This weekend your prompt is to make a list of little & big things that were a part of your 2007. Your list could have as many things on it as you want, but I think the idea of going by your age is a great way to give you a bit of direction. Look back through your photos as a guide and a springboard to remember some of those great little & big things.

I am working on my list right now and will post with an edit in just a bit. Edited on Sunday: still working on my list - using my blog + my iphoto library to jog my memory of different things that happened in 2007.

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